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Found 29 results

  1. ATL

    The new training visa 407

    The 407 is a great way to experience Australia whilst gaining new or enhancing current occupational skills. The visa is for both paid and voluntary internships for up to 24 months (the government decide on the length based on the occupation, the applicants work or study history, skills and qualifications, age etc). The sponsor of the applicant is not the employer and is required put the applicant through a skills training program in conjunction with a host employer. The training visa 407 can relate to any occupation on the CSOL list available here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/CSOL You can read all about this newly introduced visa here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/407- I welcome any questions, Ray Daniel Access Training & Logistics (Training Visa 407 Sponsorship Approved) Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  2. EBall123

    Second year visa wait

    Hey Everyone, I applied for my second year visa on the 19th of Dec and haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I worked on the same farms for the same time and he got his visa approval back straight away. The only question we answered differently was that I had been outside of the UK for more than 6months. Is it because I out this that it is taking longer? We wanted to fly back out on the 23rd of Jan bit worried it will take ages as some people have said they are still waiting 2/3months later? My mum is flying out in the 4th of Feb so I hope I get it! Please help with any other similar stories or why you think it is taking so long? I am really stressing!
  3. Yet another case in today's news of a labour hire company underpaying fruit Pickers. Let's hope they do away with the piece rate. The way in which the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) interprets workplace laws could expose people to exploitation, the Federal Court in Brisbane has been told. Key points: Case could have wide implications for piece rates, which is the payment of workers by the amount they pick It's alleged more than 400 mushroom pickers were underpaid $646,000 in 2014 Lawyer for Fair Work Ombudsman says the piece rate set for workers "came nowhere near complying" with the law The Fair Work Ombudsman is prosecuting a case under the Horticultural Award, which could have wide implications for piece rates — the payment of workers by the amount they pick, rather than an hourly rate. The case centres around the alleged underpayment of more than 400 mushroom pickers at Marland Mushrooms' farm at Stapylton, south of Brisbane, in 2014. Justin Bourke QC for the Fair Work Ombudsman told the court that labour hire company HRS Country Pty Ltd underpaid the workers a total of $646,000 between January 1 and August 31, 2014. He said the piece rate set for workers "came nowhere near complying" with the Horticulture Award 2010. Under the award, a piece rate should allow an average, competent worker to earn at least the minimum hourly rate plus 15 per cent, he said. The Marland Mushroom workers were receiving between 60 and 80 cents for each kilogram of mushrooms they picked, but should have been getting at least 91 cents per kilogram to meet award requirements, he argued. Labour hire company failed to pay minimum rates, court told Mr Bourke alleged HRS Country breached the award by failing to pay the minimum award rates for adult and junior workers, and also failed to pay holiday pay, casual loadings and rest breaks. Tao Hu is facing court as the sole owner-operator of HRS Country, which went into liquidation in August 2016. The Fair Work Ombudsman is also taking action against Troy Marland and his company Marland Mushrooms Qld Pty Ltd as accessories to the award contraventions. Mr Bourke alleged Mr Marland knew the pickers on his farm were not receiving award payments. Justice Darryl Rangiah asked Mr Bourke whether piece rates, once agreed between employers and employees, could be changed under the award. He said the NFF position opened up a level of exploitation that was "hard to fathom that's how clause 15.2 [of the Horticulture Award] is meant to work in a modern award". The NFF successfully applied to the Federal Court to intervene in this case so it could put its view on the correct interpretation of piecework provisions in the award. The hearing continues.
  4. connordavey

    Arriving in Melbourne mid October

    Hello fellow travellers! I've taking a chance and got my WHV, now what. I'm looking at arriving in Melbourne around the 14th of October find work for a few months and make my way up in the new year. I'm more than happy picking fruit for a living and just wondered if there was anyone else in the same boat as I'll be a lone traveller. Say hi!
  5. seanrichard322

