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  1. Hi all, bit of a long-shot. I'm an ICU nurse but for the last few years have worked as a clinical specialist for a medical device company (specifically therapeutic surfaces, beds, cots and lots of pressure ulcer prevention education as I've also done my post reg studies in tissue viability). I have AHPRA (previously worked in ICU in Sydney), and have just activated my 189 PR visa.. Does anyone one have any recommendations for a recruiter who would specialise in this type of role for the Perth areas? Thanks.
  2. TrishP

    Memory Lane

    First to see the tower buys the rock! (rock was substituted for beer at a later date). Kiss me quick hats, sunburn (or was it windburn), donkey rides, the 'luminations', that laughing king near the funhouse, the best ghost train in the world (still), those sugar dummies that were impossible to finish - come to think of it I don't ever remember finishing a stick of rock either - it was either a gooey mess or full of fluff. I also had a wee bbq last night - and burgers and snags I didn't cook last night for brekkie this morning. proper sausages - Debbie & Andrew's (they'll be furious when they get home and find I've scoffed their 97% harrogate beauties!) :laugh:
  3. TrishP

    The new 'I am currently' thread

    I'm supposed to writing an OU assignment for submission in a few days time (it's not going well and what I've written is total tosh), whilst the telly is on mute (olympics), reading PIO (anything to avoid work), sending a new EOI to Queensland Health as for some bizarre reason I didn't complete the last one I thought I'd done, oh and I've just shouted 'are you brewing up' to the boyf and I can now hear the kettle on the boil... Happy (last) Olympic Sunday everyone :-)
  4. TrishP

    Official nurses thread!

    lol, well now I did! Thanks very much!! (where did you find it???)
  5. TrishP

    Official nurses thread!

    Thanks Freesia, I can't open anything from that link - but I had already read a PDF on their website which told me about the verification of good standing, but not how I went about requesting one...
  6. Where was this solicitor that certified your docs for £30? I need some docs certifying....when I had them done last time I was able to use a solicitor I'd used for a house sale, and cos he'd made his money from me for that, he certified my docs for free. Not sure if 3 years down the line he'd be willing to do it again, and I know they'd probably charge a fortune.
  7. TrishP

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi, I know this has probably already been asked/discussed (but searches are yielding thousands of posts) - I need the AHPRA to send a verification of good standing to the ANMC. I know there is a $50 fee for this service, but I can't for the life of me find where you request it on their website. I have emailed them via the web, but don't expect a prompt reply. Does anyone know where this elusive request form may be hiding? Thanks, Trish
  8. TrishP

    Anmac approval

    Thanks melanie79 - I already have AHPRA registration, so it looks like the modified assessment is all I need :-)
  9. TrishP

    Anmac approval

    I know this has probably already been asked (but I'm not seeing a post) - what's the difference (apart from $500) between the modified and full anmac assessments?
  10. TrishP

    Shiiping companies back to u.k

    I used Australian Vanlines for sending a few boxes and my bike back to the UK....they were really helpful and I negotiated a better price with them after getting a few quotes - basically I got them down cheaper than they originally quoted. A few things were damaged that had made it to Oz in one piece, but nothing I couldn't sort out or worry about...Happy Packing!!
  11. when I sent stuff over to Oz (and then back again to the UK) the list was quite brief, but for each item I had to assign a value (for customs and insurance purposes), but it was a case of putting things like 5 x hardback books, value £100 (oh and don't forget to say everything is over a year old if thats the case as they can potentially charge import duties on new goods), bed linen value £100, clothing/coats value £200 etc etc. I also made sure that I put all shoes near to the top of the containers, had them scrubbed/re-heeled before packing too. I sent 10 large boxes to Oz, had to pay for them to be inspected (always a mistake going to pick them up on a quiet mid-week day), and they opened up just three boxes, and it was the shoes he was interested in...although when he saw they were ladies dressy shoes he just asked if all my shoes were similar (to which I said yes) and he gave up then. That little charade cost me over $100... enjoy your packing! I promise you, when you get your boxes at the other end, it feels like Christmas as you marvel over your stuff (then immediately wonder why on earth you bothered sending it over lol) x
  12. TrishP

    moving to sydney for 5 months!

    I know the backpacking hostels generally have noticeboards with casual/short-term vacancies...and as the barry79 says, going into a bar with your smile and your CV will also bring results. If you are prepared to work, for minimum wage, you'll get sorted! x
  13. I went on my own having never been near the place before - and yes, it's scary, but a great adventure, and challenging yourself, taking yourself out of your comfort zone makes you grow :-)
  14. TrishP

    Victoria or Queensland??

    Hi Dave (and sorry to the OP for hijacking the thread) but just wondered how the job was going, and what you think of it down there in Victoria...what made you decide to go there? I'm an ICU nurse and am considering returning to Oz, specifically Melbourne (hence my questions)
  15. TrishP

    Arrived safely back in Old Blighty

    Glad you got back safe and sound davethebear, and it sounds like you're having an absolute blast! Good on ya!! I've been back from oz almost a year, and pine to get back there - however, last week I had to go to south devon to work, so stayed over the weekend (camping lol) and I have to say I was blown away by how totally gorgeous it was down there. I haven't done the SW for 15 years, and the traffic/journey to and from there always put me off. But now I'm converted, and have to say Dartmouth and similar places made me proud to be a Brit!! However, fickle as I am, back up north now and wondering what on earth has happened to our summer....oh and craving a tasty pasty, beer, and cream tea! Welcome back davethebear - hope you keep feeling the same as you do right now :-)