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  1. Hi Ben, I sorted my daughter on a child visa in the UK before leaving. From memory they processed it very fast. It was a bit time consuming, sorting a passport etc first but I don’t recall any big delay in the process, I think I did it all within 6 months.
  2. Great thanks! I wasn't sure if they still gave out temp cards/numbers.....i searched PIO and old threads had suggested maybe not.
  3. Fetal consultants deal with multiple births and late pregnancy complications, I need one of those (v's a regular obstetrician) but I'm expecting to need to see a GP first for a referral. I'm just not sure I can get a referral until I'm fully registered for medicare, I thought someone here may have needed specialist treatment before their card came through or that wasn't available privately.
  4. Sorry I'm not sure if i worded my OP badly but I'm not expecting to just 'waltz in and expect it all for free'. I've found myself needing urgent care at an already stressful time and just want to understand how to access the healthcare system reasonably efficiently so as not to add to any delays.....I'm more than happy to pay tbh, I just don't know how that works either for a specialist centre that operates in a public hospital.
  5. We are currently on our stopover, we arrive on Friday. I pretty much need to see a fetal consultant asap (within days ideally) on arrival. How best do I sort this? I've found the local medicare office on the webby (it's not clear which ones i can register at, is it all of them??) and I'm about to email a local GP to see if they have walk-in appointments or if they'll let me book one now for the day we land. Will it be a problem I haven't registered for Medicare? Do you always get a temp card/ number? How do I ask for a hospital referral, just to the hospital or do I need to request the consultant specifically? If medicare fails me how does the private system work, I believe fetal medicine is only public offered as there's very few units (I'm looking in brisbane) I think i'd be deemed as urgent but not emergency so I don't really feel comfortable just walking into A&E as this is neitehr accident nor emergency. TIA
  6. Thanks Bob but it's sydney we'd be flying to and the schedules show A380 flights. I know we may not end up on the same flight, but i'd like to book our human flights to give us the possiblity to - really because i'd like to drop our doggy at cargo myself i suppose
  7. I'd like to book our (people) flights now and if possible relate it so our dog will then book onto the same one. Our preferred airline is sing air......I looked on their website and pets can't travel on the A380-800, but most of their flights are this! Anyone know what SQ flight numbers / times pets are allowed?
  8. Thanks Bob, I'm just online doing the app now. My vets has completed the declaration, but i was just having doubts. The RNATT is Idexx but the sample was tested by biopest laboratories......so is it correct the address of the 'government approved lab' on the form is Biopests (EH26 0PY) not the idexx ref labs address?
  9. Can any UK OV sign the RNATT declaration? We don't have dates sorted to book the pet mover yet, but I want to apply for the import permit since it's valid for 6 months and have it in hand.
  10. Thanks for such a fast reply. I had hoped the intro of isofix might help but clearly not. I take it the same is true in reverse, an aussie capsule isn't legal for use in the UK? I think I will just have to accept we're not going to get much use from a uk carrier before moving, but will hopefully time it so age/height wise the new aussie purchase lasts a good few months.
  11. I'm confused by this, specifically if the likely intro of isofix will help me in anyway? I've not yet bought a UK car seat for a newborn, but will be moving to aus next year. I was looking at a maxi cosi cabriofix. Is there anything I can buy that will help the move legally and save me buying two car seats.....or do i have to bu a uk one, then buy an aus one or arrival?
  12. basil

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    Re the delay : I read that they're not meant to cap or queue child visas, but they are queueing them by the sound of it - the lady at Australia house told me that currently they are allocated so many child visas annually by DIAC in Aus and UK demand outstrips that allocation. So sometimes applicants are 'stalled' to pace everyone out to the new issue year in July. It is frustrating when you know it's all basically been seen and approved by your CO.
  13. basil

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    We're heading brisbane way too, though it's all still some way off for us (got to give birth first!!!) 10 days is brilliant for a CO, at least then I'll have someone to communicate with. Got to say £95 is brill too for the medical (our own healthchecks were £250+ each!) I know every case is different but I feel very reassured by your experience that it should all be possible. BTW if you don't fancy NZ for your babies visa run then vanuatu is only about a 2 1/2 flight from Brissy
  14. basil

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    Thanks Neil, that's really helpful. We are in the process of talking with consultants now, it's the border control I'm worried about really - that and visa goalposts suddenly moving. The e676 looks a good plan, I hope I get a CO that's helpful enough to contact DIAC on our behalf too - that way I won't worry too much that baby will be entering on a one-way ticket. Have you had any airline problems with baby booking 1 way visitor airline ticket? I seem to recall when we booked previously it wasn't just border control but the airlines too that were picky. Out of interest did you baby need a healthcheck? I thought they would but australia house tell me a baby under a year wouldn't....I think that might be duff info though! Good luck with your move - where are you heading in Aus?
  15. basil

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    bumpety bum. Neil - what did/are you doing? i'm going to be in a similar situation. Did the CO give you a note or anything to help settle border control? I can't decide if I should be considering baby entering as an e visitor and then apply for the onshore 802 or to go for the 101 knowing we hope to leave before it's likely to be granted (and risking the visa goalposts moving too i suppose!)