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    IELTS score needed ...6 or 7?

    thanks for the info regards ​Pra
  2. Hi Friends, I am preparing for IELTS. I am applying for 190 subclass as Systems Administrator. How much do I need to score 6 or 7? I have read that though 6 qualifies,7 is what some states ask for sponsorship....:unsure: Can anyone help me know the actual situation?
  3. Pra

    ACS Submitted :):)

    Submitted ACS two days back ..Got acknowledgement mail and is now with assessment officer. I know the time is 8-12 weeks,I wish it comes earlier. :smile::smile: Meanwhile should I do IELTS or should I wait for the assessment result.??:huh: Thanks Pra
  4. Thanks for the update!!! Guess will make it ...
  5. Hello there... I am applying for my ACS next week and am planning to complete my IELTS meanwhile... My consultants have asked me for a 7+ score. I am a bit scared there...guess i will make it...but in case i dont..? :chatterbox: My wife is also giving the IELTS...so was wondering if i can get some points if she scored well...or by any other chances?She is a Engineering graduate and is working for 5 years in a reputed IT firm. Let me know ....thanks a ton!!! Pra
  6. Dear All,... I am applying my ACS sometime next week...and have 70 points and applying under 190 subclass.. I plan to take my wife and kid(3yrs old now) once i get a job and settle... 1. Is education free for kids when under 190 subclass. 2.I am a software professional...any idea where i may be put into? as in which state may sponser me? 3. Where can i get reliable info on what all needs to be done on landing in OZ?As i have not many friends there? We have made the decision...a little tensed till things srt out:biggrin:
  7. Hi all... Do let me know if you guys have any idea on the above queries... Thanks again
  8. Thanks lebourvellec!!! I cant express how lucky i feel to be able to clear doubts here. I have started to consolidate my documents for ACS. I have the following queries: 1.As per ACS these are the documents needed for employment assessment: Each skilled employment reference must contain:  Start & Finish Dates of Employment  Description of Duties Performed  Hours worked - Full time or Part time  Country where Employment was Completed  Company Letterhead and signed by the author I have start date/enddate,full time,offer/appointment letters,relieving letters,salary slips... I can try and get the duties performed for the current company(where i have been working for close to three years now)in a letter head. But i would not be able to get the same for the other 5 companies I worked for. Can you help me find how to go about in such a situation? 2.Also whom can i get the documents certified from....Will a gazetted officer do?or do i need it attested by a judicial notary ? Please help with with the above details.. Thanks again
  9. Thanks a lot for that very quick reply.... Another question i had was: What is ACS...Do i need to get my documents to ACS before or after Expression of interest?
  10. Dear all, I am a Unix system admin and am eligible to apply for 190 with 70 points. Please let me know on a few points: 1. How to get started?As in the first steps... 2. I have worked in an east african country for 8 months(have all the experience related documents),but was on Visiting visa(extended every 3 months). Do i need a police verification from there? If yes,how and when do i need to start with it I am not sure on any procedures to start with the immigration process...do i need to go for a consultant...totally confused. Please help. Thanks a lot Prs