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  1. Rubbidydub

    1 Year In!

    If anyone is confused about the change in my username from Noosarites to rubbidydub I will explain. we used to be members a long time ago and during our first year we have been busy and have not come on here. I couldn't rmember our original username so I made a new member up. After a good sleep it all came back to me and the kind admin team have merged my membership and I've kept my original username. Confused? Hope not!
  2. Rubbidydub

    1 Year In!

    Hi The 1700 is a joint wage after tax. We do receive an income from the Uk but that is kept in the uk for a rainy day and after uk tax there's not much left. We have to declare this income and we do not receive any money from centre link as we earn too much. We do however have to pay out child care for two girls during school holidays and that comes to $240 per week for 2 kids 2 days a week. so to answer your question the 1700 is what we take home no more no less we are however elf sufficient in Oz.
  3. Rubbidydub

    1 Year In!

    Thanks for your replies so money to start off with...... We didn't take a lot to start with in the grand scheme of things and most of our money is tied up in property back in the UK so we were living on a budget. One thing you have to remember is until you are earning and spending oz dollars things are massively expensive with the exchange rate. heres a break down of what we paid out before we were earning dollars and what you may need. car rental for a week $500 holiday accommodation for a month $2000 bond and 2 weeks rent up front for perm rental $3000 used car $6000 kids school uniform and books $400 first food shop $400 safety net money $2000 then there's always bits and pieces to pay for driving license mobile phones etc they charge for everything. People have done it cheaper others have spent more but these are the things we had to pay out for before we were earning dollars. Both my wife and I also went out without jobs lined up. Its scary not knowing if your find work however if your prepared to get off your arse and take rejection on the chin something will come up, it might not be what you want initially (we r both on our 3rd jobs ) but it will always lead to something. all in all we took $17k with us and survived its not ideal going over on a budget but that's all we had and it was that or nothing. It had to work! We opened NAB bank accounts and they gave us a credit card so that's a safety net but in a year we r still yet to use it. We don't save much as we don't have much left to save! But we are living! Hope this helps and if you need anymore info without the crap and bull that goes with it just ask......ill tell it how it is from rainy QLD and from our families point of view. oh one other thing bring winter clothes even in QLD in June it was cold last year down to 3 degs in the evening and I kid you not one morning I had a thin layer of ice on my windscreen!
  4. Rubbidydub

    1 Year In!

    Hi we are new to this site but have been in oz a year now and I'd like to share my 1st year with you all, not in detail but to give you all that are about to or thinking of moving to Oz an insight to what it's like from our point of view. Im married to my wife and have to girls 11 and 6 and we live in Noosa Heads QLD Im in hospitality and so is my wife and we found work pretty quick when we arrived. our combined income is take home $1700 pw We are no better off finically here than we were in the uk We both earn double what we did in the Uk but most things cost twice as much We rent a 4 bed 2 bath with pool in Noosa Heads for $500pw food shops cost $250pw phoneand Internet is $25 pw electric is $30 pw cars x2 petrol $60 pw rego $25 pw insurances $20 pw Foxtel $25pw booze $50 pw Mobile phones $15 pw pool chemicals $10pw Leisure and child costs $300 pw so you see it mounts up without too much trouble! We have very little left after each week and there is always something to pay for out of the expected.....car trouble etc etc So don't come here thinking its cheap or because your earning double what you will back in the Uk it you will be better off......you won't. However we are happier than we have ever been. We love the weather it's never too hot! We do so much more outside. Our kids do so much more than they did in the uk. We don't watch half as much tv and our girls do more hobbies and active things. The first 6 months were pretty crap we missed people not the uk but people family friends we had to move our kids out of the first school due to bullying but they are now settled and happy we just hope it hasn't scared them first time round. They have little Aussie accents too! The good days out do the bad days the longer your here....it's hard making new friends and starting a social network again but a year down the line our friends are growing. I used to be money orientated and had my own business, drove brand new cars always wanted the latest gadgets and bought them. i now work for someone drive a car 12 years old with 200k on the clock and couldn't give a shite about the latest gadget.....it doesn't matter anymore, can't explain it it just doesn't........maybe because there is not so much of a class system here? Do I miss the Uk? Yes at times I miss some stuff but not enough to make me move back do my friends from the uk keep in touch ........yes they do but not as much. Creepy crawlies.......there's loads but I've only seen a few, once you've seen a massive spider all the rest are small and after a year you stop worrying about them.....so my wife says All those waiting.........don't do the sums and think you can't afford to make the move adjust and start again with a different outlook......your in a different country, adapt and you will be fine. Best of luck too everyone.....it might not be for everyone but you must give it a go. For us it changed our view on life and what was important. Enjoy
  5. Rubbidydub

    Toooo Easy?

