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    Australian citizen no passport

    Hi all, New here and searching madly for some advice! I am Australian, my partner is British and we are leaving to emigrate to Australia on thursday! We have a 2 year old son who is british although has a certificate of Australian citizenship by descent. Was planning to get him an Australian passport when we got to Oz as we live a long way from London so was trying to avoid the trip up there! I rang the embassy today to sort out his visa and was told that he couldn't enter on his british passport and they wouldn't issue him a visa as he is an Australian citizen. He needs to get an Australian passport before thursday! Passport office was closed at this point and she advised phoning at 9am tomorrow. I am a good 5 hours away, so wouldn't get there until Wednesday - the day before we fly!!!! (its only open 9-12). Does anyone know if we can sort this out at all? Is it worth risking trying to get him there with his UK passport and Australian certificate of citizenship? I read online that it causes long delays and the airline may refuse to carry him. To make things harder, I am flying to Sydney and he is travelling with my partner to Perth so I won't be there when they land to help sort it out and prove his rights to citizenship. Or do I just turn up at the passport office at 9am tomorrow and beg?! Any suggestions, Thanks!