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  1. torface

    Tax on savings moved to the UK?

    Thanks all for your help!
  2. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but all i seem to find is details of people transferring money to Aus and not the other way around. I just moved back to the UK after 4 years in Aus (on a WHV then 457). I managed to save a substantial amount of money (from wages so have already paid Australian tax on it) which I now want to transfer back to the UK as I have no intentions of going back to Aus. I was just wondering if I would be liable to pay UK tax on the money if I transfer it back? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. torface

    how long did you last in oz before moving back

    I have been here since November 2009 and I will be heading back in about 6 weeks. So that's almost 4 years. Cant tell you if i regret it or not yet, but i am looking forward to it. After being made redundant, im moving back for the same reason as you want to: "would rather be skint back in uk with family than be skint here no family"!
  4. torface

    What rights do i have?

    Wow, I wish my company were as nice as your mates' companies, VERYSTORMY and fourcorners! Although to be fair, mine could have been a lot worse and my payout was a lot more than i expected. And yes, i understand that saying i was "forced" to take voluntary redundancy doesn't really make sense. but it's a long story. I think "pressurised" is probably a better word. Anyway, i have received an email from HR reinforcing what they had previously said. They will be paying for the flight and have let me know how to proceed on booking so all is good
  5. torface

    What rights do i have?

    There was a time limit though. I had about 24 hours. I asked HR if it would affect my getting a flight if i needed it and they replied and said that I would still get a flight if it was required and within a reasonable timeframe. However, as stated before, this email was sent to my work email, which they locked me out of without warning before i could get any of the things i needed. Anyway, what's done is done. I have paperwork saying that my position was no longer required and that my employment is terminated. I believe that i am still entitled to a flight and i will fight for it. It is the companies fault that i am leaving the country and they should pay for my transport home.
  6. torface

    What rights do i have?

    The immigration website does not say anything about the method of dismissal in relation to paying the flights. I quote for the immigration website under "Sponsor Obligations": As a sponsor you must: [h=3]Pay travel costs to enable sponsored people to leave Australia[/h]You must pay reasonable and necessary costs to enable the sponsored person and their sponsored family members to leave Australia. They must ask you in writing for you to pay the costs. We can also make a written request on their behalf. The costs will be considered reasonable and necessary if they include all of the following: travel from the sponsored visa holder's usual place of residence in Australia to their place of departure from Australia travel from Australia to the country (for which the sponsored visa holder holds a passport) and intends to travel to economy class air travel or the equivalent of economy class air travel. Travel costs must be paid within 30 days of receiving the request. This obligation starts on the day: the visa is granted (if the sponsored person did not already hold a visa when your nomination of them was approved), or your nomination is approved (if the person already held a visa in this subclass when your nomination was approved). This obligation ends on the day (whichever is the earliest): another sponsor has their nomination application for the sponsored person approved the person you sponsored is granted another visa other than a subclass 457 visa, a bridging visa, a criminal justice visa, or an enforcement visa the person you sponsored has left Australia and their visa (and any subsequent bridging visa) is no longer valid. Now correct me if i'm wrong, but nowhere there does it say anything about the method of termination of employment being a factor on whether or not they have to pay for the flght....I sent an email to HR this morning stating that i would be requiring the flight and asking whether i should book myself or if they would prefer to book it. No response so far, but if the HR people are offsite they may not have received the email. As suggested, I will send a letter by registered mail tomorrow. Not really sure who i should be addressing it to though? HR? My boss? The girls that book the travel? As for my personal effects, the majority of them have already been shipped at the companies expense and i am waiting for them to arrive any day now.
  7. torface

    What rights do i have?

    I did have it in writing, but it was in my work email, which they cancelled before I had chance to get everything I needed I will contact them tomorrow and see what they say.
  8. torface

    What rights do i have?

    Besides, HR told me that I would still get a flight as per the requirement of the visa.
  9. torface

    What rights do i have?

    But how can I have agreed when they told me there wasnt a position for me? There was no option to stay! The company was offering voluntary redundancies to all the employees at the time and told myself and my team members to take it.
  10. torface

    What rights do i have?

    Thank you all for your replies. I was wondering how i go about requesting my flight home from my employer. Will an email suffice? Is it possible to buy my own flight then send the bill to the company? My partner is coming with me and i want to make sure we are on the same flight.
  11. torface

    Rabies jab by AQIS vet?

    Please disregard this post, i have located a AQIS vet nearby!
  12. torface

    What rights do i have?

    Its an awful situation they have put me in. Unfortunately i do not have access to my contact as it is in my room at work (in the mines) and they told me i no longer had a job while i was offsite They basically forced me to to take voluntary redundancy so i hope i can still at least get a flight. Thanks for your help.
  13. torface

    Rabies jab by AQIS vet?

    Hi all, Thinking about taking my cats from Aus back to the UK. Just wondering if the rabies vaccination has to be given by an AQIS vet? Or can any vet do it? Thanks
  14. torface

    What rights do i have?

    Hi all, I was made redundant from my job this week. Due to the current economic situation, im doubtful I will find another employer to sponsor me in my chosen occupation so I am contemplating a move back to the UK. I was wondering if anyone can help clarify to me what i am entitled to from my employer with regards to moving back? I know i am entitled to a flight, but is there a time frame on when the employer has to provide the flight? Does the employer have to pay to relocate my possessions to the UK? Would the employer be responsible for paying for me to break my lease since it's their fault i have to leave? Also, does anyone know if it is possible to leave the country and be let back in again when on the 90 days you have to find work after redundancy? Many thanks for your help!
  15. torface

    Supervising learner drivers

    Thanks for your help everyone. I spoke to the department of transport and you are allowed to supervise learner drivers on a foreign license providing its the equivalent of a QLD class c open license and you have held it for one year.