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  1. Hawthorn

    Moved to WA with CPC Engineering ??

    Hi everyone, we have now been in Kalgoorlie for 3 weeks, my partner, 18 month son and I and we love it so far. It's winter now and it's cold, we have all bought dressing gowns slippers and heaters for our accommodation as it doesn't have heating and it can get cold in the eveinings. So if anyone is coming in the winter don't forget to pack warm clothes. Shops shut around 5 through the week with late night Thursday and all the shops are shut on a Sunday which is nice. everyone seems to spend Saturday's and Sunday's with their family's or playing sport. If you'd have any questions just ask and I'll try to answer them, only thing I'm unsure of at the mo is utility bills but moving into our own place next week so will soon find out. Just for the people with small children, they don't do pampers here only Huggies which we don't find to be very good, sudacrem is also expensive we are having a friend bring us some from UK and they don't have calpol but they do have other brands. Baby wipes are a little pricey too so bring some extra if you can. x
  2. Hawthorn

    Moved to WA with CPC Engineering ??

    Hey, I can't imagine the town being as bad as people say, yes it's a mining town but can't imagine workers wanting to do the same things a family would and vice versa. Im not booking a seat for my little one but I am flying with Emirates and I have booked a bassinet so we can put him down as he is a wriggler. If your going out with children who are of school age and are on a 457 visa you pay a contribution towards education if your children are going to attend a state funded school, it starts/started this year, and I think it's $4000 first child $2000 each for additional children per year so stresstmum if you don't know about this it will be costly for you with 3 boys but I'd look into it properly. ##### actually just read they may be changing this again so might not affect us they did want my partner out there as soon as possible but we were going to take our cats and there vaccinations take 6months which is why we booked our ticket for June although we have needed this time as we have sold everything and needed a bit extra time to save money.
  3. Hawthorn

    Moved to WA with CPC Engineering ??

    We had the interview back in Nov they wanted my partner to start as soon as possible but due to things back home ie selling house/cars and saving cash we decided to do it in June. We also have a small child he is 16 months now we thought it would be better to go out in Ozzy winter hoping that will help us adjust easier. We applied and paid for our visa on May 1st and it was granted on 19 th May so it didn't take long at all. ?
  4. Hawthorn

    Moved to WA with CPC Engineering ??

    Hey, what happened with the interview? my partner had an interview with them and we are moving out in 5 weeks. I haven't been able to find out a whole lot about the town myself.
  5. Hawthorn

    Making that heart wrenching decision :(

    We are emigrating to WA in June and our cats have been our biggest worry/argument. My partner wants to leave them but I want to take them and I have been quoted around £5000 and that doesn't include all the vet charges over here. I don't know anyone who would take them and the thought of leaving them with a stranger or in a rescue centre is unbearable. I got all their jabs which were £400 just in case I could take them. We are moving in 5 weeks and I still don't know what is happening!!!
  6. Hawthorn


    My partner really wants to move to aus and thinks it will be a better quality of life but i feel like its only the weather which would be different for me, but im just going to go with it, whats the worst that can happen.. that i move back. nothing ventured nothing gained.