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  1. Reading it again I think your interpretation is probably right RockDr. I think it's still worth looking into though, because unmarried fathers have less rights generally then married ones. A quick search suggests that much depends on whether the child was born before or after 1 December 2003. As you say, if this is a serious issue it's time for readybrek to see a lawyer.
  2. Hi Readybrek You refer to your OH as "partner", does this mean you are not married to him? If this is the case, I would guess, and it is a guess because I am certainly not a lawyer, that you have no claim over his two children under the Hague Convention and he has no claim over your one child either. So if it were to all go wrong, you would go home with your one child (if you had to leave the country) and he would do whatever with his two. As for would you get deported, you should be okay to stay in this country for as long as your visa is valid. You say you are on his visa, but surely your passport has a visa stamped in it, so whilst you did come in off the back of your partners visa, you do now have your own. So, are you married or are you partners?
  3. Have you tried searching for futsal, that's a common name for it here. My search took over 2 years aswell, I'm in Brisbane, but I've just started playing again and it's great! Last week we got beat 12-1. I have also been playing in a 6 a side outdoor league and I've really enjoyed that too, despite never playing on grass regularly before. Don't give up the search, it will be happening there and it's worth finding.
  4. BobinOz

    Is Oz much more expensive than the UK

    I think you're right fleabo. I did research just that and I found, but couldn't truly confirm, that an adult supermarket shelf stacker at Coles gets $17.47 per hour or $664 for a 38 hour week. This is compared with £6.08 per hour over a Sainsbury’s in the UK. That's a huge amount more to the Aussie worker, especially at current exchange rates, something like 70% more.
  5. BobinOz

    Is Oz much more expensive than the UK

    I have written quite a few articles about the cost of living in Australia compared with the cost of living in England. Here's a bit of what I found. Australia is cheapest for: petrol, houses, wine. England is cheapest for: cars, telephone calls, beer, spirits, childrens toys. Not much in it: groceries, electrical goods, electricity, income tax. But all of these cost comparisons involved directly exchanging English pounds for Australian dollars to see what you can buy. In the last three years the pound has tumbled badly against the Australian dollar. Three years ago you could buy $2.50 AUD for one pound, now it is around $1.70. So some of my comparisons are now a little out of date because as the pound has fallen more than 30% against the Australian dollar, then this country starts to look more expensive. But that is not what's important, not once you are living here and earning AUD. And that is a big difference. Because I also did a comparison of wages between England and Australia and I found that salaries here are on average 24% to 31.7% higher than they are in the UK. I've been living here for three years and my conclusion is, taking into account the swings and roundabouts, there really isn't much in it. The cost of living in both countries is about the same. But as salaries are higher here you can expect a slightly better standard of living than you had back in England...... probably. I say that because some jobs are lower paid here than they are in England and, of course, it depends what you spend your money on. But I do think it's a mistake to compare prices directly with out taking into account the higher salaries you may be getting here.
  6. BobinOz

    how to get a great rental!

    That's excellent advice Jenny, going for a rental here is a bit like applying for a job, you got to put a bit of effort into you application to get noticed. Anyway, now you got it, forget the garden, have a party!!!! :-)
  7. HaHaHa! Yeah, right. As far as I know, nobody has been recorded as dying from a spider bite in Australia since 1979. Whadya trying to do, frighten people? C'mon, let's start a snake thread.....
  8. I live in Brisbane so I imagine our spider population is probably bigger than that of Melbourne. When I moved over here in November 2007 I went straight into our new house which had stood vacant for five months. Except it wasn't vacant, it had been taken over by creepy crawlies, predominantly spiders. I don't have a fear of spiders so it wasn't too traumatic, but it was still very uncomfortable as we were seeing around 10 or more spiders in the house each week. At that time, I'm afraid I had a kill on sight policy. Not something I used to do in England choosing instead the kinder method of capturing in a jar and evicting from the premises. Having a three-year-old daughter meant constantly checking her bedroom and I know I was subconsciously scanning every room for insects whenever I walked into them. Then we paid $200 to have the house sprayed. Unfortunately Brisbane then had its heaviest downpour for 10 years and boy was that heavy! And a month later still lots of spiders. So I called the spray company up because their guarantee says no insects for a year after spraying. True to their word, they came back and did it again for free. Result: no more spiders! Spraying works. Now we know when our 12 months is up because one or two spiders appear in the final month. We get it re-sprayed and they are all gone again. We've now been sprayed three times and I can't remember the last time I saw a spider in the house. By the way, I have also been bitten by a red back spider, happened when I was doing the gardening and picking up a load of leaves. The bite itself doesn't hurt, I didn't even notice it. But soon it felt like somebody had driven a hot nail into my wrist. Intense at first, but already fading after about 40 minutes. I phoned the doctor because I didn't know whether I should take myself to a hospital and he explained that if I didn't suffer palpitations, nausea, vomiting, headaches, difficulty breathing, abdominal pains or a fever within the next couple of hours, no need to worry. Apparently only around 20% of those bitten get any of those reactions. I didn't and after three hours all the pain had pretty much gone. Unless you're really unlucky, and I mean extraordinarily unlucky, that's probably as bad as it gets. But I would definitely recommend getting your house sprayed every year, it'll be $200 well spent.
  9. BobinOz