    I was just making a comment mate that's all about the strange sayings that they he here........I'm fully aware I'm in a different country hence the thread as to why they say these things......it's a bit like asking " why do people have to be sarcastic and some what degrading to others on forums when they just ask a question" Nice fish
  6. Rubbidydub


    Hi Just thought I'd give you guys some feedback on PSS we used them for shipping our stuff from Cumbria to the Sunshine Coast. Absolutely brilliant would def recommend them it took 12 weeks from door to door and the company they use in Oz to complete the move were also top notch. corresepondence with both companies were excellent. I had quotes from 7 of the major players and PSS and one other said I would only need a 20ft container all the others quoted for a 40ft or groupage. PSS got everything in the 20ft container with room to spare they were ace! The guys this side unloaded and unpacked within half a day and the only breakage we had was a champagne glass. cant go enough to recommend these guys they were very competitive and with there free 25kg air freight package really helped when we had already validated and couldn't get the migrants baggage allowance. be warned guys.......the most expensive are not always the best and the cheapest doesn't mean there the worst!
  7. Rubbidydub

    Toooo Easy?

    A saying I've heard too many times in the last 8 weeks of being here! "too Easy" they say but the matter of fact is its not too easy after all when your trying to get get broadband from a telecommunication company. Why do they say this? When quite clearly they don't deliver? and another thing they say in sentence "yeah......no" Whats that all about? You say something to someone about a fact or a comment on something and you get a response of "yeah....no" Do you agree or don't you? I don't get it.
  8. Rubbidydub

    Rant about this stupid Country.

    That's reason 3 for me leaving.........outrageous and unbelievable.......I also understand that an Illegal immigrant also gets paid more than a British soldier serving in Afghanistan? Re dic you lass
  9. Hi We both went out with no jobs and have found work after a couple of weeks. However be prepared to apply for lots but hear nothing back not even an acknowledgment. One thing I keep hearing out here is Aussies like persistence, so if you've applied but not heard anything get on the phone and chase them up! Good luck!
  10. Its just aerosols the shoppers don't like we packed a big box of shampoos etc etc and there were aerosols in the box too but they told us after they sealed the box we packed. It was cleared by customers last week and we have delivery of our goods tomorrow ! 12 weeks to the date!
  11. :wubclub: Hi I'm looking for some mates! We live in the Noosa area, family of four, two daughters aged 5 & 10. We've been here 6 wks & everything has fallen into place with work, house & school etc. our container still hasn't arrived but hopefully will be here mid April so our homes pretty empty!! Im looking for other mums or people feeling a bit lonely or can remember how you felt after six wks. Our girls are really struggling without their things which is tough & my oh is working split shifts at the moment so im alone in the evenings. I work through the week so I'm occupied then & know once our things come it'll be better. weve met a few people through work but no 'friends' have been made as yet :-( Would love to hear from anyone feeling or who's felt similar! Laura
  12. Rubbidydub

    Is this an abuse of working hours in Oz?

    Try being a chef! This sort of hours was what it was like in the uk.....oz is no different!
  13. Rubbidydub

    Chef wanted noosa Qld

    Hi I know of a restaurant on Gympie Terrace in noosaville Qld who are looking for a head chef they can sponsor and will start you on $60k salary beautiful place on the river message me if you want any further info Thanks Marcus
  14. Rubbidydub

    Chef.......sponsor......how? Who?

    Hi Jen No prob keep plugging away!
  15. Rubbidydub

    Chef.......sponsor......how? Who?

    Hows your hubbies Italian skills? I know this guy is having troubles filling his head chef vacancy may be worth an email menu doesn't look too taxing either! http://www.bellav.com.au the job is advertised through Frontline Hospitality it may be worth contacting them as they are an employment agency specialising in hospitality....try the mining sites too it may be away in albeit hard hours and not good on family life! How much does hubby need to survive out here? Most jobs for head chefs on the east side are around 60 - 70k If I find anything else or hear of anything I'll let you know no problem at all Good luck Marcus