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  1. sarab

    Lost my job before even started

    I was wondering how this all turned out in the end?
  2. I do love the weather in Perth (not the gale force winds today though!). is the weather in Melbourne as bad as people say it is?
  3. sarab

    Lost my job before even started

    Or could you apply for a working holiday visa (if you are old enough) which will enable you to find work and hopefully get sponsored by another employer or apply for your PR while your here? We came over a year ago with PR, no jobs and our stuff on a ship following us. your here now and I guess everything in the uk is pretty wrapped up. Can't you speak to immigration too to see what your options are - I can't believe they can do that to you.
  4. We've been in Perth for about just over a year now, we have permanent independent visas and both have jobs here. However, we are thinking of moving to either Sydney or Melbourne to see what they are like. We like Perth and have made some really good friends. I'm not going to start calling Perth as it is beautiful (the beaches are amazing) and we like it, but (I especially) feel like australia is such a big place and I would like to see what the other states have to offer. Sometimes Perth can be a bit quiet for us, we come from a big uk city and I suppose for me it is the social scene that lets Perth down - like the pubs closing early even on a Saturday and not many bands seem to come over to Perth, I don't know why though as if they are in australia you'd think they'd fly another 4 hours. I've been looking at jobs and there does seem to be more opportunity for me (in marketing) especially in Sydney. My partner is an architect and there seems to be jobs for him too. We are planning to visit both Melbourne & Sydney over the next few months before we make a decision. I wouldn't move unless one of us had a job to go to, we came to Perth without jobs and it was hard to get on our feet especially for me. Has anyone on here done this type of move after arriving? Thanks!
  5. I'd definitely give it a go, you could speculatively send your cv to companies & also apply for roles. I offered to speak to people on Skype although I didn't get the opportunity to. If you are on the skills list you might get lucky if they are struggling to fill the role. Good luck!!
  6. Hi how long have you been looking? It is frustrating - I bloomin know I hated not working I've always worked!! Try jobs.wa.gov.au that's where I got mine from. The applications are long for some (like an essay) but it gives you a chance to show your transferable skills. Plus the jobs don't get advertised on Seek so they get less applicants. They are slow though it took 2 months for them to interview me. I think a lot of people in Perth are small minded ESP with us pommies as they don't recognise the companies we've worked for or the job titles. Just my opinion tho!
  7. Based on my experience - Start early! It took me 3 months to get a job. There's no guarantee if you start early (I actually did) that it'd make a difference but at least your giving yourself the best chance possible. I also found the agencies rubbish, call you in for an interview & then you hear nothing even though they advertise suitable jobs. they are not on commission like the UK & will only put you forward if you 100% match the criteria - they don't think about transferable skills. They job I got I applied for 2 months before they interviewed me. However I know people who have also walked off the plane & got a job in a week!! It's just luck!! Good luck!!
  8. Hi, planning a trip thinking of going to Alice Springs for one or two nights then going to Ayres Rock. Is it worth doing both or is it better to just go to Ayres Rock? I've always wanted to go!!
  9. I have had a very bad experience with Anglo Pacific and would not recommend them.
  10. sarab


    I have had a bad experience with Anglo Pacific and would not recommend them.
  11. sarab

    Emigration Insurance

    Hi - I took out emigration insurance for when I got here, and it has expired. I've tried to renew it and they won't let me because it's expired. I need insurance as I am moving around housesitting and taking my baggage with me, and also as I am I other people's houses need liability insurance - just in case! Does anyone know of someone who will insure me now I'm here? I've tried downunder, worldnomads, and go walkabout. Thanks
  12. sarab

    How easy it to find work in Oz these days.

    I've been in Perth for 5 weeks. We had a few weeks off when we got here to explore. My boyf got a job as soon as he looked, but he is an Architect and is on the skills list so we knew he wouldn't struggle. It's not his dream job but it's a foot in the door. I work in marketing and have a lot of experience. Finding it a little more difficult. I have been stomping the streets the last week or so meeting agencies. I have had one interview for a contact role (yesterday) and waiting to hear back, it is quite far away from where we are staying though. There seems to be a lot of junior marketing roles, and less at my level. Overall, I would say there is definitely more jobs in Perth than the UK by the number of roles advertised. So far I don't rate the agencies at all!
  13. Hi, I found Australia Post really expensive, what's the best way to post a parcel back to the UK? Thanks Sara
  14. sarab

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Hi We have been here a week and are loving what we have seen so far. We are staying just outside Fremantle in a holiday let, and are taking a couple of weeks to find our way round before we start looking for jobs. The weather has been beautiful and the beaches are stunning. We have a few house sits lined up over the coming months and a few gaps in between. It is a far cry from the stress leading up to leaving the uk, we left both of our cars unsold and the house not rented out (aaarggh) and we started early on all of these. I now have a tenant moving in on 26th March (thank god this was the biggest burden when you're not working). Hoping the cars will go soon, and if not we may look at importing at least one. Public transport is excellent and Perth has a good vibe. Shopping is expensive, particularly for fruit & veg, but meat seems really cheap. I can't wait to settle properly and buy a house!! The kelbos (Lisa & Lee) have been a massive help to us since we arrived too. Sara & David
  15. sarab

    Travel adapter for aus

    Great news!! Thanks for all your help!!