    I-Player and Match of the Day

    I am also a football fanatic who used to regularly watch Match of the Day back in England. But now I have Foxtel's sports I don't really need to watch it. Almost every English Premier League game is shown live and then on Mondays they have a one hour program called BPL (Barclays Premier League) Highlights. It's just like Match of the Day except without the expert analysis, which in many ways is very predictable. But if you really want Match of the Day it is very easy to get hold of. You need to investigate the world of torrents. It is an illegal world so obviously I know absolutely nothing about it. But if you were to Google "how to torrent" you will get lots of information. But using a piece of free software called utorrent and a website called isohunt would sure get you started. Match of the Day is one of those programs that is very popular on torrents and you could download it in about 40 minutes or so with a reasonably good connection. You could then watch it on your PC quite easily or, with a little research, you can find a way of watching it on your television. Sometimes that can be as simple as connecting your laptop to your television with an HMDI cable....... ....or so I've heard.
  10. BobinOz

    Which removal firm?

    We used Pickfords and we couldn't fault them. Yes, they broke a few things but we paid for the insurance and they paid out in full, new for old. So we did quite well out of that. Then when we got to Australia, we were quite concerned because our new house had a 45 meter long driveway that was like the side of Mount Everest. No way was the removal truck getting up there! Their terms and conditions stated there would be a surcharge if the van couldn't park within 25 m of the front door. So we were expecting to get hit with an extra bill. When the Aussie team turned up with our stuff, they looked at the hill and gasped slightly. And then they proceeded to run up it carrying fridges, TVs, beds, sideboards, you name it they carried it up the hill. At the end of it all, I gave them a couple of cases of Golds and we never heard no more from them. They get my vote.
  11. BobinOz

    Help Needed Quickly!!!

    I really don't think you have a problem with this. I have met many English people living here who still own their homes back in the UK and rent them out. I don't think they would even ask you. What may be a problem, and I am not sure about this, but if someone were to leave the UK and chuck the keys back to the mortgage company whilst in negative equity, that might surface as a problem. Tax is a different issue. When you come to Australia you will be delighted to know that you will have to do Australian tax and UK tax forms every year for some time. Check with an accountant but I believe your England home will be an English tax issue with the UK tax authorities. But as you are not making any profit, no tax will be due.
  12. BobinOz

    Madeleine McCann In Oz ????????

    Yes, I too have a little girl of a similar age to Madeleine. I wept when that little girl was taken and every morning the first thing I would do was log in to BBC News to see if she had been found. I still log in to BBC News hoping to see that as a headline, it's extremely sad. What is unbelievable is that this new lead has only just come to light because the guy who had the information just a couple of days after Madeleine's abduction didn't want to talk to police in case "his wife thought he was chatting up a posh lookalike". Unbelievable! There have been so many false leads in this case, we can only hope that this lead is true. Anything that results in Madeleine being alive AND not being held by some perverts would surely be a result.
  13. As most people have said, both are fantastic. if I have a preference, possibly the Sunshine Coast takes it for me. Especially around Mooloolaba. Yes, the Gold Coast is more commercial, but Australian "commercial" is nothing like Englands. Surfers Paradise is as commercial as it gets but still isn't a patch on Southend-on-Sea's non stop flashing lights. In English terms, I think Surfers is quiet! I live in a western suburb of Brisbane. I can be at Surfers Paradise within an hour and a quarter or I can be at Mooloolaba in an hour and a half. Although I am 25 minutes from the city, it's like living in the countryside where I am. I get the choice of both beaches and all the action of the city yet live in the sticks. This option may be perfect for your kids. Something to consider perhaps.
  14. BobinOz

    new to poms in oz

    uklovingaussie makes a good point. If you were born and bred in Australia, and lived there all your life, I can understand that many might think "there must be more to life than glorious beaches and fantastic weather". And there is, Europe is a fantastic place with so much to see, in my book it is the most exciting continent on the planet. For someone who has lived in Europe all their life, and more particularly England, they are entitled to think "there must be more to life than overcrowding, miserable winters and two week long summers". And there is. I looked at it this way. I did not want to live in the same country all of my life. I felt that would be a little limiting. We're only on this planet once, I think, so why stay in one place? But it wouldn't surprise me if in 15 or so years time, when my daughter is in her 20s, to hear her say "there must be more than Australia?" Petals: you are certainly making the most of your time on the planet aren't you? Which was your favourite?
  15. BobinOz

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It's good to be in here.