    Work and Travel! - Ethical Sales Work

    Use your sales skills for good not evil! If you love having fun, working in a team, travelling around with like-minded individuals, and all the while doing something good for the world? Then Fundraising for the World’s Largest Humanitarian Aid Charity is for you! Spend your time in Australia meeting amazing new people while seeing the sights of North Queensland and beyond. Do you have… - An outgoing personality? - An appetite to challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone? - A strong belief that your own actions can impact and change the world for others? - Want to do something with your time that benefits you, whilst benefiting others? If so, we offer… - Negotiable rates, depending on your experience and talent - Rewarding and ethical work - A supportive environment with ongoing product training - Excellent future opportunities, including new regions and campaigns, interstate travel and overseas incentives! If you think you tick all the boxes, and this sounds like you, send in a cover letter along with your resume today! Apply at http://ibackpacker.com.au/joblisting
  6. Looking for a roadtrip vehicle? Opt for a station wagon instead of a van; especially if you're looking to camp in non designated areas. You will be much more discreet and my car comes with all the utilities you'll need. Basically, whether you're a backpacker or simply need an everyday car, this gem is for you! Would definitely keep it for myself but i have to go back to the mother land as my working holiday visa expires. Selling a white 2000 Ford Falcon Forte station wagon unleaded fuel with just over 331K km. Features a number of high-end options including alloy wheels, automatic transmition with economy mode (gives you +800km on a $75 fillup), power windows, side mirrors and locks, cd/cassette audio system, cruise control, ice cold air conditioning, roof racks and more. Car has been fully serviced (& has always been very well taken care of) and is in excellent driving condition. Very reliable. No wonder it is the most used make by taxis in Australia! Also, in the unlikely event that you might need parts, these are widely available and cheap (not the case with foreign cars or vans). Fuel pump and filter recently changed (gives you 6 years trouble free at least); front tires are brand new. Victoria reg is good until mid-june 2015 and RWC. For the traveller, also included is a REAL full queen size mattress with 2 sets of sheets, 2 pillows and comforter (all worth $500+), beach towels, full kitchen ware (stove, pans, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, various tupperwares, silver ware, bucket, sponges, cleaning products etc), camping accessories (inflatable matts, tent) and mosquito net as wells as various other goodies (deck of cards, balls etc). Feel free to ask if you have any questions or contact me at 0406 330 736 if you wish to see and test. I'm located south of Melbourne's CBD. Cheers! Leah
  7. Im currently working for my uncle in a transport company, but my 6 months are up in 2 weeks. My 2nd year visa ends in august so i was hoping to stay on until then! I was thinking, what if i got an ABN, i would be classed as self employed but working under my "business name" so would i still be able to work for them? how does it work? Can someone shed some light please as i would love to keep working!! Thankyou in advance for any responses. Ollie
  8. A very clean van in great mechanical condition with lots of extras! Mazda 244,000km manual petrol Unique set-up: bench between the front seats and double bed cooking space at the back of the van (under cover of the back door which opens to create roof), or tables and chairs for cooking separate from van Inside bench means: no need to get out of the van just to get out of bed change your clothes comfortably inside the van even wash inside if it’s raining, prepare food inside (mattress pushes back to reveal a table) Included: second battery with multiple 12Vand 240V outlets (800W power inverter with normal Australian plugs, USB and cigarette lighter outlets) charges off the van’s alternator, but if second battery runs flat, van can still always be started fridge and esky three-person tent, air-mattress and electric pump, two sleeping bags side shade (2 x 2.5m) and rear shade that connect to the van extra tarpaulin (shade cover) (3 x 5m) built-in mosquito nets for van doors and net for rear shade folding reclining chair, 2 x camp chairs, sun-lounger (can be used as campbed for tent) lantern, lamp, interior lights, torches 2 x tables 2 x camp stoves 2 x 20 litre water containers with taps cooking and eating supplies (pots, plates, cups, etc) and bedding for three people many storage boxes of different sizes interior walls have hooks and spaces for storing clothes, laptop, toiletries, etc by hanging against the walls Extras: free roadside assistance until July 2015 Camps 7 Australia-wide campsite guidebook (details free campsites and caravan parks) binoculars cassette converter so mp3s can be played through stereo long extension cord for powered caravan park sites beach umbrella fire extinguisher some tools board games and Frisbee Extra bonus if the right fit: snorkel gear for a man: ‘Large’-size short-sleeve/short-leg wetsuit, fins, snorkel and goggles Windows: no side windows at the back: a huge bonus for privacy, sun protection and blending-in (you can camp anywhere because the van doesn’t look like a backpackers’ van) front side windows are UV tinted (keeps travellers cool while driving) back window also tinted for privacy and sun-protection windscreen and two side windows have sunshades. History: company work van with regular servicing until about 18 months ago then owned by four backpackers interior rebuilt by German for optimal space organisation October 2014: complete mechanical inspection, new timing belt and waterpump, valve cover gasket, new coolant, roadworthy test ($1000) van is in great condition mechanically two new tires, two good for another year, oil is still new, no leaks around 9.5 litres petrol per 100km (even with air-conditioning) small fuel-efficient engine but cruises easily at 110 km/h This van is ready to take off on your adventure today!
  9. DapperDirewolf

