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  1. Murta

    4 years on, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I love where I am from but it has a long way to go to embrace, acknowledge and integrate with other cultures. Yes the 'less suburban ' Rea where I love does have a lot to do with it but can't go far in Ireland to get that hit we Re looking for for our family. So we might aswell give it Go to be a foreign family in a foreign land than one in my own land I guess.
  2. Murta

    4 years on, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Delighted for for you that your plan worked for you! Funny how one mans meat is another mans poison! You describe my life here and here am I wanting to move to where you came from! Why did you want to leave then ? Are you an Australian family? I too love the idea of my kids growing up where I have although my oh is not from ni. Living in warmer climate with access to warmer climate produce is a simple wish but mainly to be absorbed in a more multi cultured society is the key for our family, Continued good fortune for you all! Here is a wonderful place there is no doubt!
  3. Murta

    Irish families in Australia

    Old thread but reusing it just Puting it out there if any other Irish IN Oz or thinking of going to Oz from Ireland wishes to share their progress to date? Or some on here did you make it fninally what you sup to? Ireland seems to have picked up a little does this put you off going or make you think about returning?
  4. Murta

    How much savings will I require

    i am looking into this too , I am a sw too. will your oh work? have u applied for posts yet in brisbane? I am between brisbane sydney and mekbourne
  5. Murta

    social work in Oz

    are you a sw too Peachy? WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD WORK LIFE BALANCE IN THIS JOB..?
  6. This is exactly how I feel too, we have more people we know in Sydney but financially other areas are cheaper, difficult
  7. Murta

    Emotional ties to family?

    Yes this is all so true. Some of us feel it a human responsibility to care for our parents ...just because. my oh left Greece t live In The U.K. And his sis in law fell out with him as she felt he was leaving it all to bus brother to care for his pArents. 20 yrs ago they were fit and healthy. Although still quite independent he does feel the worry about them , but he has his brother there who keeps them right. And yes it is only 5 hr flight but 16 hrs from door to door with two flights and time etc so we have the concept of being far from parents. My own mum will have my sis and bro and their families . Funny thing is they. They could do more before I go and this would make me feel less worried. Bit of the youngest does all problem here.
  8. Murta

    Belgian Airport Attack

    Precisely Terrorism at its hilt making it more alarming and real.
  9. Murta

    Emotional ties to family?

    Thanks all , it really is a bitter sweet pill! But I need and do look at the overall aim and see it as a great adventure ! Funny if my mum said in the morning .. Off you go .. I would be away! Sad and still hold these worries but as it is said it as physical divide not emotional !
  10. Murta

    Emotional ties to family?

    I have continued strife about separating myself and my kids from my mum. Just wondering how those of you , that can relate to this, has gone about it ? and what has been the effect on you or your children in moving.? i am youngest of 3 and my kids are the youngest of 8 grandchildren...mine are the babies 6-10 but they are closer to my mum than the others. She does depend on me but I do too! Although we can bicker too. I do want to go and make a different experience/life for me and my oh. but the kids get so much advice love and joy out of her and she to them ...Iron Lady too mind...not all sweet granny!...but being a 76 yr old widow for a long time with semi good health she knows how to put the guilt on about moving, so has slowed down in recent years and I can see more vulnerable but still strong! Nonetheless I do wonder if taking the kids away unnecessarily will have a detrimental effect on them and me.? I know I am the only one who can decide but similar stories would be helpful.?
  11. sorry we have not arrived yet to Australia but Point Cook is an area we are interested in viewing for rental. Whats it like we are a couple with 2 kids 6 and 9yrs old? I haven't secured the job yet but Footscray is the work location. I have family in St Kilda but the commute they say would be horrible so looking around the footscray that isn't too far from the home? Any tips would be super...Good luck with settling!!
  12. Murta

    social work in Oz

    any idea of the extent of work or job decription of team manager inrealiity?
  13. Just wanted to ask if relocation package means commitment for a length of time and what that might be like ? Also I get that social workers jobs are offered to psycologists etc ... Can anyone tell me if in thier experience or knowledge this affects landing a good role? I currently work in Child protection and I am hoping to land a similar role. Any idea if this will be a possibility in NSW or OZ in general without OZ work experience ? The feedback I am receiving from Victoria is positive , I am not sure about NSW. I visited a social work dept in Sydney when I was out and it would seem you need to get your timing right when the recruitment is happening, but like here. I do believe in getting A job as close to it as soon as possible then when you are more settled look into the gov social work posts. I would prefer sydney overalll but worry about the cost of living there..how many years experience do you have? Have u applied for jobs yet? Good luck!
  14. Murta

    Worrying about parents............

    It is so tough and you are not alone. For this reason I am still here. I am so good at advising others to go but don't take my own advice. The things I have come to terms with is the fact that we do worry/over think about these things shows the lovely relationship we have with our parents and quite possibly we are grieving them before we actually part. Maybe this is part of the plan to help you live wit it when your out there. Seize the day and take the plunge. You will never feel it the right time to leave your wonderful parents but this is your next move in life.