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  1. wishfulthinking

    Which visa??

    Asking for a friend. Her hubby is 34yrs old, he is a qualified mechanic but he has lost all his certificates in a house fire and is struggling to get copies of his certificates from the governing bodies. he has passed his ielts. can he still go for his skills assessment and which visa would best suit him now?
  2. wishfulthinking

    Packing my own items???

    I am thinking of packing most of the items myself and then getting in a removal company to pack all the big and heavy things such as settee, washer etc..... I will have quite a bit of time on my hands and I'm not in any rush, has anybody done this and if so did it save you any money from the removal company?
  3. wishfulthinking

    Perth V's Melbourne

    We originally went to Melbourne as that is where we really wanted to emigrate. We stayed there for 3 months but something was missing. Anyway to cut a long story short, there was a building boom in perth so we decided to move over there(hubby is a brickie) we felt like we were home in Perth. We love it, the lovely weather, beaches, a more community feel. Perth, for us is brilliant and even though we like Melbourne we would choose perth every time.
  4. wishfulthinking

    Taking patterdale cross to perth

    hubby is going to Perth in August 2015 this year and the rest of us are going in sept 2016. When would be the best time to start the process for our 1 year old patterdale/border terrier cross so we can spread the cost. We want her to be there for when we arrive in sept 2016. Could we we get her micro chipped now and her rabis injections done. I'm just a little confused with it all. regard NatalieNatalie
  5. wishfulthinking

    struggling to move forward with application

    He did his apprenticeship about 15 years ago and has worked for toyota and various other places. He stopped working as a mechanic about 4 years ago but still does the 'odd' mechanical service for friends and family. He has all his certificates for his trade. I mentioned to them that they could write it all down for the companies and just get them to fill in the blanks so to speak, but some of the companies don't exist anymore, would this be a problem for them to go on a skilled 489(think that's what visa they were going with). Also does he still have to be working in that particular trade? He has rang up concept immigration company and they said he has to get a reference from all the companies and they have left it at that. He is just a little confused as to where to get the relevant information. Sorry for the questions. TIA
  6. wishfulthinking

    struggling to move forward with application

    Some friends of ours are struggling with the next step of their journey. The main applicant is a mechanic and has got many years as time served. The trouble is he is struggling to get references from the old companies he has worked for as some of the places of work have shut down and the ones that he has references for have only wrote a couple of lines and not in much detail. He has asked them to write more information but they are not willing to do this so he has hit a brick wall. At the moment he is currently not working as a mechanic but he has time served clocking up about 15 years experience. He is hoping to go the skilled route but if he chose to do the sponsor route would he still have to gather all the information needed to complete the process? Ilelts have been passed and he has to do the skills assessment but is struggling with this part of the process. What can he do? Any slight information would be much appreciated.
  7. wishfulthinking

    A few questions??

    Thanks dxboz for the reply. That's good news about the Medicare as we still have the cards. My hubby remembers when he used to work on the building sites that he needed a 'blue' card. has this changed to a 'white' card? He thinks it was for health and safety, correct me/him if this is wrong. How would he go about getting this again, it's been a while since he worked over there? TIA
  8. wishfulthinking

    Moving (driving?) from Canberra to Perth

    we di this trip from Melbourne to Perth in 2007 and it was brilliant. There was me, hubby, 3 kids (9,7 and 3). We sent all our stuff on a container for about $3000 plus we paid for my hubby's ute to get transported separately for $800. I remember we stopped off in adelaide in a caravan park and we stopped off at various points along the way such as the truck stops and we fueled up at every stop just in case we were caught short. We had a great time and it was just so quiet but the flies were a bloody nuisance when you got out the car. I would definitely do it again but I wouldn't take little ones again. even though my child was really good and we did plenty of stops i just thought it was too long a journey for her. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  9. wishfulthinking

    A few questions??

    As a family of 6 we are currently living in the UK but the hubby really wants to move back to Perth. I'm intending on staying here with the kids and finishing off my degree and the kids college/school, then we'll move back over. We all have dual citizenship. My hubby is a bricklayer and still has his TFN number and ABN number, do these numbers stay with you for life or would he have to re-register for new ones? Also, with medicare because the kids were on our cards could he just go to medicare and get one for himself while he is there? He would also would like to know if anybody knows what its like for bricklayers, is there plenty of jobs/work? Regards Nat
  10. wishfulthinking

    Doing it all yourself!!

    A few friends of ours have started the process themselves. They have done and passed the ielts but are struggling where to find the information on where he can book his skills assessment/ practical automotive mechanic trade. Can anybody point them in the right direction please. They live in the Lancashire area. TIA
  11. wishfulthinking

    so how much to get over to Australia these days???

    Adelaide is meant to be nice, plus the houses are cheaper. I have friends who are in Adelaide and she is a nurse, they moved over last August and live in Aldinga Beach, they just love it and have settled very quickly. good luck
  12. wishfulthinking

    so how much to get over to Australia these days???

    i just can't believe the prices tbh. We went on a subclass 136 visa, not too sure if they do those now. Can't really remember the breakdown now but all in all with the migration agent fees as well it came to about 3,000GBP.
  13. wishfulthinking

    so how much to get over to Australia these days???

    Wow!! That has gone up in price. Didn't realise how much it had actually gone up by. Well good luck on the process Kel87, hope you enjoy your new life downunder. Where abouts are you heading to?
  14. wishfulthinking

    Any advice gratefully received -

    Only can give the name of the ones we used and they were fantastic ......concept australia based in manchester. They also have another office in the midlands now i think. Check on google. Their names are steve and grayham.
  15. Just curious on how much it costs to get over to oz these days. If you didn't go with a migration company and did it all yourselves how much would the process be roughly. for:- Ilets, medicals, police checks, visa, etc etc etc?? We paid for the process in 2005 roughly about 2,000 GBP. (Not including migration companies, container, flights) natalie