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  1. Wow, how exciting! So do you plan to find work - now that you're there? Big move over from the UK but worth it when you look around you now I bet! Good place for family and friends to visit too - the views are pretty impressive and I love the relaxed atmosphere that goes with it. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
  2. Hi Jane, Not there just yet but hoping to move up there. How long have you been there and what do you think of it? We're Brisbane way at the moment after travelling from Western Australia, been looking at the different areas up there on the Internet (cause I haven't been there for nearly six years) so just trying to get an idea of where to buy and where not too. :cute:
  3. MouseBear

    help with moving interstate car and furniture

    Hi Liz1, Can I ask how you got on with moving interstate - we're thinking of moving over there from Perth too and thinking of packing ourselves. A lot to think about with it!!!

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    <p><p>Hi Mousebear</p></p>

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    <p><p>Have now returned to Perth, am jet lagged, you can tell, as i'm doing this at 2.52 am, and i'm wide awake! How did your coffee meet up go at the Dome at Mindarie Marina with Derbydiva etc. I'm also close to the Marina, have you all arranged to meet again?</p></p>

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  5. Hey, let me know too if you meet up again. I'm close to Mindarie Marina and could do with a coffee and cake!!!
  6. Hey all, just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a good dentist. I'm REALLY scared of dentists but am now due for a check up since moving here. I'm Clarkson/Joondalup way?? massive thanks in advance
  7. MouseBear

    Help - Pet Insurance for dog over 9yrs

    Hey everyone, Please help if you can....our dog is due over very soon (he's 10yrs) and we've always had him insured in the uk - but struggling to find a good cover insurance for him over here. It seems that I can only insure him for accidents? Can anyone recommend a good company? (We're Perth side if that makes any difference) I best start working and saving harder!!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions :wubclub:
  8. MouseBear

    Friends in Perth

    Hi all, Just packed up my house today and all my belongings are now wedged into a container (hopefully somewhere safe!!). Just doing the last round of goodbyes - I knew it would be hard but this is silly - my eyes hurt from crying!:em4600: Last ones tomorrow then hopefully fly out Wednesday - think I might spend the first week catching up on sleep and eating!! It'd be good to keep intouch with people doing the same thing - it's hard to explain and talk about things to people that aren't in the same boat. Hope you're all getting organised :wubclub:
  9. MouseBear

    WA suburbs/areas to live

    Hi all, So we just got the visa and now moving quickly to start our new life. Been looking at houses but can any one give me advice on areas to look at. Looking at up to 2 hours from Perth city - near the coast. Is there any where we shoud avoid or definately look at??? Thank you in advance :wubclub:
  10. MouseBear

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hiya! Turn us purple please!! We got a case officer at the end of January asking for a bit more info and medicals and police checks, which we got done within the week and sent it all. Then got visa grant on 4th March so about a 5 week turn over. Good Luck to all that are going through this rollercoaster ride!! Just stick through it and things will happen. Thank you to all that gave advice and support :wubclub:
  11. MouseBear

    Tools - how clean is clean??

    Hi, This is something we've been thinking about too. How clean is clean?? Just been to an immigration show and discussed with some of the removal companies and they were a little vague. It seems it will depend of what they decide at the other end. We're just wondering as OH is a builder so he has a variety of tools from plastering tools/trowels, bricklaying tools/trowels and large things like kangos and cement mixers which are all well used!! How on earth do you get caked on cement and plaster off tools???? How clean is clean???? So many questions now - because we too have heard things are really expensive to replace there.
  12. MouseBear

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Turn us pink too please :biggrin: just been contacted by CO
  13. MouseBear

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    I think I move too!!!!! I daren't say it out loud too much but I do believe I'm now category 2!! Sept 2009 WA SS Sept 2009 Bricklayer!!! Is it all real - I'm holding onto that rug tight as I can now - really don't want it pulled out from under me again!
  14. This is just endless!! One thing after the other :em4600: So WHO exactly does this effect now - applications after July 2010 or ALL those waiting in the pipeline that haven't got a case officer?? Or is this the news we're waiting for next week??
  15. MouseBear

    Who's waiting for WA SMP??

    We can do it!!! It SURELY can't be long! We've all managed this far (granted only by the power of biscuits/chocolate/alcohol/more chocolate and cake) but we can wait a 'little' longer!!