    Working Holiday Car Insurance

    Hi everyone! I have a simple enough question (I hope!) about car insurance for those of us on a Working Holiday Visa who have gone and purchased a vehicle for the purposes of travelling the country ... In all my research so far I've found it very difficult to come across any concise information about car insurance options for backpackers. I'm a 27 year old male from the UK and have just bought myself a van to drive around the country with, and have even found some rather appealing car insurance quotes from companies such as Woolworths. The only problem is, having looked at the terms and conditions and policies etc., that there doesn't appear to be anything specific about the validity of people like myself on temporary visas purchasing or claiming on insurance. What I'm concerned with here, of course, is that I end up in some kind of accident (touch wood!), call to make a claim, and have someone say "Hang on, you're on a working holiday visa and only have a UK driver's licence? Sorry, but that is not at all valid. No claim for you!" I fully intend to call up some of these providers on Monday morning and ask them directly if they offer insurance to WHV drivers, but I just hoped that in asking about this here I might: a) Get some answers or ideas a little quicker b) Help out anybody else in my position who only wants to do things the right way As a final note, the only company I've found so far who offers insurance specifically to backpackers and unfortunately - unless I'm mistaken - they only offer third party insurance which, whilst it is something, still doesn't suit me. I want my own property protected, too, if possible! (Oh, and Travellers Car Insurance appears to be shutting down on March 1st, too!) I appreciate any advice given and I apologise if this topic has been covered already - I wasn't able to find anything regarding my specific issue. Thanks!
  10. Came to Melbourne a month ago and I have been staying with family ever since I've found it hard to get out there and spark conversation with random people, given the environment I know there wouldn't be an issue I am a naturally talkative Person I think it's the fact that I'm away from people in a similar situation and I'm living in one of the suburbs where the average age is around 80 aha, thinking of moving to Sydney for a while going for an explore ect any suggestions would be great, x
  11. Hi, I'm Amy, 18. I am currently on my first working visa but looking to extend my visa for a second year. Preferably around Perth area, if any one has any contacts etc please don't hesitate to pm me.
  12. Hey guys! I'm currently in Coogee staying with a friend but I'm looking to meet people to travel with. I'd like to try and do farm work as soon as possible really to get the 2nd visa and then travel the East Coast and find little jobs on the way to keep funds up. If anyone wants to do the same kind of thing or want to chat, just drop me a message Hope to hear from you soon! Lauren
  13. Bonnie1992

    Stuck in Bundaberg! Help!

