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  1. We're on the Redcliffe peninsula. State schools aren't great but two of my kids are at fee paying schools which are pretty inexpensive. Shorncliffe is nice and the State primary school has a good reputation but is nigh on impossible to find any rentals at all there. Sandgate is also good. It has a railway station, and a not bad 'town' centre. Handy to get to places. Agreed that you should avoid North Lakes/Deception Bay/Caboolture etc.
  2. NZPom

    Citizenship Test

    Hi This isn't a question for me personally, as we are not moving to the UK, but I have been told that someone I know had to take a citizenship test and was denied benefits on returning to the UK, despite holding a British passport. I am convinced that this isn't normal and that there must be more to it. If you hold a passport, and as long as you haven't done anything dodgy, then surely you can just move back, no questions asked? Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Thanks
  3. NZPom

    Deception Bay

    I'm not actually convinced that the Scarborough end is more upmarket. They do get quite a bit of petty crime and there are drugs problems there. There are good streets and bad streets. A friend who has built there told me where to avoid - shouldn't go south of a certain street (but I can't remember which). Scarborough State School is pretty rough. I love the beach there and the shops on the front are nice (though often very very quiet). We're at Woody Point. Like the rest of Redcliffe, there are good and bad parts of it. I like where we are in that we're right by the sea and have great neighbours and are within walking distance of the lovely coffee shop and the Belvedere etc. I personally prefer it to Scarborough and it is more convenient for the city. Just 10 mins across the bridge to Sandgate and the train station. And yes, the sea breeze makes a huge difference. We have no AC here and can pretty much manage because of the sea breezes. Definitely a good few degrees cooler here.
  4. NZPom

    Deception Bay

    It is such a personal thing, it's true. We lived in North Lakes for 5 months and I loathed it - I have never hated a place so much. I can't even think back to living there without getting the shivers. Some people do love it though - popular with some Brits as it reminds them of England. The demographic of Redcliffe is fairly similar to NL - very mixed (totally unlike where I lived in NZ). A lot of obesity and tattoos in both, as well as a number of very wealthy and professional people. I think in NL the rough parts are more in your face as it's so built up. We're happy enough in our part of the peninsula for now but it won't be a forever place. Having said that, I don't like Mango Hill or Murumba Downs either. They're featureless. For all its faults, the peninsula has some character. Different strokes for different folks and all that but it's good for people to know both sides. People who have decided to settle at NL love it - everyone else seems to hate it. I hate estates anyway and that is a particularly large one attached to a mall (I also hate malls). If you like malls and estates and Poms, then it will probably be perfect for you!
  5. NZPom

    Deception Bay

    Deecption Bay is dodgy as. North Lakes is hellish. There are nicer places than both. Redcliffe is OK - I live there at the moment. Don't love it but it's fine. Will probably end up further into the city eventually. Don't do D-Bay or North Lakes - you'll only live to regret it!
  6. We're in Woody Point (end of Redcliffe). Have three kids - 15, 13 and 7. Let me know if you need anything. Kate
  7. NZPom

    Sandgate, Brighton or Manly

    Don't be put off Redcliffe just because of the lack of railway line. It is only a 10 minute drive to get to Sandgate station (or at least it is for us from Woody Point). It is also a lovely drive over the bridge! Agreed that you're best to decide when you get here. You might even not make a definitive decision straightaway. Try renting in a couple of places till you find the area you like.
  8. NZPom

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    shefg, if you've decided on St Paul's, then I'd get a rental in one of the areas nearby and decide from there. It's impossible to decide when you're not living here. I don't like recommending schools as it is such a personal thing and different schools suit different children. The only thing you can do is visit and get a feel for the place and even then, you can make a wrong decision. There are a lot of fee paying religious schools around here (my kids go to one of them). They are heavily subsidised by the church so they are a lot cheaper than St Pauls but they are quite heavy on religion (for obvious reasons) and not everyone likes that. That's a nice budget you have for a house. For that sort of money you could live somewhere really nice! You'll get a feel for where you like when you're here!
  9. NZPom

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    You were probably lucky. It's a very common problem there. I'm sure there are people who are fine but it's wrong that they should have so few portals for such a huge place. No matter to us now as we don't live there anymore but it is definitely a problem in NL. You either strike lucky or you don't!
  10. NZPom

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    Opinions can be quite divided over St Pauls (as they are with most schools - anywhere in the world!). I have friends who have kids there and love it and I know other people who have moved their kids out of there but that is just the way it goes. I'd also suggest not living in North Lakes if they're going to St Pauls. The areas suggested above would be better for St Pauls and you are more likely to meet like minded people.
  11. NZPom

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    PS the comment re ADSL is very true. I was gobsmacked about that when we moved there. Even out in the Boonies in NZ you get better internet connection. Chances are you'll end up on wireless. Be prepared to tough it out with Telstra for a discount as it is very costly (even with the discount. We had to insist on no live streaming at all - including Skype while we lived there). Loving the freedom of being able to Skype friends again now that we've moved!
  12. NZPom

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    I can't remember the exact number of Brits there (sure the info is easily available). I think percentage wise it's up near 20% which is quite a lot. I lived there 5 months very unhappily. It isn't for everyone. Then again, I don't like estates, I don't like shopping centres and I especially don't like estates attached to shopping centres so it was never going to work for us. We all make mistakes. Good luck with it. Some people like it there so hope you'll be happy. And remember, if you don't, you can always go elsewhere. A lot of people don't end up in the suburb where they started.
  13. NZPom

    Moving from NZ to Queensland

    Hi. Can't help you re areas as I don't know much about those places (though had heard Robina was a bit rough) but just to say hi as we also moved from NZ before xmas. My motives were different to yours I think - I loved NZ and we left because of the earthquakes. Considered Auckland but decided to make the jump to Oz. Where in Auckland are you? Anyway, good luck with it all! Kate
  14. NZPom

    where to live brisbane

    Hi. Re Redcliffe, it really depends on what you're used to and what you're expecting. If you want lots of fancy restaurants and somewhere that is very busy/thriving, then you'd probably want to be closer to the city. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes etc in Redcliffe (all over the peninsular) though. Another option for you could be Sandgate/Shorncliffe (though very difficult to find rentals there - we tried). You have the beaches and tracks etc and nice older queenslanders to live in and you have a railway station in both that you can walk to and take the train to town if you fancy a hassle free night out. We're in Woody Point, so we're just over the bridge from Sandgate so for us it's quite convenient for town. I have no idea about night transport - I'm sure it exists but don't know the details - someone will! If you need both outdoors and nightlife, you are going to have to compromise somewhere - decide which is the most important to you!
  15. NZPom

    where to live brisbane

    What about somewhere on the Redcliffe peninsular if you like outdoorsy stuff. The commute isn't bad to Chermside from there and you'll have beaches/cycling and walking tracks etc.