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    We have furniture!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Emma, Didnt have a chance to say goodbye, but just pleased you have settled back into UK life. Hope everything works out for you, anthony and the girls, lovely to meet you whilst you were in Oz. Thankfully we are loving every day still and have no intentions of returning to UK, and after receiving our container I am officially fed up with moving!!!! All the best Nicki, Matt, felton and brooke.

    price of shipping car @ motorbike

    Hi rajt, I wil try and answer as best I can. 1. The 20K was the UK price, we were always unsure about this valuation, as it was never made clear to us whether it would be oz ot uk value, and to honest most people said it would be landed price(oz)less import valu, so we just assumedd we would have LCT to pay aswell. 2 The car and our motorbike were totally unblemished by the shippers, however the Range Rover when it went for compliance checks has had its licence plate drilled straight thru the paintwork with out using the correct brackets so we have had to sort this out. 3.The speedo will always have to be in KM for compliance. 4.Unsure about the dealer question as we only just got here, but Landrovers they import from UK so I cant see there being any servicing problems, and also no modifications were required. 5.You have to have marine insurance whilst being shipped, and it has been so easy to insure the vehicle here too. 6. The whole process from import licences to delivery was about 16 weeks, however, we had abit of delay with our container in Brisbane due to the floods!! We left same time as our container but as long as all the permit licences, car paperwork etc are with the shippers or someone else it should be ok. They changed the Personal Import scheme end of last year so not too sure whether there is a time limit for you abide to, check the DOTAR website. Hope this helps and make sure you do your homework. The replacement value would be a fortune here Mercs/ BMW/Audi. Good luck

    price of shipping car @ motorbike

    Hi we also have a Harley at home. They too are really expensive here. We are looking to import it under a different scheme as personal import only allows you one vehicle per 5 years now! The fatboy is 16 yrs old and done lots of photo shoots and calendars so again it's sentimental to us . I know there are other import schemes and I think there is one for vehicles 15 yrs plus. Only collected our vehicles Friday so need a break before more research.

    price of shipping car @ motorbike

    Again, Just do homework as to replacement value. Matts Ducati was a ltd edition only 200 made in Europe, so basically irreplacable here!!!

    price of shipping car @ motorbike

    We used a company via crown called new prestige world, based at Rocklea in Brisbane. They dealt with everything within 5 days !!

    price of shipping car @ motorbike

    hi, the bike was $800 customs tax, rough estimate to work to is 10% of value and all the stuff in previous post was approx $1500. rate at 1.6 1400 GBP in total plus shipping costs. We chose to use a company to deal with everything on our behalf, for ease, to be honest all they have charged xtra than the authorities is collecting the bike $145, all other fees have to be paid to re register. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi, Just thought I would post my personal fees involved in shipping a car or motorbike. Of course every vehicle and cost vary, but just thought it may help some people with the dilemma!!! Overall we are so glad we went through this process and has been totally straightforward. 2006 Range Rover Sport value approx 20,000 GBP Ducati 999r Fila edition 15,000GBP Both vehicles were shipped with our personal belongings so it was approx 2000GBP extra for 40ft container. Import licence 50GBP allow 6 weeks for this and you must have this before vehicle can leave the UK. Range Rover 10% customs 10% GST $4000 ( valued UK price ) Ducati 999R only pay customs tax on motorbikes 10% $800 ?? Range Rover compliance,registration docs application for import plate,safety certs $289 delivery to workshop $165 safety certificate $64.50 environmental fee?? $20.50 engineer inspection,sign off, mod plate and cert $265 personal import plate and fit $101.50 Stamp duty is 3.5% upto 6 cyl on Aus value of vehicle which has to be paid one off fee. Please also note that many say an import is only worth 65% of Aus market, but we have been advised by the official valuers that it is really only 10% maybe upto 20% less. Rego, 3rd party ins varies from car to car, state to state. $1800 Make sure you do lots of homework, but we know for the same spec and condition of car it was just a no brainer not to bring as replacement value would have been at least $60,000. With the crap exchange rate it was worth the hassle. Hope this helps Nicki

    Bmw x5

    Hi I have posted the prices and also$50 for import permits and yes was under personal import scheme. Still haven't got the car yet as it's gone for compliance and we have used a company to deal with the whole registration and compliance procedure but I think it will roughly be $1000 in total. We have also imported a ducati and that was$800 tax. I will post full details and info when whole process is complete

    Bmw x5

    Hi, We have just shipped our range Rover Sport over, and I think you are mad not to do the same. We are so pleased, as the replacement costs here for a simular vehicle are triple!! So far it cost us an extra 2000 GPB for a 40ft container and customs and taxes $4100. we still have rego and compliance to take place, but def worth every penny. Even tho they say its an import and worth 65% of Aus value, you would still get more money over here for it than UK.
  10. Hi, We have just had our container delivered this week. We transported household goods, car and motorbike in a 40ft. A lot of people on this site advise against it, as it is alot of hard work, however, we are so pleased we have done the process. The vehicle permits, although they say 3 weeks, with posting to and from it was about 6 weeks, so allow a couple of months for them. they are $50. The container topped up and extra 2000 GBP by having a 40ft, and we cannot believe our luck in the valuation of the vehicle here. A broker was used to calculate the import customs tax and they have worked on uk figures and depreciation. Tax to be paid was $4000. We was unsure how they would do this and our car in UK was worth about 25,000 GBP and here at least $75K to replace , so for us it has been worth every effort. You can send your vehicle seperately and I think it maybe cheaper.

    163 movement at last!!!!!

    You have to be between 18 and 31!!!!
  12. Hi mr Luvpants will not be able to make it due to training, I too can't wait to put face to name!!!

    business 163 granted

    Hi Jon, Thanks for your kind words!! You have to come here with a total positive attitude or I dont think it can work. Its true to say that I had read so many horror stories on here of people not finding rentals,schools unable to phone/internet contracts etc or just not being able to settle. Its not cheap anymore, but its all swings and roundabouts. I dont think it costs more to live here than UK. The sunny coast is certainly living up to its name, and is so laid back, everyone is so helpful and friendly and I'm sure you will be fine. We couldnt decide between the GC or SC but have visited friends several times since we have arrived and know we have made the right choice for us. We feel really settled, and are in the process of buying a business, a bit scary but I still think the anxiety and living in limbo waiting for the blimmin visa was the worst. We are gradually forgetting all that, as we strut around in our bikinis! We really do not want to go home. Let us know when you arrive or if you need info let us know. Nicki P

    business 163 granted

    Hi Emma Have sent you PM

    business 163 granted

    Hi Mel, Thanks will wait for approval from immigration,should know in a couple of days and double check everything!!! I am a bit confused as our agents The Emigration Group set us up with a couple of franchisors over 2yrs ago and we flew out for business meetings. I must of had a strong application as I never had any contact with case officer and my visa was granted in less than 10mths. They certainly want us business owners to jump thru hoops!!! Nicki