    Hi everyone, my name is Bonnie I'm 21 years old and am a British backpacker. I am currently stuck in Bundaberg doing my regional work, I'm not getting enough shifts to be able to save any money, in fact I'm losing money as I the rent is higher than what I am earning! I have 8 weeks until my mom flys out from England to Melbourne to meet me for 3 weeks until we fly home together. I would love to up sticks and leave Bundaberg to Melbourne ASAP and get a full time job for 2 months to be able to save as much money as possible before my mom arrives. I don't know how possible this is? Any advise would be grand as I really am in a rut at the moment! thank you, Bonnie
  14. Hi 21 Year old male, land in sydney on the 3rd March and staying with Family for a bit and then ready to explore and work my way around the country ( and get a second yr extension too ) Not sure dates or nout yet, i have a flight there booked and supposed to fly home on the 21st March but prob wont happen now as i have lost my job in UK get in contact!:biggrin::biggrin:
  15. On previous posts Iv made it known im flying into Perth on the 1st of October with a view of staying there for at least 3 months. However, after looking through many threads, there is a lot of negativity shown towards Perth. What I want to know is it really that bad? Iv heard things like very rude people, terrible night scene & lack of amenities etc? If this is the case I may not stay in Perth all that long as I really desire to go to Melbourne as I hear its a terrific place to be. If anyone who has traveled Perth as a backpacker or even as a resident who can shed some light on Perth & some of things iv heard id really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Leigh
  16. Hi, I'm moving to Sydney for 6 months in December this year. The first few weeks I will be spending with family friends in Chifley and Bondi, but after that I'll have to look for my own place. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any suburbs that are particularly reasonable for renting? I won't be looking for a one bed place, probably more likely to be a 4 or 5 bed. I'm a 23 yr old guy, too, so I want to be in and around where it's busy or where there's stuff going on. Obviously, I realise I'll have to pay top dollar to live near the beach or near the town centre but equally, although it would be considerably cheaper, I don't want to be living way out of the way either. So what I'm looking for is a compromise. Thanks! Joe
  17. Hey all, First post. My visa runs out in early December and I'm not going back to the UK as I'm going round the world again (huzzah!) but I don't quite fully understand the process to withdraw my Super... I've spoken to THREE different companies today including my Superfund, and have been given all sorts of different and confusing info! Firstly I've been told I can't get my Super paid into my NAB account. As I'm not going back to the UK I'm going to continue to use my NAB (and a cash passport to top up with NAB account) for travelling but I've been told I have to cash the cheque in person in the UK! However, I've also been told I CAN get the Super paid into my NAB but the documents I need to withdraw my Super have to be sent to an overseas mailing address. I'll be in the Philippines, impossible! Plus I've been told the Aussie government takes 30% of Super when you leave the country because that's the tax you pay if withdrawing before the age of retirement! What a load of rubbish, I'm not going be here till my retirement. With that the case why do they feel the need to take Super off paid wages of WHV holders anyway? It's a scam! Anyway, can anyone explain in plain English the process I should go through. Remember I'm NOT going back to the UK for another year... Thanks guys! :smile:
  18. Start dates vary depending on weather and location, likely to start around Sept/Oct at 22 rural locations. Must be able to commit to the full 10-12 weeks work. Manpower is seeking applications from people interested in casual employment as Grain Harvest workers for the 2012/2013 harvest period. GrainFlow Grain Centres are state of the art grain storage and handling facilities, delivering a fast and efficient professional service to grain growers. Experience in the grain storage industry &/or experience in a similar role is an advantage but not essential as full training is provided. Positions are available across all 22 sites located in rural SA,VIC,NSW and QLD. You must be able to work flexible hours and various shifts and ideally hold a current drivers licence. Terms of Employment include being available for random drug and alcohol testing. We are an equal opportunity employer. Sites have an almost 50-50 gender mix. Enjoy being part of team that's driven by achieving great results and being rewarded for their ongoing commitment to getting the job done. Roles available include: •Tarp team leader •Stack maintainer •Site Administrator •On farm pick up co-ordinator •Site 2 IC •Grain Sampler •Data Entry Clerk •Grain Handler •Tarp Team Member •Front end Loader operator •Elevator Operator •Drive over grid operator •Weighbridge operator Locations where work is available include: •Beanbri •Bellata •Birchip •Bogan Gate •Charlton •Crystal Brook •Dimboola •Gilgandra •Grong Grong •Jondaryan •Maitland •Mallala •Narromine •Nyngan •Oaklands •Pinnaroo •Sealake •Stockinbingal •Talwood •Surat •The Gums •West Wyalong In the first instance please register your interest in a role just below, you will be asked to answer some of the preliminary questions and attach a CV if you have one. A Manpower Consultant will call you back to discuss your skills and application. Once the full team has been interviewed and selected we will be back in contact to organise contract signing, inductions and training. Please note the commencement dates for each site will vary slightly depending on harvest conditions such as weather, crop growth and location. We will keep selected candidates informed of what the anticipated dates are with as much notice provided as possible. You must have a visa that allows you to work fulltime for 10-12 weeks, visas will be cross checked. Please proceed to register your interest in a confidential discussion. EASY APPLICATION PROCESS Log on to: https://www.manpower.com.au/cargill/ (This is the fastest registration option) Email: Cargilljobs@au.manpower.com Phone: 1300 725 937
  19. We are a looking for backpackers or visitors to Melbourne who are willing to Mystery Shop a Hostel in the city centre in return for 2 nights free accommodation. The mystery shopper will be reimbursed after the stay and after they have completed a few simple tasks. It also could lead to mystery shopping other hostels in the Victoria region. It is not a paid assignment, it return for doing this you will receive free accommodation. Please message interest and for more information at mysteryshoppermelbourne@gmail.com.
  20. The Pom Queen

