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  1. firebladebally

    Vauxhall Corsa/Holden barina for sale

    Vauxhall corsa/barina for sale 1999 model, 1.4 automatic, metallic black, power steering, air-con, 3 door, 174000 ks, nice car and economical, road worthy certificate, six months rego, service history, sony cd player. $4500 o.n.o. Located at the gold coast, phone james on 0459382762 for more info, cheers.
  2. firebladebally

    Sunglasses cheaper duty free or in oz?????

    dont think oakleys are that big over here i have only seen them once or twice. i reckon you would be better to get them in the duty free, im sure they will be cheaper than in oz. have a look on some oz webiste for prices before you set off.
  3. firebladebally

    Ford Falcon - Ideal backpacker car!

    230,000. there is a massive folder of history with the car aswell. service, parts etc. Cheers
  4. firebladebally

    Ford Falcon - Ideal backpacker car!

    Hi, that was stupid off me ! on the gold coast! cheers
  5. firebladebally

    Ford Falcon - Ideal backpacker car!

    Up for sale is my 1994 ford falcon stationwagon. This car is ideal for backpackers because you can sleep in the back! I have owned the car since october last year and now am upgrading. It has 6 months rego, and a roadworthy certificate so is ready to go. It has a four litre engine so goes well. It has a new exhaust and a new battery. I used the car to go from brisbane to cairns, then back again and it it currently my daily driver. It has air con and power steering. $3000 or nearest offer, if interested ring james on 0459328762,cheers. The car is located at the gold coast.
  6. firebladebally

    Anyone emigrating from Yorkshire?

    Im from a little town called Garforth, which is in Leeds. Now living on the gold coast and Garforth is becoming a distant memory.......:cry:
  7. firebladebally

    Esky where can I buy one?

    we found Bigw was the cheapest....avoid BCF at all cost, they are rip off merchants. As above Kmart, Bigw or target probably. Enjoy
  8. firebladebally

    Vodafone reception...good or bad ?

    Cheers paul, i know telstra are good but im also a tight arse. $45 vodafone unlimited. $129 telstra unlimited.....its very rare il be going anywhere other than sydney, brisbane, and the likes. I take it you are with telstra with all the travelling you do ?
  9. firebladebally

    Vodafone reception...good or bad ?

    Hi all, i need a phone contract. Vodafone are the best prices wise by a country mile. The question is, is the reception as bad as people say??? I know it depends where you are, im in the gold coast and vodafone told me the reception is excellent..which they probably would do. Is anyone on vodafone and what is your reception like ? Cheers James
  10. Im on the gold coast mate and id be more than happy to go for a beer if you fancy having a trip up one day. If you cant get up here i could give you a shout the next time im in brisbane......private message me if you fancy it. Cheers, James
  11. Hi all, a group of us are going down to the Burleigh Breaka Pro finals on sunday. We will be there from 10 am onwards and are making a full day of it. It should be nice and sunny and im sure there will be a good atmosphere at the beach. So if anyone fancies it come and join us. If anyone needs my number for directions or anything send me a private message. Hope to see you there. Cheers James. :biggrin:
  12. firebladebally

    Central Coast

    Hi all, i live in runaway bay and I too am getting cabin fever, if anyone fancys a drink or something let me know! the sooner the better for me! Cheers, James
  13. firebladebally

    advise for WHV

    HI, in order to get the 2nd year holiday visa you MUST do 3 months regional work. They can come on a working holiday visa and if they do get the offer of sponsorship then the will just start the process and a new visa will be applied for. They should not have to leave the country or anything. My partner and I did the same thing and now her company is getting her a temperary labour agreement visa which will entitle us to stay for 2 years. This visa can lead to a perm visa if the employer and employee are happy with each other and would like to make it a longer arrangement. We found it quite straight forward. They just need to get her, prove themselves and they will be fine. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  14. firebladebally

    Advice needed

    Mate, move to the gold coast and il cheer you up.! But ye, do what feels right for you. I hope you figure out what will make you happy.
  15. firebladebally

    Moving to Mackay

    HI, i stayed in mackay for a while, i couldnt find a hotel/b&B for a reasonable price. I believe this is because of all the miners that are in mackay and the accomodation is priced for there wages and most of the time is completly full anyway. The only thing we could find was on a caravan park, a little unit that was $400 a week so we ended up renting in a shared house which cost us $200 a week. Private house rental is (i think) the only way to go. When you get there go to a newsagents and buy a pocket trader which has private rentals in there, there are usually about 20 or 30. Hope this helps.Cheers