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  1. CharlieLou

    Regional/Farming work required - 2nd Year Visa

    Hey! I'll head wherever the work is, are you gonna be looking around NSW? Gonna sort out my bank account and TFN this week & start contacting farms to see if there is any vacancies! Fingers crossed I find something! xx
  2. Hi there, Landed in Perth yesterday & whilst I'd love to sightsee all the places I want to visit right now, I'd rather get my regional work out of the way to hopefully secure a 2nd year visa! I know there are tonnes of threads offering advice but not all of it is relevant! If anyone could advise of regional work going (paid) anywhere in Australia as I am willing to travel it would be a great help. Also, any advice on what websites to visit to look for jobs would be good! Thanks Charlie
  3. CharlieLou

    3 Weeks today & I am Aus bound via Dubai....

    Thanks guys!! I've spoke with my boss & he is going to pay me early so that's a great help. I'll have just over £2k minimum and there is a chance I could have around £3k depending on if I manage to sell some pieces of jewellery etc. I will be looking for regional work shortly after arriving so hopefully I'll be ok money wise! ​xx
  4. CharlieLou

    3 Weeks today & I am Aus bound via Dubai....

    Ah nice one...pretty pleased I have found travel insurance for £100 then....I was expecting it to be a lot more so I am very happy! I'm not going to have all my funds until closer the time when I leave so I might just see what the rates are & make a decision then! I am slightly concerned I'm not going to have the equivalent of $5000 in my account to show a statement to customs...although I've heard that it's rare you get asked for proof of funds...do you think I should make sure I have a statement to show...perhaps borrowing money to have in my account? ​Charlie xx
  5. ....have a major case of butterflies!!!! I know I will be asking questions that have already been asked but whenever I reply to a thread to ask for clarification I don't always get a response.....any help/advise is appreciated! I got a quote on-line with Covermore & wondering if I have done anything wrong as it seems to be really cheap at £101.69? I selected the Annual Multi-trip and have gone with Plan A (which is the better out of the 2 options they offer) and reduced to £0 excess......Seems too good to be true! Has anybody else used them and did you get a similar quote? Secondly, I'm heading to Aus with my best friend who is from Perth, she has advised me to take my savings in cash & exchange when I get there as the rate will be better...I have looked & have seen a few rates for 1.483 ish over here, compared to 1.5205 in Aus....I'm undecided whether to sort out here...maybe transfer my funds to an Aussie account or to risk taking cash with me for obvious reasons! I will be staying with her & her parents when I arrive so I'm lucky in a sense that there is no urgency for me to sort everything before I head out as won't be a problem to do when I get there but still doesn't make the decision any easier for me! ​Charlie xx
  6. CharlieLou

    Who's best for Insurance

    I have just got a quote online with covermore and wondering if I have done anything wrong as it seems to be really cheap at £101.69? I selected the Annual Multi-trip and have gone with Plan A (which is the better out of the 2 options) and reduced to £0 excess Seems too good to be true! Any help/advice is very much appreciated! ​Charlie xx
  7. CharlieLou


    I booked with Emirates & have a 30kg allowance with them! ​xx
  8. CharlieLou

    New here! WHV purchase advice?

    I'd seen a few people on here had their visas granted pretty quickly but I thought it was best not to get my hopes up of getting mind back so quickly! Was chuffed when I got my email to say it had been granted!! Booked my flights earlier today! Leaving the UK on 29th May, stopping in Dubai for 4 nights arriving in Perth 3rd June!!! Very excited!! When you heading out @Benvo ?
  9. Thanks Joanne - will check them out! :-) xx
  10. So my WHV was granted yesterday! I am beyond excited!! Hoping to book my flights this weekend! My best friend who is from Perth has been in the UK for almost 3 years now & I am returning home with her! We'll be heading to Perth via Dubai, lucky to have a friend who lives there so going to spend a few days with her & will split the long journey up nicely! My friend will be shipping some of her belongings back to Aus & I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations of shipping companies? I reckon we'll be talking about a few boxes, mainly consisting of books and clothes so not huge amounts! Any advise is much appreciated! xx
  11. CharlieLou

    New here! WHV purchase advice?

    Applied for my visa yesterday morning and no more than 4 hours later I received an e-mail to say my visa had been granted!! Can't believe how quick and easy it was! I would certainly recommend people to apply on-line direct! Hoping to get my flights booked on Friday!! Excited is not the word!! xx
  12. CharlieLou

    New here! WHV purchase advice?

    Ah thanks guys! I don't have a criminal record so hopefully it should go through smoothly! Getting very excited/nervous now! I'll let you know how I get on! :-) xx
  13. CharlieLou

    New here! WHV purchase advice?

    @Benvo - did you apply direct? I was just about to post a thread with your exact same question - go direct or with a company? I should be applying for mine in the next few days fingers crossed! Charlie xx
  14. CharlieLou

    Advice RE 2nd Year Visa

    Ah not long to go now! I bet you can't wait to see her and show her why you never came back! Is she visiting on holiday or over on a WHV? xx
  15. CharlieLou

    Advice RE 2nd Year Visa

    Digitalis - I think I might try do my research with the hostels & stick to the recommended ones and if I find myself in a less than desirable hostel, will have to resort to alcohol so I don't care about my surroundings lol! Wow, I love that you went on a tourist Visa & have been there ever since Xeneminie! On my first girls holiday I didn't want to go home so I didn't! Stayed & worked in Greece for the Summer & ended up doing another 2 seasons! Not quite as crazy as a holiday to the other side of the world & not coming home though! If I go to Bali, it will be with my friends family & they will be staying in a nice hotel/resort so I'm sure I will love it! My friend has warned me that Bali probably won't be as I imagine it to be, but none the less she has had some awesome holidays there! Some of my friends are going to be in Thailand for Christmas & New Year...I would love to meet up with them but it's all money permitting so I haven't committed to anything! xx