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    Living in the rochedale brisbane

    personally find it very small with not alot to do unless you travel,,,,whats there?nothings the answer,,,,you would be better off in cleveland/viccy point/capalaba
  2. my mates set up a buissness in the gold coast,he makes it all here and fits it
  3. i would suggest the redlands area,alot nicer and family orientated,and 30 minutes to the airport:jiggy:
  4. also there refusing to swap a sa licence to a qld one at the moment so the peer route is a wasteof time for now at least
  5. 7oo dollars was for the course in adelaide,im getting it back now i think and doing it all in qld,waste of time getting my artc as could have done the tafe in qld with my vettassess paperwork,never mind think its cheaper doing it the artc route if they let me change as i got my permit from my vettassess(confused),,,getting the artc was easy,just get all your references from previous employees and your apprenticehip certs,then you just write what experience you have had,,,,,i will warn you its a nightmare to sort your licence out,iv been here 7 months and im no closer
  6. I have been told today off someone who did his SA licence in Adelaide that they wont swap it over to a queensland licence,dont know the ins and outs,,,,does anyone know about this?Ive paid 700 ish dollars and i dont want to waste more moneygoing to adelaide for 4 days if i cant convert it,,,,i have my vettassaee and my artc,the only reason i wanted to go down the peer route is that i didnt want to go to tafe for 6 months at night school,can anyone help?
  7. hi there,we are after a 3/4 bed rental,has to be clean/modern in cleveland/.thornlands/ormiston,possibly even viccy point,end of october time,450 a week,push to 500
  8. 500 a week,any good to you
  9. vinnypot

    Arrived and hit the ground running....!!!

    glad youve settled,we are in cleveland been here 4 months,if the other half fancys a pint give us a shout,also we have 2 kids if yours want to play with some kids,cheers
  10. the course in adelaide only recognises tra and not vetassess,you need 7 years experience,
  11. im in same boat mate,came on vettassess,iv got a job but its crap,worked to death for peanuts,dont want to go to tafe for 6 months so ive applied for my tra,once ive got that going to adelaide,alot of messing about but the only option for me,,then hopfully get a better job,good luck
  12. vinnypot

    pacific pines or redlands?

    been living here in cleveland for 3 months,although its nice with nice surrounding areas i think its a bit quiet,there doesnt seem to be any kids playing out unless there on a beach,we have been to pacific pines where ther seems to be more of a community spirit,plenty ok kids playing in the streets,,,,,,,,,,,,,can anyone give me there views as we dont know if we have give this area enough of a chance,cheers:arghh:
  13. vinnypot

    Business for sale Sunshine Coast, Qld

    hi there,im a sparky,im intrsted in buying a buissness,what sort of appliances do you fix as im more of an installation spark?what sort of money are you after and whats the turnover/PROFIT,,,CHEERS