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  1. Thank you, that is great advice! I turn 25 in June, i will try to do IELTS and TRA assessment before i leave Australia! Just hope they dont reshuffle the application system up again (seems they make changes often) Would be disastrous if they took cheffing off the list!!
  2. Yeah sorry, it is infact the 190 visa I need... Do i actually need to sit the IELTS? I thought that i didn't have to sit this test as i am English... Having spent nearly two years here in Australia, it is time to go home and decide if all this is worth doing, i know that when i am in England i'll wish to be in Australia, but when im here i never feel as settled as i imagined (wish my family or UK friends were here too). Maybe i need to live in a better part of England (not Nottingham) perhaps London... Problem is that i get paid a huge amount more here in Perth working as a chef, and only pennies in Nottingham... I definitely live a better quality life here, shame its so far, and i wish there were more English migrating here I did return to the UK last christmas for 3 months - i hated it, extremely cold and miserable, but thats winter... secretly wish i could live in England again and be happy but the possibilities in Australia are endless... I am only 24, so i have a few years to decide...
  3. Thanks again, Releasing my Super funds is actually a quick process (they say), but yes i shouldnt show that i intend to return if im withdrawing them. Perhaps i should just wait. I hate the idea that ill be trapped in the UK with no clue on returning back to Australia! sounds like too much cold weather !!! I believe the skillselect is $1000 my PR application $3500 plus medical/police clearances... These prices are the same when applying IN the UK??
  4. Thanks for your reply! Perhaps i could at least do my SkillSelect before i leave??, then apply for my Superannuation return as soon as i land in England, then immediately apply for PR and aim for a quick return to WA. I wished i had of applied earlier this year, then i would have been granted a bridging visa, allowing me to return home no problem and to Return again to Perth. AM i really too late for this? All i need to do myself is SkillSelect and do my EOI, then hope they invite me to apply relatively soon after... then obviously wait for the process and decision. Its more of a Superannuation question i guess, would i void my Superannuation return if I've already done an EOI ?? Do i confuse the application process if i apply whilst in Australia, then during the process i am in fact home in England?
  5. Hello, I am looking to apply for the skilled migration PR 189 visa, I work as a chef, currently still working in Perth. My temporary 2nd working holiday visa expires end of February. I realise that because of my profession, that i need to choose either the 457 or PR subclass 189 (state sponsorship to WA). I am not interested in 457. I know that i already pass the points score, i just need to do the skillselect then do my EOI I'm undecided whether or not i should start this process whilst I'm in this country now - if its not already too late? (or wait to return to the UK and apply from the UK) The only reason that i thought about applying for the PR visa in England, was that i can claim all my Superannuation payments back (a few thousand dollars) then use this money to apply for the visa. A few questions... if I applied in England, can I pay in australian dollars, or do i have to exchange my money to GBP (losing money) If i had the permanent residency visa, how much time do i have to spend in WA each year (can i spend 2 months a year in the UK) I will want to become a citizen of Australia as soon as possible... is it easier and less expensive to apply for this visa in Australia, or is it just as simple to apply outside of Australia. (will i find it harder applying in England) I would really appreciate your opinion, I am really confused, and unsure where i can receive help. Kind Regards,