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  1. cjenky

    I have a criminal record but I'm a good person!

    Hi, I am not sure where you stand on your convictions,however my husband was charged with possession of cannabis. We declared this on our application and got our visa with no issue. It was however 20 years ago so i dont know if that made a difference. Good luck, where theres a will there is a way dont give up hope
  2. cjenky

    Old dog

    Yes, there is no restrictions on age as long as they are fit and healthy
  3. cjenky

    Form 80 - CO asked for Spouse as well?

    Hi, they may well not ask for it, but just in case they do I would get it completed now. Its a nightmare of a form, sooooo long and some questions may take you a little time to answer. For example they want to know all the jobs you've ever had (Inc dates) every time you have left the country in the last 10 years (Inc dates), it is quite time consuming. I was asked for form 80 and form 1221 for both myself and my husband, luckily I had already completed these so I could just upload them. It is best to be prepared I would say and just have it ready to go should they ask for it. Don't forget to complete one for your partner also if they are included on the visa application. Good luck with it all
  4. Thanks for clarifying Bob
  5. Hi, We are hoping to make the move to NSW in February 2017. We are planning on bringing our dog with us. Well he is going to be staying with my parents until we are set up and settled and then they will send him over. We are planning on getting his rabies done before we leave and my parents will do all the other vet bits prior to him leaving. As we have no firm date of him leaving the UK my question is how long is the rabies valid for? Does he have to fly 180 days later or could in come out in 12 months say? The whole flying pets things confuses me more than the visa for us did. Any help appreciated Thanks:animal-dog:
  6. cjenky

    EOI experience points

    I had the same dilemma, i too submitted a stat dec for vetassess for the same reason however for the visa application i didnt want to risk it, in the end i bit the bullet and asked the HR department for a reference, i just told them i needed it for a mortgage application. My duties were not listed on there so i also sent a copy of my job description and contract (along with the usual P60s and payslips) Hope this help
  7. cjenky

    Hello.... 190 visa question

    I second the above, i did the PTE Academic and found it pretty easy on the day and got a superior score so full 20 points. As for your original question i was invited by NSW 2 weeks after submissionof EOI back in December. I applied and was accepted 2 weeks later. Hope this helps.
  8. cjenky


    Yes,he felt around the stomach area also and looked at arms and feet,even checked between my husbands toes, i think they were looking for track marks. I guess every clinic / doctor is different but a couple of others who have used Spire in Manchester had the same experience.
  9. cjenky


    Finally after a long and rocky road, we have woke up this morning to the all important email, we are now the proud holders of a 190 visa. The best birthday present I could have hoped for. We are thrilled to bits and cannot believe our luck. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice along the way, we navigated the process ourselves without an agent and this forum has been invaluable. See you all on the other side.....
  10. cjenky

    190 processing times

    Thanks, not sure yet, were planning on a validation trip in November but other than that no concrete plans at the minute, my heads still in a whirl to think about anything. Fingers crossed you get your grant soon x
  11. cjenky

    190 processing times

    Just checked my emails and our visa has been granted!!! Woop woop, excited is an understatement. My birthday today too, best birthday present ever!! Any news on yours Pommie679?
  12. cjenky


    Sorry I forgot to add the chest xray too!!
  13. cjenky

    190 processing times

    Congratulations!! Hopefully wont be too much longer for us then? I find the waiting the most difficult part of the whole process (Well the wait for Vetassess was pretty bad too.....17 weeks) I don't know how many times a day I check my emails its that many (which is pointless as the Aussies are asleep when im checking during the day duh!!) I also hate when Fridays come around as I think damn ive got to wait the weekend now lol Hope you get your grant soon Pommie679 fingers crossed x
  14. cjenky


    Ours was at the Spire in Manchester. They were great. Our medicals entailed the following: Nurse - Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Urine test, Eye test, Blood test Doctor: Stripped to underwear, looked in mouth and ears, felt around neck area, listened to chest / back, tested reflexes That was it,no where near as scary as I was anticipating
  15. cjenky

    Happy Days - 190 granted today!!

    Congratulations! Did you apply on the 7th Feb? We submitted on the 7th Feb also but still waiting, hopefully any day now fingers crossed. Congratulations again.