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  1. Kayleigh Mac

    Visa help! Advice needed

    Thank you Cal for your advice. We did think the skilled visa would be best, we will look at booking an agent for further advice
  2. Kayleigh Mac

    Visa help! Advice needed

    Thank you Marisa for your advice, I will book a meeting with an agent
  3. Kayleigh Mac

    Visa help! Advice needed

    Good evening, I am looking for some advice in respect of Visas. Myself, partner and son (1yr old) are looking to emigrate to Brisbane however we have no clue which visas we need. My mum & Sister already hold Australian citizenship and reside in Brisbane and we’re now looking to join them and hopefully one day also becoming citizens. Is there a family visa we can apply for due to my mother and sister being there? Alternatively my partner has a skilled trade, he is a Plant Engineer, would a skilled trade visa be the better option? Any advice you can offer would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  4. Kayleigh Mac

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    Thank you everyone for your help and advice. I've been reading up on a couple of visas this morning but I'm a little confused. Being 27 am I able to apply for a child visa as my mum is an Oz citizen? What visa would be best for me and my partner?
  5. Kayleigh Mac

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    Thank you all for your advice it's much appreciated. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions, seems quite a process! Thanks again.
  6. Kayleigh Mac

    30yr old partner with crohns can he emigrate?

    Thanks for your advice Rob. I'll have a look into the immigration websites. I need to educate myself on the different types of visas. If you don't mind me asking have you had any troubles since being over there with your colitis regarding medical care?
  7. Hi, I am hoping someone could help me as I'm new to all this. My Mum & Sister live in Brisbane and have done for 7 years, they are now permanent residents. I would love to move out there and be with them but I have no clue which visa I have to apply for. I'm 27 with good health and a full time job in a solicitors. My partner of 9 years is 30 years old, fully qualified electrician but has Crohn's disease. Please can anyone advise what we would have to do to live and work in Oz? Many thanks in advance Kayleigh