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  1. DenKav

    Working Holiday Visa Travel Insurance.

    Not many insurances cover you for one way flights. You have to read the small print. The only 2 I know of that do cover you for a one way flight are insureandgo & down under insurance.
  2. DenKav

    Working Holiday Visa Travel Insurance.

    Do you have one way flight?
  3. DenKav

    Backpacker's Discount ID - Worth It??

    That's not something I've heard of personally but sounds good.
  4. DenKav

    Backpacker's Discount ID - Worth It??

    I've not heard anything about this. What do you get discount for? I have a YHA card which means you get discount at YHA hostels all over the world. Where are you flying to?
  5. Hiya. I'm flying to Perth on 20th feb & booked 12 nights in Perth YHA. After that I will work on the west & then head north for winter & over to cairns & then down the east coast as the summer comes, finally ending up in Sydney for new year. There are apparently lots of jobs in Perth but employers won't take you seriously until you are in oz so I haven't applied for anything yet. Perth YHA is the best hostel I found but there are plenty on hostelworld to suit all needs & budgets. When are you going to book your flight?
  6. DenKav

    I've Got The FEAR!

    Hiya mate It's a really good way to speak to people doing the same thing and most of the people on there are travelling alone. It will give you chance to speak to people & arrange to meet up which will also put your parents minds at ease. They are probably just worried as most parents will do but probably more so if you are a naturally shy person. I think travelling Australia will be perfect for you, I wish you all the best.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am only going on a WHV anyway so probably wouldn't be worth it for such a short time. I may look into it once over there if I am coming home for a short period & am settled down somewhere in oz. I had a look at bike prices in oz on gumtree & they are a lot higher than the uk so maybe I will just have to have a break from bikes for a year or so
  8. DenKav

    Help required RE WHV & proof of funds

    Heya Charlie. I don't know whether you are aware of it already or are interested but there is a really good Facebook group called Australia backpackers 2013 it is great for advice & chatting with people doing the same thing. It's defo worth a look if you haven't checked it out already.
  9. 4 grand import duty!! That's crazy, was it a brand new bike or was it used? I don't understand why they would want so much.
  10. Just wondering if anybody has any experience in shipping a motorcycle from the uk to Australia? Just want a rough price guide for now to see if it would be worth it. Thanks Den
  11. Hiya mate. I am travelling to Perth in February, & then as the winter kicks in I will head north. The north of the country is best in the winter as it is still hot & isn't the 'wet' season. I will stay north until the spring/summer & then head down the east coast. Seasonal work can be picked up in most places along the way so I am just going to do it as & when needed/possible. Work can be found in most places so you need to decide what part of the country you want to see. East coast is more the beach life & west coast is more country & wildlife. I want to see it all, hence me starting in the west & making my way around the whole of the islands coast other than the southern coastline. Hope this helps
  12. DenKav

    Good hostels in Perth

    Thanks Alan, some good info I think I will book up with YHA. Do you get discounts there if you join the UK YHA? Most of the reviews I have read for the YHA have been good, a lot better than some of the others that I was looking into. I am not a fussy person so if most other people are happy there then I'm sure it will do for me, it will probably only be for a short time anyway until I decide where to go from there. Thanks for the help
  13. DenKav

    Good hostels in Perth

    Yea I think I will take a sleeping bag & a small travel pillow. I duno how I'm ever going to fit everything into a back pack, I'm always over weight even when going on holiday & I haven't go a clue what to pack for Oz so I'm sure I will want to take too much. Yea sorry I was mistaken, I've looked at that many hostels recently that I forget which is what :-s It was actually the YHA in Perth that has the gym, have you ever stayed there or heard anything about it?
  14. Im flying out to Perth in February, travel up the west coast as winter kicks in, cross over to cairns & then down the east coast when summer arrives. I am also hoping to do the farming work but I will just do it as the opportunity arises. I don't know how I will be getting about but I will be travelling a fair few miles over the year so hopefully I will find some other lads who will be up for getting a camper van. It definitely sounds like a good way to travel.
  15. I have heard camper van is an excellent way of getting around & also the cheapest. I am certainly hoping to meet some people with a camper to tag along with as it also gives you freedom & you're not just restricted to where buses stop etc. when are you planning on going out & what is your plan?