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  1. HI im Julie I am 40 husband is 36 he is an aircraft engineer I am a student, we live in Bowen mountain. I go shopping in Penrith its about 20 mins from us. :laugh:
  2. julie38

    Cost of making the move...

    school uniforms sports, also school fee's.
  3. julie38

    Any Health Care Students

    Hi everyone I am in Oz and trying to get into uni here to do nursing, I am at tafe doing an access course now, but thinking of sitting the stats test to gain entry. Any one else in similar situation here??
  4. Hi I live in Bowen Mountain, been here for 18 months with my husband and our 3 girls. Hubby works at the air base in Richmond. Julie
  5. My husband works at the RAAF base in Richmond, we live in Bowen Mountain as far from Windsor as possible!! If you are young and single I would commute. Richmond or Windsor are not places I would recommend to live.
  6. Hi all my hubby might be taking a job at the airport but I don't really want to live in the city. The sunshine coast is about 1 hour but with traffic would prob make it just too far to drive each day, we are living near the blue mountains Sydney at the mo and would prefer to be near the sea. Good schools are the most important part as we have had to move once already because of bad schools and don,t want to have to do it again more than once as its so unfair on our girls. Also prefer a bit rural and not a house where you can see your what next door is doing from your arm chair!! looking at places and schools on line is good but it helps when you know the areas to avoid!! any help is much appreciated :biggrin: thanks Julie
  7. julie38

    Estimating Monthly Costs ???

    I think your list is pretty accurate but the food is more $1000 + than $500,we rent so don't pay council tax,also we pay Telstra about $150 for internet and tv box but we do not have foxtel as I think its a waste of money!
  8. julie38

    Courses for Nursing-Perth

    Hi I am trying to get on a course for nursing here in Sydney, now that the system has changed it is a degree course here, but I think in the uk they still offer the diploma until next year but not sure?. As I only have trade certs and night class certs not a degree I have started a tcp course at tafe (uni prep) but it is 18 months long so I applied straight to uni also and have to wait until Feb until the last round of offers to see if I have a place. But have since been told I will have to pay up front the fees as I am not a citizen yet so not sure what to do now!! The enrolled nurse course is just as expensive and you are not fully qualified and also get paid a lot less I think its a 2 year course, the career adviser at tafe advised me against going down that route. I have been at tafe for 6 months now and I do enjoy it,it has helped a lot in writing essays again!! but it just seems to be taking forever to get to where I want to be! hope this helps, my computer has gone loopy and lots of the keys won't work !! Julie
  9. julie38

    Estimating Monthly Costs ???

    Hi what about phones mobile and land, also the running and payment of a car, we also seem to pay a lot for kids!! ie swimming, dance etc but I don't think you have to tell them everything its just something to consider for when you get here. It costs us about $400 a month for activities but then we have 3 kids!hope this helps Julie
  10. julie38

    redbank plains???

    Hi do you have children was wondering what the schools were like there??
  11. julie38

    Camper van breaks in VIC/ACT/NSW with small kids

    Hi we have just got back from Jervis Bay about 3 hours south of Sydney, stayed in a campsite right on the beach watched dolphins in the bay. Our three girls loved it. Booderee national park is worth a visit and it has camp sites. We are going to go back and camp in the national park. Hyams beach has white powder sand its very beautiful. :biggrin:
  12. julie38

    In need of friends, Sydney!!

    Hi Stacey My girls are 7,10,and 12. Not sure where Merrylands is? but as kids are off i'm home and available to meet anytime really! julie:biggrin:
  13. julie38

    In need of friends, Sydney!!

    Hi Sammy + stacey, my name is julie i work part time and also have 3 girls at school! i live near Windsor,would love to meet for coffee:biggrin:
  14. julie38

    Bligh park area

    Hi we are renting in Bligh park have a 6 month lease and will not be staying on! i think it once was a nice area but not anymore. We had a man try to break in at 7am luckily my husband was running late that morning.There is lots of graffiti and teenagers drinking around the shopping area.This area was recommended to us!! We made the mistake of rushing into it to quick.Stay clear of Windsor,richmond and Bligh park.If you like Rouse hill go straight there,for us Rouse hill kellyville etc is all new builds sardine style we are looking to move more rural maybe Bowen mountain. good luck julie
  15. Hi has it been decided yet is it this sunday?? julie:biggrin: