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    Does anyone else get fed up with these australians continually bleating on about how we shafted them at Gallipoli, an event that took place nearly 100 years ago. Also they lost a total of around sixty thousand during the years 1914 to 1918 we lost 350,000 dead on the Somme July/August 1916. Do you ever here us going on and on and .......
  2. JaneDavid

    What are the main reasons for returning to UK?

    Been here 5 years now and the cracks are beginning to appear. A lot of it for us is this constant onslaught of bureaucratic stupidity that touches every part of your life. The need for a licence or permit for just about everything you do, it's driving us mad. And before some well meaning individual tells me it's the same in the UK now. NO ITS NOT. I have been back recently for a few weeks and apart from the fact they're in the middle of a major recession, which I hasten to add, are the rest of the World not much has changed. Then there's the issue of striking up friendships, i've seen much written on this subject on PIO and in a nutshell I would say forget it, you may as well go and bang your head against the nearest brick wall. Our small circle of friends consist of a few fellow Brits and some South Africans. One thing we're all in agreement on is that you are unlikely to get to call an Australian your friend, My husband works in the electrical industry and obviously had to sit various exams to get the several licences required. However when he got out there into the real world only then did he find that the quality of workmanship is abysmal, not only that but the practices and materials they use here are 1960's UK. (for anybody who understands these things, they only stopped using porcelain rewirable fuses in the late eighties early nineties) So what to do, well I suppose we'll give it some more time and then make a decision, but I think one thing for sure, If we could have our time over we would look at somewhere else or stay put in the UK but definitely not Australia.
  3. Hi if anyone wants their child to do the IB there are some great schools in Brisbane that specialise in it. This is the link to the Creative Industries one (for drama, music and art) but there is also maths, science and technology and another one on the gold coast. They only take years 10,11,12 - very small and v. focussed and they are state schools - not private. Started in 2007 so all very new and well equipped. Highly recommended http://qaci.eq.edu.au
  4. Electrical Appliance repair tech needed - white goods - Sunshine Coast Must have Queensland licence PM for more details.
  5. Hi Owner operator business for sale - Sunshine Coast. Ideal for husband and wife team (but not essential!) - relocateable and can be operated from home. PM for more info
  6. JaneDavid

    Appliance repair techs needed

    Hi Owner operator business for sale - ideal for husband and wife team - easily relocateable and can be operated from home. Sunshine Coast. PM for more info
  7. JaneDavid

    D'yer miss British Comedy?

    ha ha we watch My Family (as we did in the UK) -always funny!
  8. JaneDavid

    Business for sale Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Please see Buy an Electrical Business In Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia business for sale on Businesses For Sale .com for more details
  9. Hi are you looking for work/a business on the Sunshine Coast? This could be for you. Why not check it out Buy an Electrical Appliance Repair Business In Suncoast Queensland Australia business for sale on Businesses For Sale .com Listing ID: 731642 PM me if you would like more details.
  10. JaneDavid

    any girls moving to queensland ?

    hi molly my daughter was 11 when we moved here - she was a bit scared to come here but she is loving it. The schools are good - there are lots to choose from and the children are friendly - join some clubs and you will soon make friends. My children did nippers when they first came here for 2 reasons - to learn about the sea and to meet other people. Nippers are the young Surf Life Savers. They meet on Sunday mornings and have fun in the sea with the Surf Life Savers . We did it at Maroochydore but there are many Surf Life Saving Clubs along the coast. All the best to you and your family
  11. JaneDavid

    16 moving to Queensland

    Hi i would agree that if you dont complete your a levels you would probably have to start in year 11 here - though Dec/jan is a good time as that is the beginning of the school year (end Jan). Probably depends on on how well you are doing at school (ie if you on track for your a levels you are prob best to stay those extra few months and complete them) and whether going to school for another 2 years is an option for you. My son leaves school in 4 months and he will be 17 1/2 though there are boys in his year who are already 18 and boys are are still 16 so the age thing is not so noticeable as it would be in the UK. I have a friend whose daughter came over at about the same time in her school career as you and within a couple of months she went back to finish her a levels in uk - but of course by then she had missed a good few months. If you can stay and complete your a levels you will be all ready to apply for uni next Sept. Might not be what you are wanting to hear as it would put your plans back a few months. All the best
  12. Moving to Brisbane and selling our electrical appliance repair business. Proven business for Business owners visa - state sponsored. Ideal for electrician looking for a business to purchase. We obtained our Permanent residency visa 890 after 2 years of running the business in April 2009. Fulfills all requirements - employees and turnover and the Sunshine Coast is a great place to live - especially if you have a family and are looking for sun, sea and surf lifestyle!
  13. JaneDavid

    Luxury home for sale - Buderim

    living in buderim - interested to hear more.