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  1. le petit roi

    Transfer Super from QROPS compliant account

    Much appreciated for those responses. I privately thought that it wouldn't be possible but had to ask.
  2. Reading the info, I can only transfer a UK pension into a QROPS compliant account here in Oz. Once in the Oz account, is there any regulation that prevents me transferring it into any Australian Super account e.g. I open an Oz QROPS account, I transfer my pension from the UK into it, it stays there for 2 weeks then I transfer it into my 'regular' Super to consolidate all my Super into one policy. Cheers
  3. I am an exisiting savings account holder of several years with Ubank so aware of their mortgages. Ubank appears to be a good, simple and straightforward mortgage product but may or may not be the best for my particular set of circumstances.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for an independent Melbourne based mortgage broker? CBD or northern suburbs probably preferred but getting quality is more important so willing to travel further afield. Thanks
  5. le petit roi

    Remortgaging UK Property whilst in Auz?

    I was able to re-mortgage my unmortgaged UK property to release equity around the 2007/08 period. I paid it back as my plans changed but was never permitted to repeat that feat again when I tried in 2014. Looking at all the T&C for mortgages, they all specify they are for UK residents only. For suggestions, try going through a mortgage broker or you could try an approach to an international branch of a UK bank based in say the channel islands.
  6. le petit roi


    I should have made it clearer that attaining the HMRC Gateway account and accessing the relevant area will provide you a pro-rata pension figure after entering the required data which is all very basic stuff about you. My computer is broken and don't currently have access to more info on this. If I get my replacement laptop in the next few days, I'll try and post more detailed info I have on the old hard drive. For anyone who hasn't been on it before, HMRC website is fairly helpful but its a minefield sometimes to find the right info. I've got a UK property and spent too many late nights investigating HMRC related stuff.
  7. le petit roi


    A bit late to the party but better late than never. I've paid Class 2 contributions every couple of years so now have around 30 years when added to the time I was in the UK. Currently it costs just under £200 per year. The number of years needed to contribute is dependent upon a few factors (age is just one) and not necessarily 30 years. I'm 5 years short, the number of years I need to get the full UK pension is 35. I think it best to obtain a HMRC Gateway account and that will give you access to info without needing to call a helpdesk and also calculate your potential final UK pension and the number of years contributions still required to attain that final figure.
  8. le petit roi

    Releasing equity in UK to buy in Australia?

    I've been to 4 auctions in recent weeks and my anecdotal evidence is that our old friend the 'vendor bid' is bidding harder than the attending crowds. 1 sold as a genuine auction result, 3 were passed in after 20 minutes of the auctioneer talking to himself before receiving solo bids. These properties appeared as 'sold at auction' in the newspaper which is misleading because it can only be as a result of post-auction negotiation not the auction itself. Caveat emptor, 'Sold at auction' comes in many guises.
  9. le petit roi

    UK Personal Pensions central agency??

    Resurrected this - I was back in the UK in Feb/Mar 2017 and did a bit more calling around. Turns out that one of my pensions currently has circa $40k in it which is substantially more than I ever thought. Another one wasn't quite so good...circa $600 but to redeem it into the other pension has a value of circa $200. Robbing thieves!! I've changed my contact address to my mothers in the UK so at least if I move around, I'll keep contact of where all my UK pensions are. One final few questions on this topic if anyone can help me with an answer: 1) As an Australian resident, am I permitted to contribute to the $40k pension? 2) What can I do to reduce the fees which will be likely charged by the Pension fund? Cheers
  10. le petit roi

    Depreciation report for a UK property

    No arguments from me on that. I could give it a stab and until this year, with my relatively simple tax affairs, I did using MyGov. The rental and shares slightly complicates it for this year and additionally, the property had to undergo various work prior to letting to be compliant with Government housing laws which don't necessarily apply to houses within Australia. I'm in Melbourne so not sure how practical it would be but could you pm me your phone number?
  11. le petit roi

    UK Personal Pensions central agency??

    Thanks again to all. After a few slow mail posts, I've managed to trace all my pensions and an insurance policy....not all good news though. One policy I started in my 1st job after leaving uni 25 years ago has the princely sum of 59 GBP in it. This in spite of almost 3 years of contributions from myself and my employer. Granted not a fortune but maybe 3-4k GBP contributions over the term and I did expect more than 59 GBP. Nothing more than theft as the FTSE has almost doubled during the same period. Overall I think I'm happy enough just having located them and notified a change of address but that pension return is a bitter pill :-)
  12. le petit roi

    Depreciation report for a UK property

    I'm glad it has been raised again; can it be left a bit longer? After many doubts and more than a few passing years, I've just decided to rent my UK property out and need to start looking for tax advice on it going forward. I'll have to read this thread in full and in more detail but I may have a few queries because I'm not at all clued up on Aus taxation wrt property and what deductions can be claimed. I think I'll use an accountant to help set-up and advise given there is also foreign currency to consider.
  13. le petit roi

    Bank Card Reader Issues

    Yes, rapid deterioration. I've banked with them for over 25 years...they were very good until mid GFC then it was a rapid deterioration followed by years of stagnation. A poor imitation of the bank I used in the early and mid 2000's. Still, our gripes with RBS are off-topic :wink:to the OP request for solutions which I think will be limited.
  14. le petit roi

    Bank Card Reader Issues

    I've came across the same situation where the RBS card reader battery expired and I couldn't set-up new payees/make payments until the new reader arrived. Which generally takes 7+ days. However, in the past, I've requested transactions using the telephone banking service. You could try that though I can't remember if I used it to set-up new payees. Also, for the telephone banking service, you will need to know your passwords and security codes. In general, I'm disillusioned with the rapid deterioration of the RBS service level but it is near nigh impossible to open a new UK bank account elsewhere as an Australian resident. Pretty much stuck with a service which sucks.
  15. le petit roi

    UK Personal Pensions central agency??

    It gives me some addresses when I punch in the old pension provider so I'm hopeful some lead makes an appearance. Thanks for the link and all who contributed; gives me some hope not all is lost. Fingers crossed they've left me with something.:twitcy: