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  1. Hi there. I recently returned to the UK after living in Western Australia for 3.5 years. My husband is from Perth and we met in England, and then moved to Oz for a few years of sunshine and sea. I was on a temporary partner visa for most of my time, then just before we left, I was granted my permanent visa. I'm kicking myself for not staying to get my citizenship, but circumstances meant that I didn't want to stay any longer than I needed to. So, I was wondering if it would be worth forgoing my PR in order to get a refund of my Super, now that I am not residing in Australia? I understand that if you have a PR, you aren't eligible for a refund. But I think I am also right in thinking that my PR won't last longer than five years with me living in the UK now, in which case, perhaps it wouldn't make much of a difference if I was to give it up... Does anyone know the deal on how long the PR is valid for if you don't actually reside in Australia? Any info would be fab - and if I've posted in the wrong thread, let me know and I'll move it elsewhere. Many thanks for any advice.
  2. missmouse

    Pet Services from Perth to London?

    Hi everyone. I'm current;y getting quotes to take my cat from Perth to London in Feb next year. I've received prices from JetPets and also the Pet Travel Specialists - I've heard of JetPets and can find out info and reviews for them, but I can't seem to find anything for the Pet Travel Specialists, who are based in Willeton in Perth. Their quote has come in a little cheaper than JetPets, and they also come out to your home to do the rabies vaccination, which I quite like. Apparently both recommended Thai Airways as their preferred choice for my cat's route, but as of next year, Thai Air will only be doing one flight out of Perth, so they are a no go. And Emirates / Qantas charge and extra $300 on top of the $2500 already quotes to hold my cat in Dubai for six hours transit, as that is their policy there. Singapore Air and Malaysian Air don't charge, but I'm not sure how good they are for transporting pets... So may worries and questions!
  3. missmouse

    Am I mad to want to return to the UK?

    Move to Bristol! We're moving back from Perth in March next year and I can't wait. I've lived there all my life in the beautiful West Country of England - love the countryside and being here in Aus I miss it so much! My husband is from Perth, but we met in Bristol. He's happy to go back. Bristol is a great base and a fab city with lots of live music, amazing food and culture. It's not too big and not too small and it's vibrant and characterful - also a good base for traveling to the pretty Wales, Cornwal, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and then up to London and so on. If your heart says go, then go! You can always return.
  4. Hello. Does anyone have a recommendation for an insurance company for the boxes we're shipping back to the UK? We're going through Wridgways for the shipping, but their insurance seems quite expensive... Thanks.
  5. missmouse

    shipping back to uk

    I've just booked with Wridgways - they seem to have been pretty good so far (shipping booked for next Friday, so we'll see), but we're taking about 10 smallish boxes plus some golf clubs, art, guitars and tools. Quote came in at just under $1000. Not sure if it's competitive as we couldn't be bothered looking around. But I was recommended them as a good company. I'm just looking for insurance now, as there's is a minimum of $400.
  6. missmouse

    Anyone recommend Pet Transport company?

    Thank you - I have posted there also. :biggrin:
  7. Hi there Bob and everyone else. I am wondering if you could recommend a reputable Pet Travel company to help fly my cat from PER to LHR? So far I have had quotes from Jet Pets and Pet Travel Specialists - have you heard of either of these companies? Pet Travel Specialist's quote does not include 'any customs or other fees due on arrival' - I don't suppose you would be able to advise on what these might be? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I'm really freaking out about taking my cat back because of how scared I think she will be - but the alternative or rehoming her to a stranger really doesn't appeal to me... Many thanks for you help.
  8. Hi everyone. I've received two quotes to take my cat back to the UK next year, but I don't know anything about either company and wondered if anyone has had experience with either, or could recommend someone they've used? The quotes are from Jet Pets and also Pet Travel Specialists in Perth. Many thanks.
  9. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    That's really helpful - thank you everyone. I've had a quote from Jet Pets and also Pet Travel Specialists in Perth - has anyone any experience with either of these companies? Quotes are both around $2500!
  10. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    Last time I got a quote from a pet service, it was $2700! And that was last year... they pick up my cat the night before and take her to their cattery, then do a vet check, then take her in their carriers to the airport. She is going to hate it so much! Are you flying yours back to the UK? I also got a quote at the same time for organising myself though Qantas Freight, which was about $1500, but you have to do all the paperwork etc. You also have to get the rabies vaccination 21 days before flying. We want my cat on the same flight as us. When are you going?
  11. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    That's good to hear. Did you use a pet service or organise with the airline yourself?
  12. missmouse

    Love Oz but miss family

    I know... t's just the way that one family have to miss out. And it does suck... but what can you do? They moved away from their family (in NZ) so they at least have an understanding about it. But it doesn't make it any easier, I know. His parents are here in Perth, and his brother lives over East. We will definitely miss them all.
  13. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    Hey. Has anyone flown their cat or pet back to the UK from Australia, specifically Perth, and if so, did you use a pet service or organise it yourself? I feel awful for my cat (she's three), but the alternative is to re-home her to a stranger, and Perth is overrun with cats needing homes. I hope she will just curl up and sleep... the good thing is there is no quarantine needed in the UK. I'd love to hear some positive stories of people flying with their pets and everything being fine.
  14. missmouse

    Love Oz but miss family

    I'm with you! My husband and I have been here in Perth for three years, and are currently expecting our first baby. We've decided to move back to England to my lovely city of Bristol in March next year and I can't wait! I have my PR - my husband is from here so he's sorted. But I won't get my citizenship because I just need to go. I've always known I was never going to live here permanently though, so maybe it's different for me. I do love Perth, but I'm desperate to be near my family and just to be home. It's a beach life here (which I love), but I find it a little boring and isolated and I am so excited about returning to the UK and starting our life there. I'm very lucky that my husband is fine with it - we met there and lived in Bristol for a couple of years before coming to Perth, so he knows what he's in for. All I'd say to you is that if this is a niggle for you every day, then how will you feel in another year, and then another five, ten etc. If you decide to stay and get your residency, which is great for giving you options down the line, then just make sure you have visits home until then. And remember, nothing is right, wrong, or definite - you can always move home to the UK, or come back to Australia. You just have to do whatever will make you the most happy.
  15. missmouse

    Cruel to fly cat to UK from Perth?

    Hello. I am due to leave Perth in April 2013, returning home to the UK to live. We have a cat here who is two this October. We really love her and when we got her we said we would take her back with us. I'm just really worried that it's going to be the most stressful and frightening experience for her and I don't want to put her through that. But on the other hand, I don't want to re-home her to a stranger here. Does anyone know what it would involve to take her back? What is the cost and is it best to use a pet air company? Will she go in a secure place in cargo so that her carrier doesn't move about when taking off and landing? Will she be checked on? Is the cargo going to be warm enough? Can she fly on the same flight as us? Can we go straight there without a long stopover? Who will look after her during her transfer? Who is the best airline to choose? Will she be OK??? And does she need to go into quarantine in the UK, or can I take her straight home with me? If anyone has any advice and/or reassurance I would be very grateful. I would like to stop fretting about it. Many thanks.