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  1. le petit roi

    Wise - Transferring funds UK to Aus

    Perhaps one reason is that after the sale of my UK property with additional savings included, I had significantly more than 40k. The request did give me some additional inconvenience i didn't need or expect but thankfully, once the transfer was approved, the rest went through without a hitch in time to settle on an Oz property.
  2. le petit roi


    I'm in Northcote and have been for the last 8-9 years. For me, it is the ideal suburb with lots of facilities, parklands and entertainment on the doorstep with great public transport to/from the CBD and other parts of the city. I'm single and in a spacious apartment because house prices are expensive and unaffordable for me. A 4-bed house will not be far from (if not exceeding), $2m with a 4-bed townhouse being a rarity (most are 2 and 3 bed).
  3. le petit roi

    Wise - Transferring funds UK to Aus

    I needed to provide evidence on 'proof of funds' due to money laundering regulations. Standard practice I am led to believe for large transfers. Admittedly it isn't always obvious what to do from the web pages but the help and assistance the support desk offered me during the process was very good.
  4. le petit roi

    Transferring House Sale funds (GBP) to Australia

    I used TransferWise/Wise in December and of the ones I investigated, they were the best for rate and fees hence my choice. They also had a very good helpdesk because transferring large sums isn't straight-forward. Be prepared to undergo money laundering checks and able to provide the appropriate evidence. You should also check with your UK bank on transferring large sums - banks have a daily maximum limit and you may find it easier transferring to the FX company in a single transaction. That may incur a fee (to my surprise, RBS charged only 20GBP but needed a request faxed from Australia during the Christmas holiday period) The RBS request put me under pressure to get money to Australia for settlement on a property in January but Officeworks have a fax facility that to my relief, came to my aid.
  5. le petit roi

    Going Home!

    There is this one: https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/skilled-migrants-weigh-whether-to-stay-or-go-20210514-p57rzj Not much reading material worthy of reading and consideration in my opinion; a poor article.
  6. le petit roi

    National insurance stamps

    I've just been asked to pay Class 2 NIC which is 159.20 GBP per year. If you live abroad it could be either Class 2 or Class 3 (refer to here: https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions/who-can-pay-voluntary-contributions)
  7. le petit roi

    National insurance stamps

    From memory you can backdate NI contribution payment up to 6 years but that may still not be the case. I have the most recent HMRC form for NI contributions in front of me that I received only last week (the letter was dated 4th April ). To summarise: I've been asked to pay Class 2 NIC which is 159.20 GBP per year. If you want to talk to them, the telephone number (from overseas) is +44 191 203 7010 To write to them, the address is: National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AN Best to have your NI Number available when you call or quote it in all written correspondence. The post is pretty crap now with the coronavirus upheaval hence would likely be best to call them or contact them via an email address or electronic form provided at the HMRC website.
  8. I understand that and I can see my initial post may be construed as 'having a pop' (hence I edited it immediately). Perhaps my experience was a 'one off' bad one but its the only one I have of using a single accountant for Uk and Aus tax.
  9. Easier as in I wouldn't be doing it myself to have to assess any potential CGT for the UK property. Uncomplicated tax returns are easy to do yourself but throw in CGT from property and shares and it gets a bit more complex - which will be the case for me this year. Getting it wrong could be expensive. You raise cost benefits of using a single accountant as opposed to two single ones. In response, I once used GMTax for Uk and Oz tax in the same year and were expensive for very two straight-forward submissions. Not only were there no savings, that whole experience was enough to encourage me to investigate doing my own tax submissions.
  10. le petit roi

    Transferring your funds

    An old thread but I'll resurrect it rather than open a new one as my query is related to it. Is there any additional Oz or UK taxes applied when transferring a largish sum of between 50k GBP to 250k GBP (proceeds from a property sale and savings)? Is there anything unexpected (other than making sure I use the correct account details) I should be aware of when transferring sums of this size from UK to Oz? I don't want any nasty surprises before I proceed. Thanks
  11. I've done my last few UK annual tax returns so while I agree its important the Oz accountant knows how to deal with foreign income, for simple and straight-forward financial structures, why is the UK accountant required to know about the Australian tax system? I am in the exact same position as the OP. but for my next UK submission involving CGT, I was intending to make it easier on myself by using a Scottish based accountant.
  12. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    After one, fairly long and detailed email, I demonstrated sufficiently the legal standing a JP has in Australia to get agreement that I could use a JP. Job Done and thanks to all who provided assistance. I'm now going to keep that fairly long and detailed email Cheers
  13. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks. I'm informed that evidence of my identity is for compliance with UK anti-money laundering legislation if that makes a difference and only a solicitor or Notary Public are acceptable to certify the passport and utility bill. Without being directed at the pertinent legislation, I'm not convinced hence if this is only an office policy, it'll be easier and cheaper to go somewhere that an Oz JP is acceptable. If its UK legislation, I'll need to suck it up but I'll never be convinced however that the almost $100 fee I've saw advertised online for the Notary Public will ever be one that has been well-earned for my documents.
  14. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks. I am in Oz so you'd think an Oz JP would be acceptable to the UK legal system (and more convenient for me) hence I'm asking the question of the UK. Today's UK Public Holiday will delay the answer but hopefully it will be a worthwhile wait. I'm informed that evidence of my identity is for compliance with UK anti-money laundering legislation if that makes a difference.
  15. I need a passport (and possibly a utility bill) certified for emailing a certified copy to the UK. I have no problems for paying for services where justified but the fees ($100+) I saw advertised for this service from a couple of Notary Public websites I viewed, are, for less than 10 minutes of simple and unskilled effort, outrageous.There are no reading complex manuscripts or several pages of text to ensure the data is valid so I don't care what training they have or their experience, for a simple exercise, this is a rort. If anyone would like to suggest such an alternative I'm happy to listen because it's likely to be significantly cheaper and less inconvenient just to send over my physical UK passport via recorded delivery. I'm not hopeful for my purposes that the use of a JP is an approved alternative to a solicitor or Notary Public but I have asked the question and awaiting a response. Cheers