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  1. carol1988

    What to do?.....

    He isn’t keen to move back to the UK but would happily move over east. He says if we move over east then we wouldn’t be going home and that would be it.
  2. carol1988

    What to do?.....

    He’s from the UK ??
  3. carol1988

    What to do?.....

    Thank you, I’m from Scotland but would love to live in Yorkshire or somewhere semi rural. I think I watch to much of escape to the country ? and it makes me feel homesick but I’m longing for a village lifestyle and a good sense of humour.
  4. carol1988

    What to do?.....

    Hi all, Ive not posted on here in a long time. So fast forward coming up 7 years in Australia I spent the first 3 in NT on a sponsorship visa and been in WA for almost 4, now a Aussie citizen. I have my own house, a loving husband, a new baby girl and a job which is good but I feel so unsettled. I am considering returning back to the UK or heading over east. I always longed to be next to the coast and in WA and now that I’m here I feel extremely lucky but feel lost. I have always referred to the UK as home but I thought I would have settled by now. I am in my late 20’s but have never really fitted in or made close friends. When I went home 2 years ago I realised how genuine my friends at home are genuine in the way that although I hadn’t spoken with them In a long time I was able to pick up with them as if I only saw them the other day. I would quite happily pack up and leave to go back to the UK but I am scared I will regret it. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have the house or the space that I have here. Also I would be worse of financially, however I believe that money is not everything. I am wondering if anyone has made the move from WA to over east and if so have you settled? Also which state did you go? Has anyone felt this way after this time? If people have made the move back to the UK do you regret it or is it the best decision? Thanks heaps
  5. carol1988

    457 visa with labour agreement attached to RSMS 187 Visa

    Actually I have not snapped my head off twice! You have no idea who or I am how can you tell from a forum?? I was simple asking for advice, if you are accusing me off snapping then I find your comments snappy by your response! I have been advised by a migration agent to follow this transition scheme. May I ask you kindly to only offer your advice that is appropriate to my questions I have asked.
  6. carol1988

    457 visa with labour agreement attached to RSMS 187 Visa

    Ok well this is what I have been told by serveral people including migration agents and if you look on the immi website it clearly states that if you ate applying for a 187 visa through the transition scheme you have to be working for your employer for 2 years! I was not even looking for advice on when I can or can't apply so if you can not answer my questions I was actually asking I would appreciate if you didn't comment! thanks! If anyone has been in my current situation then your advice is appreciated.
  7. carol1988

    457 visa with labour agreement attached to RSMS 187 Visa

    If you read the visa criteria I have to be employed for at least 2 years before I can apply for PR due to my occupation and agreement my employer has :-)
  8. Hi all, Im Looking for a bit of advice please. I am currently on 457 visa and last week was my 2 years of being employed at my current work place and I could apply for my RSMS 187 PR visa. My application was all ready to go on Monday however at the last minute my migration agent has noticed that my 457 visa has a labour agreement attached and says she need to look at things more closely before submission. I am now worried what more information will be required and extra costs will be incurred. I have already spent a large amount on Medicals etc. I was told by my migration agent that I originally would not have to sit the IELTS test or sit a skills assessment? However reading on the government website I'm not so sure. Has anyone else ever been in this situation before? My occupation is a vet nurse. Many thanks!
  9. carol1988

    Alice Springs-should I or shouldn't I

    Hi, I have only just found this post. My partner and I have been in Alice for nearly 2 years and I agree with a lot of the above comments. I am just wondering Bev did you take the leap and come to Alice? I would say although it has been a huge culture shock for us, we do not regret coming over and know we won't be here forever so you have to make the most of it while you can.
  10. Hi, I am currently on a 457 long stay visa and this year my partner and I can apply for our permanent residency. We are going to apply for subclass 187 visa. I was wondering if anyone else has applied for this type of visa and how long are the visa processing times? I will be the main applicant but can you add your partner onto the application as long as you can provide sufficient enough evidence? Thanks
  11. carol1988

    How good is Oz TV

    Well that's your opinion, ain't it? Not that I asked for it.
  12. carol1988

    How good is Oz TV

    Have to agree it's utter crap, we recently installed Austar and get the UK soaps although they are behind but better than nothing. Get a dvd player asap!
  13. carol1988

    Alice springs

    Hi, My partner and I moved here 10 weeks ago. I don't know much about childcare however if you look at www.realestate.com.au and type in Alice Springs, you should see the rental rates. It is quite expensive in Alice but if you keep looking you might find a good deal. Also once you get here have a look in the local paper - Australian Advocate. If you need any more help feel free to PM me.
  14. carol1988

    Alice Springs

    Thank you, we move here on Thursday, very excited! :biggrin:
  15. carol1988

    457 - taking forever!

    Hi, Mines took over 10.5 weeks to process, was a long fustrating wait but was so delighted when it came through. I did all my paperwork my self and it was processed in Melbourne, I know they are slow at processing so don't give up. Carol