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  1. Skyba

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    You'll be fine if you'be been in remission for so long.
  2. Skyba

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    I was granted a 189 PR visa
  3. Gene, without sounding too harsh there isn't a course you can do that will make you an electrician in 5 weeks and anyone who tell you that there is, is a joker... They are part p courses and are for domestic installers which isn't an electrician. For emigration purposes you don't have to have 3 years post qualification anymore, you need 2 years including your training but that is only if you are a fully qualified electrician which would allow you to get a qualified electrician traded gold card from the JIB. You don't have to do an AM2 to get this but you do have to complete your NVQ level 3 and if you don't do the AM2 you have to have more than 4 years on site experience on site and you would have to cover more jobs in your NVW portfolio otherwise you have to do the AM2 to be able to complete your NVQ 3. if you aren't a fully qualified electrician and you have been working as a domestic installer and considered an "electrician", as in you have your city and guilds 2330 part 2&3 or today's equivalent and you've been working unsupervised, you have to prove 7 years of work history post 2330 level 3 qualification. Like I said in the eyes of the JIB you aren't an electrician until you have completed your NVQ 3 although many people seem to think otherwise because of these quick fix courses that have popped up over the last 10 years due to the domestic installer scheme. If if you were to do either of these routes you'd also have to complete an IELTS English exam and get all 8's and above in order to get above 60 points as if you were to become fully qualified I would imagine you wouldn't wait for that extra year to get the 3 years lost qualification to gain the points for work experience and if you were a domestic installer you aren't able to count post qualification experience as in the eyes of the immigration and the JIB you aren't qualified yet proving your 7 years experience is enough to prove your skills for a skills assessment. Like me someone said above you'd probably struggle getting through as a domestic installer that has only completed a 5 week course as you would never be able to complete to science required to pass the theory exam for the skills assessment. During my assesmemt there was a lad who only ever worked on the tube and did literally no revision and he crumbled halfway through and walked out of the exam, £1000 wasted. once you have compel all that you have to complete the minimum Australian context gap training, this has changed lately and there are companies beginning to allow you to start the theory side of it in the UK, but once you are in oz you have to do a week long practical exam and then do profile 21 which is an online profiling system which notes the type of work and how many hours you have done until you have gained the experience to get the full electrical license. At 28 you are probably better off getting a WHV and trying to get into a trade over there and finding a sponsor.
  4. I wouldn't want all of our police to be armed!! Giving a gun to a copper never ends well, having a small and properly trained set of officers who have access to weapons in the right situation for me is enough. Arm every copper and you could easily end up with a police force like America where they pull out a gun and shoot people willy nilly
  5. having trident is just ridiculous. We are never going to use it yet we are happy to blow £32bn and £2bn a year on it!?!?? It doesn't stop people firing at us at all, if a head of state is crazy enough to fire on us then They will do it regardless, and if terrorist ever had the capabilities then they would do it regardless.. the the argument for having it is completely outweighed by the cost. If it was a few million then it's a drop in the ocean and go for it. £32bn could do a lot of good elsewhere. Even if they renew it won't be in service until the 2030's!! How about we wait a while!! Craziness
  6. People are deluded if they think corbyn is unelectable!! has has increased the popularity of the party at every turn, the people who are making labour unelectable are the red Tory blairites who don't understand what labour is supposed to stand for. the big part that people are missing, and it's mainly the older generation, is that to win the next election you don't have to appeal to people in the middle ground or try and get centerist tories to vote labour or vise versa, it's the younger generation that will turn an election, the younger generation that feel for years there's been nothing to vote for. We get something like a 54% turnout at elections. That would change drastically if corbyn stays and out of the extra 20/30% that would probably bother to vote I'd say at least 80/90% would be backing corbyn. The younger generation is the future of this country and the older generation have been leaving them behind and trying to implement politics that are still driven by the fear of the thatcher government. my parents are labour voters, have been their entire lives, yet they don't like corbyn because they think he won't get elected because of his charisma and being too left wing.. That view point is, in my opinion, shared by many older labour voters and driven by the fear of Thatcherism and the changes that had to be made to dethrone the tories. Well another change is needed and corbyn is that change.. Also those older labour life time labour voters won't change their vote if corbyn stays or goes. if the scabs within the Labour Party succeed labour are guaranteed to lose the next election and you will probably see a small rise in turnout yet lots will lose faith again and the small rise will go in favour of the greens. I know if I was staying in the UK and corbyn was booted I wouldn't be voting labour because they will have just become the same Etonian elite club that they complain about the Tory party being.
  7. Hi, we are moving to Gold Coast in November and will be looking for a car soon after we land. Not looking to spend loads, maybe $4000/5000. Nothing too small if anyone will be looking to sell around this time please PM me
  8. Skyba

    How much to take???

