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  1. What a coincidence! what area of nursing are you in? Getting on really well, love being in Australia and the jobs going really well too. Do you think you'll stay at the Gold Coast? X
  2. Hi Steph, thanks for your message. How are you finding Surfers? What brought you to Oz? loving Brisbane, I'm working as a nurse in the city at the mo full time which is going well. Do you work down at the Gold Coast too?
  3. Hey, my partner (26) and I (25) moved to Brisbane on permanent visas end of last year. Hoping to meet some new people in and around Brisbane area. Let me know if you'd like to arrange a catch up. Dani
  4. dani5

    Who's moving where in QLD and when?

    Myself & partner (24 & 25) arriving in Brisbane on the 1st October! x
  5. Our stuff is shipped in 3 weeks and i was just wondering if in hindsight anyone would have taken other things with them? We are mainly shipping boxes, not much furniture. Any advice appreciated
  6. dani5

    What am I doing!!!!!!

    It took 4 months from lodging our application to being granted our 189 visa. have you had your medicals and police checks? We hadn't done those when we lodged our application so that put ours back a bit too! Once the CO is allocated, it seems to be a pretty quick process although i have heard its taking a little longer now.. its a shame to hold back when you have a potential buyer..
  7. dani5

    1 Year In!

    Thanks for the post.. really interesting for people like us who are making the move to QLD in September!
  8. So excited.. our visa has been granted today!! such a strange feeling to think after all the worries, paperwork and constant online checking, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived.. so now to book the flights!! Just want to thank everyone on PIO who have helped us through this difficult, stressful process.. you're all fantastic! and i'm sure there will be many more posts to come Dani x
  9. dani5

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    hi everyone.. we lodged our 189 on 23.10.12, CO requested medicals and police checks on 15.11.12.. had our medicals on the 3.01.13 and the hospital struggled to upload our documents but that was all cleared last week so now just waiting for the visa!! hopefully it wont be too long.. its amazing how impatient i have been the last week considering we started this whole process over 18 months ago.. hope all is going well for everyone else!
  10. dani5

    Checking Results of Medicals

    I had exactly the same question last week.. i thought they may have been somewhere else to check them but appears not. we still havent had any updates either. when did you have your medicals?
  11. dani5

    checking medicals status

    can anyone tell me if there is a different website to check your medicals status? I was under the impression that our document status on evisa would just change from requested to received but we had them done nearly 3 weeks ago and nothing is on there so not sure I'm checking in the right place?! I've spoken to the hospital and they have been uploaded? I would appreciate any comments .. thank you!
  12. dani5

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    i have now received a examination referral letter on evisa saying that i require a 503 - chest x-ray film examination anyone else had this?
  13. dani5

    medical referral

    Thank you KazG, that is good to know.. hopefully mine is the same! unfortunately i now can't speak to anyone until Monday!
  14. dani5

    medical referral

    Not sure if anyone can help me. We had our medicals on the 3rd January and apparently the Doctor who completed them was having issues with the website so they were only downloaded today. I have just logged onto evisa and under the 'organise your health examination' there is a letter saying 'Examination referral letter' for 503 - chest x-ray film examination.. anyone else had this and can shed any light as im worried now thank you, Dani
  15. Forgive me if there is already a thread going for this but thought it would be useful to keep track of everyone who has lodged their 189 visa.. i know there are plenty of 190 visa threads.. we have just lodged our visa and would love to see where everyone else is with theirs :biggrin: