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  1. yoyo333

    Paper-based Medicals

    Once your medicals arrived you can check their status online and they change from being received, in progress, finalised or referred (I can't remember all but I think that's it) I used to check each morning when I woke
  2. yoyo333

    Paper-based Medicals

    Hi, ours took 10 days or so to arrive and they were processed within a week. Mine was referred to MOC and I had to wait another 3 weeks before it was finalised
  3. yoyo333

    Losing the will to live !!!

    Hi, you don't need to certify a cv just the references you get from former employers etc. I had 3 references all certified. I also copied my qualifications certificates and got them stamped and signed too. Hope this helps
  4. yoyo333

    Busy first week in Melbourne

    Hi Auzsci, Sorry I forgot to mention more on the job front. We both secured jobs before we left. We basically update our CVs and started to apply online to different sites. My OH secured an IT role with Oracle in the city and I managed to get a few interviews for design work which I passed (2nd interview on arrival) the role is also in the city. So all good so far. Feel free to pm me. Yoyo x
  5. We've been here for one week and completed most things like: mobile phones, rental application (successful ), Medicare, broadband, hire car etc etc basically everything you need. Most companies/ departments require you to satisfy a 100 point score which is made up from (not always originals) ID (drivers licence) or passport, visa certificate, a utility bill, bank statement, a reference (If you have one) Medicare card, you can get a receipt for one when you apply (takes 5 mins). oz bank account details (if you have opened one). There is no need to bring mountains of paperwork from the uk unless you want to store it in the bottom draw again for another 10 years. Hope this helps
  6. yoyo333

    Busy first week in Melbourne

    Hiya, We have secured a nice two bedroom house in Brighton, not far from Church street shops and beach (really lovely). What we done for our application was make up a pack which included an introduction letter, who we were, where we'd come from etc. a couple of utility bills from the uk, a few bank statements, copies of ID and some references from previous employers. Basically the pack was in addition to the basic application the estate agents give you. We thought that this would give us a better chance with the landlord. It worked for us as we got accepted within hours. We also have jobs in the city which also helps (I think). Good luck and keep me posted xx
  7. yoyo333

    Busy first week in Melbourne

    There is lots of detail in what we've done so far so if anyone has any specific questions and I mean anything, I'd be more than happy to answer, just drop me a private message or ask here. At the end of the day, I've used this forum to get us here and I want to be able to give something back. Hugs yoyo x
  8. yoyo333

    Busy first week in Melbourne

    Hi everyone, I can't believe it's been a week since we arrived. We have managed to do so much and still a few bits before we can put our feet up. Medicare was the first thing. Really straight forward 10 mins it took to register. Don't forget to get ambulance insurance. It cost us $75 for a year. TFN was also easy, you do it all online once you have an address. WestPac bank accounts were already sorted (opened in the UK) we just needed to go into any branch and order debit cards which only took a few days to arrive. We use our cards all the time now. It really is easy to move money around using a WestPac iPhone application. We took delivery of our imported car with no problems. Applied to Vic roads for a 28 day permit $75. This allows you to drive it on your UK plates from A to B whilst you sort out road worthiness inspections and registration etc. We've paid someone to do it all for us $700. Don't forget to get comprehensive insurance. Its not a legal requirement, but worth it. Viewed lots of rentals around the bayside area and our first application was accepted. We move in on Monday. Foxtel TV booked. Basically the same as Sky HD but a few bucks more. Broadband (Telstra) all sorted 200gb download, and line rental. Our mobile phones are also on prepaid Telstra. Make sure you get them unlocked in the UK. Finally, our household effects turn up on Monday. Oh and we've had a great couple of days on Brighton beach. I think that's about it. Bayside!! Love it Yoyo x
  9. yoyo333

    Goodbye UK

    This is it! Finally, after two and a half years, the day is here. I'm sat at Heathrow now waiting to board. Melbourne via Singapore here we come! hugs yoyo x
  10. yoyo333

    Which mobile phone network?

    Thanks. I got my iPhone unlocked yesterday. I'm really glad I remembered. Cheers
  11. yoyo333

    new VIC SMP - where are you now

    Hi, He applied for an ICT job he seen on seek and had x2 telephone interviews (no Skype) Thanks
  12. yoyo333

    Which mobile phone network?

    Than you to everyone for your posts xx
  13. yoyo333

    Which mobile phone network?

    Thanks. What sort of price are we talking about with Telstra? x
  14. yoyo333

    Which mobile phone network?

    Hi all, We arrive in Melbourne next week and was wondering which mobile network is the best one to sign up too? Coverage, 3G, cost effective etc. I think we will only be offered pay as you go until we are settled with a permanent address etc. Thank you Yoyo (very excited) xx
  15. yoyo333

    new VIC SMP - where are you now

    Hi Everyone YoYo here. I think it's a great idea to start a new thread with all the old and some new Vikings. We fly on Monday (6th) and after spending 24hrs in Singapore we will arrive in Melbourne on the 8th. Our household effects should arrive this week and we will be able collect our car. We have book a short term rental for a couple of weeks which will give a base to work from and search for something more permanent. My OH has secured a role in the CBD and starts a few weeks after we arrive. Emotions are all over the place at the moment but deep down I really can't wait to leave now Take care and good luck to all xx