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  1. the dougans

    Holden Captiva Lx for sale

    thanks yea we love it only selling as moving away
  2. the dougans

    Holden Captiva Lx for sale

    Ok thanks
  3. the dougans

    Holden Captiva Lx for sale

    Holden captiva lx silver with leather interior, 4 wheel drive , $19,000 120,000 Kim's
  4. the dougans

    Mazda ute for sale brisbane

    No lol we don't need ute now just need a family car !!!
  5. the dougans

    Mazda ute for sale brisbane

    Mazda b2600 utility for sale , low mileage 89500, great runner , good condtion, good price , $6985!!!!
  6. hi i have a friend who is interested can you give me details please?
  7. the dougans

    Etihad Airways

    i dont know if they do 40 , we got 30 ud be best to ring london office and ask
  8. the dougans

    Etihad Airways

    yea was fine 30 kilos each all good , good luck
  9. the dougans

    Etihad Airways

    we had great service def as good as emirates !!!
  10. hi what age limit have u got for sponcership my dad is an electrician
  11. the dougans

    Brisbane - Lots of furnitiure to sell...read on

    hi would you take 80 for one of sofas ?
  12. springfield lakes is a nicer and newer forest lake good luck !!!
  13. the dougans

    Moving back to Ireland, only been here 6months

    hi good luck we were here in qld last year for just over 6 months we went home to cotland then came back to oz again after 8 months u should prob give it another 6 months untill you are sure take care
  14. $30 to $35 is average for carpenter in brisbane