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  1. Mr Keeler

    From 457 visa to student visa help

    Hi guys, I'm currently on a bridging visa awaiting my 457 visa to be accepted or declined. If i was declined am i able to apply to become apprentice as a butcher (which is on the SOL list)?? Can i apply in Australia? Any help would be appreciated! Mr keeler
  2. Mr Keeler

    Help with 457 visa, URGENT

    Taking on your advise and have changed it!!
  3. Mr Keeler

    Help with 457 visa, URGENT

    So i have 3 days left until my 417 (working and holiday) visa ends and I'm paying for my 457 visa tomorrow, do i automatically get put onto a bridging visa, how much do they check into the recent work history as i may of put i worked at a specific place for 1 year extra! Any help would be appreciated! Ollie
  4. Mr Keeler

    Overstaying Visa

    I am going home for a surprise christmas so i don't really want to go home next month
  5. Mr Keeler

    Overstaying Visa

    But i would be putting my hard earned money back in to the economy so surely they will want that? Also, I'm seeing this girl so thats another reason i want to stay here.
  6. Mr Keeler

    Overstaying Visa

    Im living in perth so if i flew to bali for a week or so to apply for tourist visa and its accepted, would i get questioned at the airport?
  7. Mr Keeler

    Overstaying Visa

    I wouldn't be working no, its purely for travel, i should of explained i have work continually for 2 years without travelling, i now want to use the extra few months to travel.
  8. Mr Keeler

    Overstaying Visa

    I have been in Australia on a working holiday visa since August 2013 and my 2 years are almost up! I want to stay here until late november, as it will be cheaper flying back to the UK from here rather than New Zealand (where i would be going if i left in august). I am going to japan in january for 2 months so i do not want to waste my "year" in New Zealand. How bad would it be if i "overstayed" my visa by 3 months? What are my options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Mr Keeler

    question for regional works 2nd WHV

    No, the business has to be registered in a regional postcode.
  10. Mr Keeler

    Start working holiday in Sydney or Melbourne?

    Start in melbourne, then you can always work up!! i didn't like sydney, was far to busy for me!
  11. Mr Keeler

    last minute prep!

    If you have a hostel your staying at order you Tax File Number (TFN) to that address as it will get sent out to them and you can start work on a normal tax rate!
  12. Im currently working for my uncle in a transport company, but my 6 months are up in 2 weeks. My 2nd year visa ends in august so i was hoping to stay on until then! I was thinking, what if i got an ABN, i would be classed as self employed but working under my "business name" so would i still be able to work for them? how does it work? Can someone shed some light please as i would love to keep working!! Thankyou in advance for any responses. Ollie
  13. Mr Keeler

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    I'm slightly worried as going alone! First time away and all that
  14. Mr Keeler

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    I'm arriving in Melbourne 3rd sept staying at habitat hq, anyone else
  15. Mr Keeler

    travel insurance for backpackers

    I went with outbacker insurance. They covered me for everything, plus no excess!! As a rule I used was to look for insurance that was £5million min for medical