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  1. Bobner

    489 Family Sponsor progress

    I lost points on age and degree not being in given profession (Japanese!) So my overall scores were 10 short - luckily my cousin is married and citizen, so I could go Family Sponsored and scrape another 10 points..!! So now the scores on the door are.. 15 for age 15 for qualifications 20 for English 10 sponsored by a relative
  2. Bobner

    489 Family Sponsor progress

    Hi all, Thought I would post my progress timeline as it may help some of you in the same way that reading everyone's threads has helped me. I am using Go-Matilda as my migration Agent. I am applying for a 489 Family Sponsored Visa. Due to my Degree not being in IT, I had to do a Key Area of Knowledge submission and have my work history assessed by the Australian Computer Society. I also needed 20 points from IELTS (= 8/9 on each test). I will update as we go on... 28/02/15 - IELTS General (9,9,8.5,7.5) Fail 14/07/15 - ACS Skills assessment submitted 17/07/15 - ACS Skills assessment received (Successful) 01/08/15 - IELTS GENERAL (9,9,9,8.5) Pass 02/09/15 - EOI Submitted
  3. Hey Sustain... ..Your website the links appeared null for me - I tried in 3 browsers over 2 platforms!...(Unless you disabled it due to high volumes of 'would-be' Pommy PMs!! ....so I messaged you - please check your inbox. Regards.
  4. Hi there... I'm currently on an HSBC global project... (Prince2, ITIL, CCNA, MCITP, MCSA) +Data Centre migration experience... It sounds interesting and I'd like to know more..... I will PM you..
  5. Bobner

    The IT field Thread

    Hi all..... I'm an IT Professional 15 yrs.. Senior support background... CCNA Security, MCSA, MCITP... Blah blah...... Moved into Project Management, IT Project Delivery (Prince2, ITIL) in Major banks..... (BNYM, HSBC)..... And reading this thread is very insightful.... But you know what I really need..... Is a couple of IT / Technology focused Agencies that target Sponsorship roles... And that is the hardest part...!.. In all of your digging and research... Can anyone point me in the right direction..... Help me separate the 'wheat from the chaff'..?? ... Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks alot guys.... .... you have helped a newb 'tick off' some initial nagging questions and doubts..... with that cleared up I can start to have a serious look through the Forums and get a feel for what lies ahead... :smile: kind regards xx
  7. Thanks for the replies.... all good to hear... my only doubt is that, while I was considering the straight forward Skill migration.... and agent that gave me a call back suggested the best way is the 457 route! This would require an employer at the other end - something else that I would need to track down myself In guess. I dont mind paying an agent to secure a better life and new start for my family - but is £2000 the norm, or is this a bit steep? Can anyone who has used an agent give me a fair idea of the 'average - ball park' fee ? many thanks in advance ..On ya'z..
  8. G'day Dingos..... New to the forum and found it trawling the web looking for helpful info and sites.... we are planning to emmigrate to Oz.... one way or another..... and there are many options and many visa routes..... ...obviously I have come accross the many 'Visa Agents' out there that have "100%" success rates etc in getting people over there etc....all for a hefty fee £$£..!! So my question is.... "Is it worth paying these guys to ensure a near 100% chance of getting over successfully.... ... or are they a complete Rip"? I score 85 on the Skilled Migration test, my career is on the list! I am under 45... my cousin is married an Ozzie and lives in Oz.... Do I go for the applicaiton myself or pay these guys £2000?? (Is that the going rate, 'cause it's what they charge!!) Thanks in advance Bob