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  1. I understand that and I can see my initial post may be construed as 'having a pop' (hence I edited it immediately). Perhaps my experience was a 'one off' bad one but its the only one I have of using a single accountant for Uk and Aus tax.
  2. Easier as in I wouldn't be doing it myself to have to assess any potential CGT for the UK property. Uncomplicated tax returns are easy to do yourself but throw in CGT from property and shares and it gets a bit more complex - which will be the case for me this year. Getting it wrong could be expensive. You raise cost benefits of using a single accountant as opposed to two single ones. In response, I once used GMTax for Uk and Oz tax in the same year and were expensive for very two straight-forward submissions. Not only were there no savings, that whole experience was enough to encourage me to investigate doing my own tax submissions.
  3. le petit roi

    Transferring your funds

    An old thread but I'll resurrect it rather than open a new one as my query is related to it. Is there any additional Oz or UK taxes applied when transferring a largish sum of between 50k GBP to 250k GBP (proceeds from a property sale and savings)? Is there anything unexpected (other than making sure I use the correct account details) I should be aware of when transferring sums of this size from UK to Oz? I don't want any nasty surprises before I proceed. Thanks
  4. I've done my last few UK annual tax returns so while I agree its important the Oz accountant knows how to deal with foreign income, for simple and straight-forward financial structures, why is the UK accountant required to know about the Australian tax system? I am in the exact same position as the OP. but for my next UK submission involving CGT, I was intending to make it easier on myself by using a Scottish based accountant.
  5. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    After one, fairly long and detailed email, I demonstrated sufficiently the legal standing a JP has in Australia to get agreement that I could use a JP. Job Done and thanks to all who provided assistance. I'm now going to keep that fairly long and detailed email Cheers
  6. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks. I'm informed that evidence of my identity is for compliance with UK anti-money laundering legislation if that makes a difference and only a solicitor or Notary Public are acceptable to certify the passport and utility bill. Without being directed at the pertinent legislation, I'm not convinced hence if this is only an office policy, it'll be easier and cheaper to go somewhere that an Oz JP is acceptable. If its UK legislation, I'll need to suck it up but I'll never be convinced however that the almost $100 fee I've saw advertised online for the Notary Public will ever be one that has been well-earned for my documents.
  7. le petit roi

    Document Certification - cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks. I am in Oz so you'd think an Oz JP would be acceptable to the UK legal system (and more convenient for me) hence I'm asking the question of the UK. Today's UK Public Holiday will delay the answer but hopefully it will be a worthwhile wait. I'm informed that evidence of my identity is for compliance with UK anti-money laundering legislation if that makes a difference.
  8. I need a passport (and possibly a utility bill) certified for emailing a certified copy to the UK. I have no problems for paying for services where justified but the fees ($100+) I saw advertised for this service from a couple of Notary Public websites I viewed, are, for less than 10 minutes of simple and unskilled effort, outrageous.There are no reading complex manuscripts or several pages of text to ensure the data is valid so I don't care what training they have or their experience, for a simple exercise, this is a rort. If anyone would like to suggest such an alternative I'm happy to listen because it's likely to be significantly cheaper and less inconvenient just to send over my physical UK passport via recorded delivery. I'm not hopeful for my purposes that the use of a JP is an approved alternative to a solicitor or Notary Public but I have asked the question and awaiting a response. Cheers
  9. le petit roi

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    I obtained UK landlord insurance through a broker....too easy. I've used him for several years now and each year he searches out competitive quotes for my consideration.
  10. le petit roi

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    The UK property is treated as though its located in Australia so ensure you keep ALL receipts for expenses you incur e.g. maintenance, agent fees, building insurance, grass cutting etc. I'm assuming you need the internet to manage the investment hence you will be able to deduct a portion (dependant upon usage) of your internet fees, office equipment, etc. I generally work out the income/expenses each month and if there is a net profit (in GBP) at the end of the financial year, I use the average GBP:AUD conversion rate during the financial year. It's probably worth going and discussing it with a tax agent with foreign income experience particularly for the first time. If you do sufficient overtime to take you to $83000, with the additional investment income included, I'd do the sums to decide if salary sacrificing Super payments would be beneficial in order to reduce your assessable taxable income. This would not only reduce your immediate tax bill but provide an uplift to your Super in the long-term. Not tax advice but something else to consider and investigate because these matters can vary dependant upon age and personal circumstances.
  11. This topic encouraged me to do a bit of a search and I found this on the HMRC that allows non-residents to calculate their CGT liabilities. Still best to consult a UK tax agent but should give some guidance. https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/calculate-your-capital-gains/non-resident/ Note: Residents in Scotland have to apply different tax rates.
  12. le petit roi

    Pensions in UK

    I originally intended to leave mine in the UK but I'm 55 next year and this has me thinking...is there any value in transferring over to Oz my 'Pension pot' in the UK currently held with Aviva? Cheers
  13. le petit roi


    I had a similar indifferent experience of using them the once and only time and don't intend to ever to do so again. They also made a demand for their invoice to be paid even although the document had been passed back and forth a few times and no agreement on the final submission had yet been reached.
  14. le petit roi

    Transfer Super from QROPS compliant account

    Much appreciated for those responses. I privately thought that it wouldn't be possible but had to ask.
  15. Reading the info, I can only transfer a UK pension into a QROPS compliant account here in Oz. Once in the Oz account, is there any regulation that prevents me transferring it into any Australian Super account e.g. I open an Oz QROPS account, I transfer my pension from the UK into it, it stays there for 2 weeks then I transfer it into my 'regular' Super to consolidate all my Super into one policy. Cheers