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  1. markand kerry

    if only i'd known......

    Hi Jamie I lived in kent moved over here 9 months ago. I would say one thing I wish we had of done was be tighter with the purse strings at first until you start earning in dollars your savings WILL take a kicking! So I would just be carefully with that. If you intended on moving about rent a cheap car don't be proud like we were they know how to charge.But the most important thing is keep the reason why you mad this move at the front of your mind I every decision and move that you make and you will be fine. Anything else you are not sure of let me know as I'm London/kent boy and will help where I can Mark
  2. markand kerry

    Electrician looking for work in hobart

    Hi there we emigrated in march 2012 to Melbourne I found work within two days but I tried to secure something before we left and found it very difficult to even get a response. I'm currently doing the lea course which is a refresher course to do before you sit there theory exam and then the practical you then need twelve months experience before you can get the a licence but it's very different in each state so I would advise looking into it now so you can prepare as a couple of people I know moved to western australia and got there a licence straight away I know it's stressful but it's all a gamble the one thing I have learnt is to talk to everyone as its not what you know it who you know even more so over here I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions I'll reply to the best of my knowledge Thanks mark
  3. Hi there My family and I have been here 7 month now and would love to meet more people that have had similar experiences.It's just the three of us myself 30 and an electrician my wife to be 28 and our son 8 See you there Saturday
  4. markand kerry

    Any Electricians in Victoria Please?

    Hi there Myself and my family moved to Victoria in march and it's flown by.anyway just to clarify things. I'm an electrician in the uk energy safe Victoria make it very hard for you to get an A licence I currently have a restricted one and I had to do the veatasses to get my restricted one. At my son birthday party I got talking to one of the parents and turns out to be the head of electrical at a tafe so I managed to get him to find out what I had to do to get my A licence as I had been told about four different routes by four different organizations it turns out this is what you have to do. Enrole in a short course at a tafe called the LEA ( which has three parts) SWP safe working practersises electrical therory electrical practical Once you have completed the course you have to sit three exams and once passed take it to energy safe Victoria and you will be given an unrestricted licence Pleasenote the 12 months experience is for gaining REC not the A licence the REC is your registered electrical company number which is also another course which allows you to trade for yourself All of this information is as I have said from a guy in the know.Also they won't accept the SA A licence they have got smart to that as it was something I was looking into. Unfortunately you have chosen the hardest state to gain a licence, but on the plus side with it being very union based its very well paid once you have it and in my opinion it's very easy work compared to the uk Hope this helps Mark
  5. markand kerry

    golfer needs help!

    You have a pm!
  6. Hi, make sure you always park the same way as the flow of traffic and never drive over the speed limit, you will get tugged....we did the 1st week us being in Melbourne ($224 for going 10km over) and between schools over there's a limit of 40km driving past schools again the police will get you!!! Hope this helps :confused:
  7. markand kerry

    car insurance for our imported car

    Thanks guys for your help, shannons would not insure as i wasn't a car enthusiast. RACV was the one that managed to insure me for $25 a month so went with them. If anyone is stuck for finding an insurer, you can go to http://www.fos.org.au/findaninsurer and type in imported and gives you a list of insurers that will insure an imported vehicle. Many thanks again Kerry :wink:
  8. markand kerry

    car insurance for our imported car

    I need someones help or advise would be great. We have just recently imported our car over to Melbourne from the UK. Got it registered at vic roads yesterday and now just need to get insurance on it. The car is a Ford Focus and manufactured in 2001 and every insurance company i go on to get a quote hasn't got that option for a focus in 2001. Looks like i may have to call every insurance company to find out. Can someone tell me how to whats the best thing to do as i'm really desperate? Many thanks Kerry and family :arghh:
  9. markand kerry

    Just landed in melbourne help......

    Hi everyone Im just writing this thread as i need some advice just landed in melbourne and we are are all staying in the park royal hotel (which is lovely by the way)Im 30 and an electrician my fiance is 28 and our son is 7. But i just cant help getting the thought that we are doing the wrong thing i keep telling myself that its nerves and only natural but feel responsible for this move of my family and would like to know if any of you guys got the same feelings and how you are all doing now. Are plan is to stay in frankston for 2 weeks then find somwhere in the berwick area as my son is in roled in school there. The thing is im normally quite a confidant guy and generally get on with things but the nerves are out waying the excitment.And i feel this shouldnt be the case maybe its jet lag im not sure but if anyone could lend some words of advice or meet for a coffee that would be really appreicated thanks in advance Mark, Kerry and Josh:unsure:
  10. markand kerry

    1 week in (any advice welcome)

    Hi there, Its great that your first impressions are good ones and i hope that you find work in the near future as i we will be in the same boat from march I'm a sparks. Could you explain what a white card is please. hope it all goes well as I'm sure it will Thanks Mark
  11. markand kerry

    How long for visa grant 176 after meds&PC

    Hi There, We had our police checks and medicals done in March and visa got granted at the end of April. Seems like its a long time but believe me it comes round quick. Hope this answers your question and hope its not too long a wait for you and good luck :smile:
  12. markand kerry

    All becoming very real questions help...

    The medical wasn't actually that bad. Something i have been worrying about for the last few weeks. Dr's and nurses are very nice and made you feel very welcome which is the one thing you want when your feeling a little nervous. For the 3 of us (2 adults, 1 child) it cost £495....full medical inc chest x-ray, health check....i.e respiratory, weight, height etc and HIV blood test -total cost £201 (£193 + £8 int postage). Children under 11....medical only inc weight, height, sight, ears etc but no blood tests or x-rays - total cost £93 (£85 + £8 int postage) Hope this helps Kerry, Mark & Josh :biggrin:
  13. markand kerry

    cost of medical and police clearance?

    Hi Lindsay, We have sent off for our police clearance and these cost £35 each and had our medicals today in Maidenhead and cost for the 3 of us £495.....adults £193 + £8 for international postage...full medical (x-ray, medical and HIV blood test).....child £85 + £8 for international postage....medical only as under 11 years. Mark has a tattoo and didn't charge any extra for this. Good luck Kerry, Mark and Josh
  14. markand kerry

    All becoming very real questions help...

    Thank you for your post, the information you have given us really helps. Hopefully all posts will help us decide and make it easier but have a feeling that our littleun will be the hardest one to decide what we're taking for him. :smile:
  15. Hi everyone Havent posted on the forum for a while but been keeping tabs on what everyones upto,My issuse is that just had the medicals completed today at the bridge clinic in Maidenhead they were really good made my son feel at ease and everything went well i think. But its all become very real and has focus my mind in what im about to do so my qestion is HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON WHAT TO TAKE, WHAT TO LEAVE WHERE TO START? Any advice would really help thanks