    Has your husband had much luck finding work as a TA? Also has he found a training provider for the GAP training yet?
  9. Skyba

    How much to take???

    Yeah that's always been the plan, we are opening a saving account with enough money for flights etc for an emergency. As for the license I've obviously already got the first part sorted for the visa and I'm waiting at the moment for the prices of the GAP training as they have just reissued the course so all the providers have to re-apply to have the course and at the minute one 3 companies have finalised theirs but I called the central training provider and they said that they should all be finalised come the end of the month but I've still sill little no no companies added to the list. Plan is to come over and attend three weeks at college straight off so that bit is out of the way and then it's just a case of finding the work. I'm an approved test and inspection electrician in the UK so I'm hoping my experience running my own jobs and extra UK quals will hold a little water with prospective employers over there.
  10. Skyba

    How much to take???

    Not as young as I used to be lol, 31 now, although most of the time when I say that I get funny looks but I feel old lol. From what i hear it's busy and only going to get busier as they have several $1bn+ building projects going on or in the pipeline. Also brisbane is only 40/45 minutes away from where we are planning to settle. i'm hoping once I've got my ticket I'll be able to get a mobile maintenance job, I like the idea of travelling from job to job fault finding in the sun lol. Where are are you heading?
  11. Skyba

    How much to take???

    not in Wookey hole anymore, just moved back to Cornwall to live with family so we can save. Yeah I'm hoping that we'll be in work within 2/3 months, even if I can't find an electrician role in that time I think I'd go into something else, literally anything just to minimise the usage of the savings. The £5/10 fall back would be lovely that's why we are looking to save £25k but I doubt we will get that much, I think realistically we will have around £18/20k to go with so not far off the £10k. I think when you have to it's easy to cut cloth right back until you know your income is secured
  12. Skyba

    How much to take???

    Just noticed your signature too. Very apt at the moment for me and a good thing to take note of for a few people i know too lol.
  13. Skyba

    How much to take???

    No job lined up but I have been in contact with agencies who said they will start looking for me in the weeks leading up to going as I'm an electrician and it's near impossible to get work prior to getting there. We are going to Gold Coast, and by the looks of it when I get there the coomera town Center which is a $1bn project will be in full swing so hopefully work won't be too difficult to find at the time. I just did a small breakdown of costs including license transfer, buying a car (we won't be getting a decent one, cheap banger will do us until we are settled) my college course for my electrical gap training, initial holiday accommodation etc. I estimate that £13000 would be enough for us to last without work for 4 months and that would be renting a property at $575 a week which o probably quite a bit more than we will spend on rent but that's the level we would probably spend at when getting a mortgage. As for furniture we are shipping over our bed, TV etc so furniture won't be a massive priority until we have jobs. As long as we have somewhere to sleep, eat and sit we'll survive. I think it's just a panick stage for me at the minute, we are taking on a lot this year, we are getting married in May and then off to Australia probably October November time, would be ideal if our entry date was just 8 weeks later and then I know we'd have enough time to get the exact amount I want, I think I'm obsessing a bit about the extra needed for a deposit and I just have to forget about that for a while i think. With the great start grant at $15k we should be able to afford a deposit within the 12/18 months we want to anyway as long as we find stable work.
  14. Skyba

    How much to take???

    Now over the years of being on this site I have seen this question asked many many times. But I'm now myself at the point where we are gearing everything towards saving, we've moved back to Cornwall will family to save and we need to enter Australia by December the 1st. I was aiming for the £25k mark, that's for 2 adults to live, we already have all the money set aside for flights, moving and the rest so the £25k was purely living costs and initial fees like driving license etc and then hopefully if we found work fast enough we would keep any savings aside for a deposit on a hous eventually.. Problem is work for me slowed down after Christmas a company I sub contracted to ripped me off for over a grand and the savings got eaten into and now we are basically at square 1 again. I know I could easily save £15/18k between now and when we want to go, I could at a push get up to the £25k but I will nearly kill myself to do it. Do do people think the £15-20k mark would be enough to live on and rent and give us enough time to settle and find work? Or do you think it could be a better idea to do an activation trip and maybe delay by 6 months in order to get up to the £25-30k mark and be sure we have way more than needed and be almost certain to have savings for a deposit.. the deposit isn't a massive must as we will be Renting for at least 12 months and will more than likely buy new in order to get the great start grant. Thanks in advance..
  15. It's the same as an NVQ, the 12 months under supervision a is a guideline, same as with the NVQ you finish it as fast as you complete the work and the write ups, I completed my NVQ in 6 weeks because I worked on it every weekend until it was completed. You're best contacting a training provider local to you and asking, regardless of that though you will be required to do supervised work, there isn't a way to just transfer the qualifications.