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  1. Thanks for this.I believe my youngest will not be eligible for school until 2014. However my wife is not planning to work for the first six months while we settle so childcare will not be a challenge at the outset. Am i correct in assuming I cannot really do anything with the schools until we have an address in Sydney?
  2. thanks for this. I think we will look at some catholic shcools as I am Catholic although my kids are not baptised so I imagine that may be a potential problem
  3. Hi, I will be arriving in Sydney in September with my 2 young daughters aged 4 and 6 and looking at the potential costs of schooling. I am on a 457 visa which means I have to pay $4700 AUD rising to $5000 AUD per annum for public schooling. My understanding is that some private/catholic schools fees are similar to these obligatory fees. So my question is am I better to send my kids private as I have to pay the $5000 per annum anyhow? Thoughts or expereinces would all be welcome
  4. Thanks for this response very helpful.
  5. I am relocating my family to Sydney in September on a Business sponsored 457 visa. We have two young girls aged 6 and 4. My office is based in Neutral Bay but we are likely to live in the Eastern suburbs, Rose bay or Bronte as we have friends in these areas. Mosman is also an option as it will be close to work. Can anyone help with one or all of the following questions. What are the good schools to look at? How difficult will It be to enrol in the schools if we don't arrive until September? Should we do this before we leave? Will my girls get into Catholic schools if they are not baptised although I am a Catholic? How negotiable is the rental market, 3 bed houses seem to be in the region of $1200 a week upwards? How long would the commute be from Rose bay to Neutral bay if I was driving at 7am? Can my wife work on my business sponsored 457 visa? We are planning to take a container of furniture. Is there any point bringing white goods and TV's? Will they be compatable? I have tons more questions but any help with these would be great Thanks in Advance Mark