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  1. Thanks I am applying for new skills assessment as Systems Administrator as that occupation is on list for NSW state sponsorship, I have chekced the description on ACS - I can link most of my studying units to the requirements specified by ACS, hopefully that will still exist on nsw list when my Skills assessment comes through.
  2. Hi All, My situation:- current visa = 485 (graduate skilled) Age = 23 expiry = May 2014 Skills assessment = ICT Business Analyst IELTS = scored 7 each living in NSW Work = Data Centre / Help Desk- since march 2013 (permanent job) My elder brother is Australian Citizen = but lives in Sydney, we both have lived and worked in Adelaide for 1 year from 2011 to 2012. (should it make a difference??) My brother is also willing to move to regional area to help me score points (his work can accommodate flexible arrangements) Question: I currently score 55 points on skills select, I want to explore my options of getting permanent residence. Any assistance will be appreciated. Age = 25 points(cos I am 23 not 25) australian study = 5 Bachelors degree = 15 IELTS = 10 (7 each scored !!) total = 55 I hope I will get another 5 points for working in Data Centre /helpdesk for 1 year in March 2014 (please correct me if I am wrong) ---------------------------------------- What are my best options as I have seen that state sponsorships are no longer an option for ICT business Analysts? Thanks for you input
  3. Did you attach it to your online documents page? Forward the same email to them if that doesnt work, call the Global feedback unit and let them know whats happening!
  4. I was newer desperate for PR!!! I just wanted to stay with my wife.... all I want is my wife to be here with me!! No other benefits of Getting a PR .... I already have a permanent job (I pay tax on the top bracket)..... Only Issue was my wife couldnt join me on bridging visa...but now she would be and I am desperate for her to come here and live with me!
  5. Thanks a ton to all of you!!! So now my passport is stamped!! BUT, it doesn' stop here!!!!! NOW MY WIFE IS GONNA PUT 309 Application!! So need to chase them again till god knows when!!
  6. Finally!!!!! They have approved my 885 application!!!! Status changed to Applicant approved!!!! thanks all of u for all ur support! Goodluck to all who are still waiting! off to DIAC for getting my passport stamped
  7. http://www.immi.gov.au/gateways/panel_doctors/contact_us/ --------------------------- just received this in reply to my email yesterday: Thank you for your email. Please be advised the medicals which you are enquiring about have been assessed and finalised. If you should require further information, please contact your case officer or relevant business area and quote the following Client ID Number:xxxxxxxxxx hopefully should get approved soon-----------
  8. Todays update from CO: The time taken to assess your wife's medicals in not unusual and there is no requirement for you to follow this up. I will receive the electronic results in due course. -------------------------- I called up global health again today and this chick told me to wait another 2 to 3 weeks!! wtf !! it was hand delivered to them on 20/06....it normally takes 2 to 3 weeks to finalise.... its already over a month now, I asked for her name and a complaints contact number: to which she replied please forward me the Auspost's tracking number and I will check it out.!!!! Lazy bastards!!!
  9. Yes you can, its your application after all, did you upload the receipt from Medibank? Send the receipt to teams email address as the CO can see the results electronically, you dont need to send the paper results until CO specifically asks for that. Just upload the receipt and send ur CO an email with attachement.
  10. They dont have specific name wise email addresses (atleat they dont give it to us).... You would have to email the brisbane team 15 : Just put Attn : (ur CO name) in subjects field in caps and they would reply. My CO is good she replies back in 24 hours.... ---------------- New update: Called Global Health Department in Sydney and asked them how long will my non migrating wife's medical (which was sent to them on 20/06 by Panel Dr in India)will take before it is sent to my CO. The guy on the phone advised that it should be finalised by the end of this week ... so hopefully they send it to my CO on Friday and then my application may be finalised next week :jiggy::jiggy:...I hope.....
  11. Congratulations Vasu, Hope we get to share similar status soon!!! Latest email update from my CO! (My non migating wife's medical's are still not received byCO- it was delivered to them on 20th June by austrlaia post) "The documents have been received. As previously advised, I am awaiting the electronic results for your wife's medicals which will be provided to me once the medicals have been assessed."
  12. How the hell can they give such a response that they are going through an outage? dont they have back up systems and database? Its a freaking Immigration Department for gods sake and not a corner 7/11 store!!!!! Its not unfortunate ! it shows how unefficient and how they are! where the f**k they put all these money that they earn? 1 application = $2575 for doing what?
  13. So did u apply for ur wife's visa after ur APR was granted or did u apply for her with ur application itself? how long does it take for 309 visa? any idea?