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  1. No sorry, don't live there just visit sometimes as my friend lives near in Tiddington, Stratford. I live near Coventry.
  2. Just a quick post, not been on in ages. Alcester is a lovely village and all, but it is very expensive for property. Supermarket is waitrose, there are other shops but think that is main one. Same with Stratford, kenilworth, they are lovely and expensive, Stratford also has too many tourists for me to live there, etc. In my small town in Warwickshire a local lad was badly beaten on Sunday night in a night club! He is in hospital, the incident with the old lady of 94 is true and it doesn't stop, all you seem to hear is more doom and gloom. Just my opinions.
  3. OZwanted

    Is there a method

    haha, we have loads of that stuff too, just wading through it all; slowly even though we are nowhere near I am trying to get rid of some stuff now to charity or selling. I have loads of cherished teddies which I think I am going to sell. TV programmes say have 3 or 4 piles - i think keep / sell / charity / bin. Good luck with it all.
  4. OZwanted

    another leaving thread

    Hi Paul, Just want to add my little bit, your posts are always great You are an ace mate You will be missed Don't be dissed! and Life's too short to hate. Hurry back soon and keep your chin up, hun x
  5. OZwanted

    My Very First Day In Australia.

    Tony, that is a lovely story and thank you for sharing. all the best Heidi x
  6. OZwanted


    I hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you? Do you have a degree already and what qualifications have you got already? Look on the ACS website regarding accounting and what might be recognised. Hope this helps, good luck
  7. OZwanted


    Welcome and good luck with all your plans. Hope it all goes well for you and your family, we had a trip out last year too and loved Brisbane.
  8. OZwanted

    Will it be enough in Sydney?

    Hi Phil and Vicki, I have read your posts with interest as we are looking to come in the future, OH is in IT - Group Applications Manager. Will read your future posts to see how you get on and will be interested in rental prices, travel costs, etc.
  9. OZwanted

    The Luvpants have landed! Our arrival report.

    A totally fantastic, informative post, I loved Brisbane too and stayed at Rudi's other house. (Hi Catherine). I think my OH is now on the same hymn sheet as myself and we are now looking at Sydney for his work (IT). Hope all continues to be well for yourself and Lisa and good luck for work and your future life.
  10. OZwanted

    Arrived on the Central Coast!

    Wow, well done all sounds great, you have done really well to get so sorted and glad doggies are both fine, although hot. keep us all updated with info on your great new life. We are thinking about Sydney now as hubby in IT and works in London although commutes from Warks so doesn't go in every day. Can you in the future give a breakdown of some of your bills please. All the best Heidi x
  11. OZwanted

    We passed Ielts!

    Hi Kelly and Jamie, So pleased to hear your good news, I know you have had some ups and downs and u don't give up. Good luck for the next bit, xx
  12. OZwanted

    Tilers wages in Perth

    Sorry - I can't help but good luck finding out.
  13. OZwanted

    Wish me luck !!

    All the best hun, hope it all goes well for you tomoz. x
  14. On Phil down under the chip shop couple had a british business too - so could possibly send to other Aus states. Might be a bit cheaper than coming from UK; as their shipping would be less as they would be buying in bulk. just a thought. All the best to the OP for their new life in Sydney and keep us posted how you get on.
  15. OZwanted

    worth getting private health cover?

    when i was over on holiday, we saw the ads telling the young guy if he earned more than ex amount of au$ he would lose money but if paid into medicare he wouldn't. how much as a couple would you need to earn before the loss would occur? thanks in advance and sorry can't remember exact figure for the young guy but think it was over $40K.