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  1. You are eligible for Medicare on your 309 visa. Perhaps you will get a Blue Card instead of Green as its for Permanent Resident. Girl Aussie
  2. Hi Dua, sorry i I just logged in to the forum. Wow, it's amazing to hear about your grant, congratulations. Have a wonderful time in Brisbane. You don't need to advice any department about your entry. After 2 years of your lodgement date, the department will contact you for more evidence etc for Permanent Resident Visa 100 so keep all your evidence with you. Good luck!! Aussie Girl Bay
  3. aussiegirlbay

    Police checks...how long did yours take?

    Got it within 7 days. They only took 3 days to process me application, 4th day got email, confirming that certificate is issued & will be dispatched next available post, so got it on 6th day from the lodgment. Aussie Girl Bay
  4. aussiegirlbay

    De facto visa rejected

    Sorry to know this, what documents did you provide to prove your genuine & continuing relationship? Aussie Girl Bay
  5. I have not seen any Decision Ready checklist for Partner Visa really, however, I did read about it for Skilled migration visas which was introduced in order to speed up processing of visa applications. It allowed Migration Agents to lodge complete, ‘decision ready’ applications, which were then priority allocated to a case officer for processing, but this is also not effective now. Ok, don't stress too much on this. If you have provided all docs from the AHC Isb checklist then you are good. Aussie Girl Bay
  6. Sorry I should have explained it a bit, there is no 'decision ready' checklist. Just follow the checklist available on AHC website, provide all documents/evidence/statutory declaration in one go & you should be good. I even submitted my PCC too but couldn't do medical as I did not know me HAP ID. So if you submit everything mention in the checklist + PCC+ Medical then this is Decision Ready file, subject to no further requirement from CO/AHC. Hope this helps. Aussie Girl Bay
  7. I understand what you mean but I think CO can extend medical validity for 6 months if they need to, it's PCC that has to be upto date at the time of grant. I don't mean to say relax & don't worry but I would say you can't do much about it so take it easy. Aussie Girl Bay
  8. Oh dear... Don't worry. It's not longggg.. To be honest, I am amazed how things have changed in past few years, when I applied I made a Decision Ready file except me medical & got grant in less than 6 months, no interview or anything so I don't know what is happening these days with regards to Partner Visa. I really pray all who are waiting, get their grant soon. Aussie Girl Bay
  9. The average processing time for Partner Visa is 9-12 months, your wife's case is still within the time frame so don't worry. Even if you try calling DIBP or AHC Isb you will get the same reply so you just have to wait till she is contacted by the department if they require any doc, otherwise she may get direct grant. Aussie Girl Bay
  10. Not a problem Ideally, you should provide docs within 7 days, but if you think you need more days to provide these documents then I would strongly advice you to contact your CO and request her for extension and explain her your situation. I would say get access to your machine soon and don't delay your case any more. Good luck!! Aussie Girl Bay
  11. Its very easy, I can't exactly do the wording as I don't know in what capacity those 2 witness know you as it could be like : Dear Sir or Madam, I am X’s mother and am writing this letter in support of X's Partner Visa application and to provide documentary evidence of their relationship as a couple. I became aware of her interest in Y when she first met him in university. (If it's an arranged marriage then you need to change the words accordingly). It was apparent that she liked him and loved his thoughts. Amazingly, in a short span of time they decided to get married. few additional comments........... Sincerely, Mrs ZZ Mother of Mrs. X Hope this helps. Aussie Girl Bay
  12. Yeah why not, it's straight forward application and if your case is not complicated then you can easily do it yourself. Aussie Girl Bay
  13. Yes as FRC are of two types: 1: by birth 2: by marriage. As you are married, you are part of your husband's family so you should get FRC by marriage as this is the right one for Partner Visa. Aussie Girl Bay