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  1. I cannot find the section where it says for non-residents. For Spain, it only has a residents section and says you have to hand it in in person. Does this mean I would need to travel to spain as it is not available for non-residents now?
  2. [it is the Partner Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100) i am wishing to apply for] Some information so you know where i am coming from: I am british and my gf is Australian. I lived in Australia for one year on a working holiday visa. Towards the end of my year in australia we were going to apply for the Onshore De Facto visa so I could stay in the country (and my job), but as time was running out and I was getting different answers every time i rang the immigration department about having a complete application, we decided it was safer to leave on the day my visa ran out and make our way to the UK to apply there. We have been travelling through Asia since then and now we are about to head back to the UK. The plan is to apply at the immigration office when we get back to the UK. We have all the required documents (statutory declarations etc) the only thing we won't have is police clearance from Spain (as I lived in Spain for over a year in the last five years so this is required) I have read through the application form and the document checklist but my question is.. Is it possible to apply as soon as I arrive in London and then give the police clearance documents once we have been to Spain to collect them? It could be a month or two later. We really want to get back to Australia asap, but don't want to risk applying and then being declined for something like one missing document. PS the reason we are going to Spain for the police clearance is that it is 400euros more expensive to organise a lawyer to obtain it on my behalf. I must go to Madrid to collect. Thank you anybody that can advise.
  3. liudic

    417 working holiday tax

    hey, i have searched the forum as I am aware this question may have been asked a few times but i couldnt find anybody with the same situation as me. I have been working in Australia for 6 months. Now I have to leave my job as that is the maximum I can stay within one company. The whole time I was working I was paying 15% tax. I was only on an income of 42k so Im guessing this is why it is so low. When i first got the job i was told to tick "I am a resident for tax purposes" as I was intending on working here for between 6 months and a year. But recently somebody has told me to fill out a tax return when the time comes. Surely i am not entitled to more money as my tax was so low to start with? Would it be because i only worked 6 months and the tax is divided on the assumption that i will complete a full year? I know I receive my superannuation back when i leave, I cant see how I would benefit by filling a tax return. I am actually considering applying for the spouse visa as me and my girlfriend have been together for a few years now and some extra tax back would be great for going towards that 3k fee they charge for such a visa. I am also aware how difficult this spouse visa is to get also, another option is to wait a few more years so it is easier to prove the relationship but thats another story.. anybody who could let me know more about if you think i need to file a tax return or not would be helping alot, thanks! :biggrin: ps i was born in the UK, if it changes anything.
  4. liudic

    WHV to permanent..?

    Thanks guys for the info. I had a feeling it was going to be the large cost, i was just hoping WHV was classed as temporary as its just for a year. Ive been here one month now. She has been here a few months now but she has australian passport anyway. It was so easy for her to get into the UK, didnt realise it would be so difficult the other way. One more question i have. If i did pay the 3000 and got the temporary passport would i need to stay in Australia for them two years?
  5. liudic

    WHV to permanent..?

    I have looked this up but cant get my head around which category i am in. Heres the page with the fee's listed. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/partner.htm At the moment i am on a WHV and am for the next 11 months. I have an australian girlfriend, we are now living together but have been together for 2 years. Im realising very quickly that alot of the jobs I have the most experience in will only except people on permanent residency. So I can either get some bottom end job that excepts WHV people or I was thinking to just try and pay for the defacto visa straight away and get myself permanent if possible sooner than later.. As I am already in the country and have WHV does that mean im the $345 category? Or $2960?? Thanks.. Or is there another way of doing this im not aware of? Help appreciated thanks!!! :cute:
  6. liudic

    Timing issues..

    First of all, hello!! Just discovered this forum. I am moving to Sydney in about eight weeks time. The flight is booked from London, I did my working visa (the holiday working visa that is 12 months then i have to leave) all online. Within one day I received the ok i had an email giving me my Visa details. The problem is for me, everything seems to be a little bit too smooth. I was expecting to have to show documents, there is talk about people proving they have enough money saved up to be able to fly back, etc etc. All I did was tick "No" when they asked about criminal convictions, and "No" I wont commit crime when Im in Australia, "No" I dont have certain diseases etc etc. I usually wouldnt be so worried but my flight is to Syndey, then after only a few hours I carry on up to Cairns through the same airline. Im worried they will ask me for my documents, and proof of certain things when i land in sydney and it will take so long that i will not be able to transfer. If so i guess I should be trying to send things now to quicken the airport transfer up. Is it usually this easy to get visas? I do have an email saying i have been granted 12 months from when I arrive blah blah, but i NEVER told anybody WHEN I was arriving? Anyway thanks anybody who can shed some light.. I hope Im just paranoid and the days of long winded interviews and document photocopying are a thing of the past and it is just all automatic now! i doubt it but I would be pretty happy!