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    UK state pension

    Straight from the horses mouth as they say! ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: IRS Email Tax Law Assistance From: TaxHelp.ETLA@irs.gov NOTE: Thank you for your inquiry. Our response to your tax law question appears below. I hope this information has been helpful. If you have a follow-up question or another general tax law question, please return to our web site at: www.irs.gov. The Answer To Your Question Is: Thank you for your inquiry dated January 1, 2015, regarding the taxability of your War Disability and Social Security pensions issued by the United Kingdom. We apologize for the delay in providing you a timely response. If your War Disability and Social Security Mobility pension payments are for a service related injury you suffered while on active duty in the military as part of your assigned post or station of operation, the benefits associated with the type of injury you received are not taxable and should not be treated as income, or reported on a United States income tax return if you have a filing requirement.
  2. shiner

    UK state pension

    Another question on taxes. Do you have to declare UK war pensions or war disability pensions to the tax man in Australia. I know you don't have to declare them in the USA or France, just wondering if the same sort off rules apply here in Australia
  3. shiner

    UK state pension

    Just to confirm, does this mean that if I have a bridging visa, and file a tax return in another country, I do not have a to file a tax return in Australia until I become a PR. (No income in Australia)
  4. shiner

    UK state pension

    Was this question ever answered? I understand that one is given a bridging visa while your application is processed and I understand that you can be on the bridging visa for around six years. I have been told that Australian taxes on pension income don't have to be paid until such time as PR is granted. Is that correct so far?
  5. Just found this post, very informative. It means I may take the leap and come to Oz on a more permanent basis.