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  1. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    Thank you Marisa, they qualify in 6 months I’m positive they will still want to go. It’s just I don’t think they will have enough points for their own visa
  2. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    Thank you very much all I agree lll get in touch with an agent
  3. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    Oh that’s sounds more positive thank you very much.
  4. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    I know it’s awful, it’s a shame that I’m able to go and they would also be able to offer something with their trades to
  5. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    Thanks all. What about once my visa is granted and I’m living there as a permanent resident. Would you know of an alternative visa they could then apply for ?
  6. Lucie1

    Visa help for children

    Hi all I’m looking to apply for 189 visas. I have two 22 year old sons who are both completing their apprenticeship in July. One will be an electrician and the other a mechanical engineer. I was hoping to include them on my visa but one of my previous posts, someone explained as they earn and possibly their age I wouldn’t be able to. Would anyone know if that’s definitely the case and if so what visa would be best for them. I don’t think they would have enough points yet for 189 themselves Thank you
  7. Lucie1

    Consolidated skills occupation list

    Oh no that’s a shame [emoji17] thank you though for the information
  8. Lucie1

    Consolidated skills occupation list

    Hi rammygirl Thank you very much. I was struggling to find up to date lists but thank you very for the link. Yes that’s right, oh really. My sons are 21 now and would be 22 when I apply for my visa. I was still hopeful they could come on my 189 visa. Would you know how I could check this ? They are currently undertaking apprenticeships which finish next year. One of my sons would be an electrician and the other a mechanical engineer. I know they are both wanted skills but had hoped we could all come in my visa Thank you for your help
  9. Hi all, can anyone help. My job is currently on the skill list and we are going to apply for 189 visa. But just found out my hubby’s occupation is on the CSOL. Would this help us with anymore points ? Or what’s the benefit of the CSOL thank you
  10. Lucie1

    Need Advice on living in Perth?

    Thanks Christo. This has been really helpful it has put my mind more at ease.
  11. Lucie1

    AHPRA registration advice

    Hi I have applied for APHRA and thought I could do the modified assessment also. However anmac state that you can only do the modified assessment once you appear on the register with APHRA and APHRA have told me after I recieve confirmation for them I would need to validate in an office in Australia before I appear on the register.
  12. Lucie1

    Need Advice on living in Perth?

    Hi Christo, we've got our minds set in perth or areas around really. Such as mindarie, joondalup. My only hold back is that there appears to be much more opportunities for nurses on the east coast as opposed to Perth. Do you know what the job market is like for nurses in wa ? Many thanks Lucie
  13. Lucie1

    189 visa and dependents

    Thanks. I'm at a loss with them they don't know what they want to do whether to come to Australia and stay in the uk. They turn 18 in May and finish full Tim education in July. They are hoping to gain apprenticeships in September if not successful will go to college. Im really stuck if I don't add them to my 189 visa and they decide later to come out how I would be able to make it happen. Also if I add them and then they choose they don't want to emigrate
  14. Lucie1

    189 visa and dependents

    I'm going to be applying for a 189 visa I have two children who will be turning 18 possibly after I've lodged the application. What do I do ? Do I wait a few months until they are 18 or so I just update them ? Has anyone been in the same situation. thanks