    Backpacker Work Available in Cairns

    Become a Pedicab Rider for Down Under Pedicabs in Cairns. Male and Female Riders Wanted. Immediate start. You RENT the pedicab per shift and keep all the money you earn but must ride a minimum of 4 shifts per week. Evening and Night Shifts Available. You must be fit, sociable and reliable. All the pedicabs are fully equipped with sound system operated by your ipod. Potential for good regular earnings! TEXT for more details 0427347102 177 Bunda Street. Directly behind Cairns Central. http://www.downunderpedicabs.com
  21. The Pom Queen

    WHV 2nd Year Visa - Job Vacancy

    We are a family farming company located 50 km west of Willow Tree NSW on a Cattle&Cropping enterprise. We are looking for 2 enthusiastic,honest and hardworking workers for genaral farmwork,maintenance and the upcoming summer harvest. Days worked will go towards 2nd year visa ,plus a wage & board. Contact:Marcel E-Mail:marcel000@activ8.net.au Ph: 0267475669
  22. Work? German speaking person wanted for detailer job! Travelwheels Campervans Sydney is looking for a German and English speaking Detailer! Your tasks will be the cleaning of our vehicles as well as some customer service (mainly in German). For more information and for applications please email Marina on marina@travelwheels.com.au
  23. The Pom Queen

    Banana picking

    http://www.bananabarracks.com/work.html Hostel along with jobs
  24. The Pom Queen

    Kangaroo Island Backpacker Vacancy

    Job Description Wanted immediatley workers for potato and accommodation seasons. Jobs include grading, planting,cleaning of potatoes & field work. Cleaning, gardening and painting for accommodation. $15 per hour, $100 for accommodation per week per person. Car essential Qualifications NA Experience & Knowledge in potato season, painting and carpentry would be appreciated but not necessary. Experience in tractor and farm machinery is necessary. Profile Location of Job: Kangaroo Island Length of Employment 6 months Date of Job Posting: 7.9.2011 Contact Name: Kerryn Contact Email: islandhorticulture@bigpond.com Contact Phone: 0885597223 Closing Date for Job:
  25. The Pom Queen

    Backpacker Position Available - WA

    A position has become available for an experienced header Operator on a family owned farm at Mingenew. Mingenew is located 370kms NE of Perth. The successful candidate must be familiar with harvest procedures, have mechanical knowledge and be prepared to use GPS. You would be operating a JD STS 9660 header. The position is to start late Oct and last approx 5-6 weeks depending on season. Essential skills - Harvest experience - Mechanical skills - Licence © - Team member - Non smoker The rate of pay is $18-$23 per hour with accommodation provided on the property. All laundry and meals supplied but you would pay a small charge for this convenience. IF you are interested in this position please contact Carol on (08) 94776600 or email to carol@ruralenterprises.com.au.