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  1. The Flinns

    cheap calls to UK - who do you use?

    Hi Alan, I have a very similar set-up, I even have a fax machine connected to a separate line which I have used now for over 8 years. I use voiptalk.org Regards, Howard
  2. The Flinns

    Immigration Agents- Are they worth it?

    We did it ourselves for both our 475 state sponsored and our 887 perm residency and found it all very straight forward. In fact friends of our were due to apply for their PR at the same time as us and used an agent and it took them over 6 weeks to get the grant and the agent asked for lots of unnecessary substantiation. Our application to grant time (all done online) was less than a week! So go figure what my thoughts are on agents.
  3. The Flinns


    Hi Tink, I'd never seen your explanation before was just having a bit of a joke about your style. as I've already said it made me smile and that's why I gave the tongue in cheek comment. :cute:
  4. The Flinns


    It was obviously a joke. It made me smile how she had posted. For gods sake please go and get a sense of humour.
  5. The Flinns


    Hi Tink................why...............all the......................'s.........have you got........a.............................stammer? :wacko:
  6. The Flinns

    What Comics did you like as a kid ?

    My mum once bought me a VIz album for Christmas. It was called the big pink stiff one!!! :Randy-git:
  7. The Flinns

    Buyers Insurance

    It could be LMI if the borrowing is over 80% LVR as you say, although I would have expected that the LMI company would had to have approved the loan and that the lender/broker that you are using would have explained to you the LMI premium. It is quite high in most cases. Who has told you that you have to get insurance?
  8. The Flinns

    Buyers Insurance

    Hi I'm assuming that they are talking about house insurance as this is mandetory with all Lenders. They would usually require you to make sure that the minimum amount insured is for the rebuild cost, which will have been noted on the valuation by the valuer and that the lender is noted on the certificate of currency. (The insurance document). Most lenders usually specify within their loan pack exactly how much and who should be noted. P.S. If you have any problems with the finance then please feel free to get in touch. Regards, Howard.
  9. The Flinns

    New Points Test - Details Released 11 November

    Wow. I got over on a State Sponsored 475 (Temporary Visa). Under the new system, I would have qualified for the 175! Still only 8 more months to go until I can apply for PR.
  10. The Flinns

    Shipping company - crock of poo!!

    Amazed at how they have gone so downhill. We used them when we migrated just over a year ago now and they were excellent. Our furniture even arrived a week earlier than we had expected and there wasn't a single item damaged.
  11. The Flinns

    Just Want To Share

    Great news. Really chuffed for all of you and in particular Jake.
  12. The Flinns

    Cheapest way to call the UK - Phonecards?

    The easiest and by far the cheapest is through a voip provider (down the internet). I use voiptalk.org and a five pound credit can last me up to 3 months. You can also buy a local (UK) number, so that your friends and family can call you at local rates. The other beauty of using voip is that you can call landlines and mobiles back in the UK and still get charged a rediculously low rate For iphone users there is also an app provided by voiptalk (free) so that you can make calls from your mobile at rediculously low rates (provided you are using wifi) The sound quality is excellent if ringing the UK (I used this service for my business when back in the UK), although there is a bit of a delay if you are ringing an Aussie number as the signal has to go to the exchange box in the UK and back again! The only outlay is that you need to buy a voip phone ($20) and the software provided by voiptalk is free. Happy days
  13. The Flinns

    Interest Rates Held

    After three consecutive rate rises, the RBA has decided to leave the official cash rate on hold. The RBA has raised official interest rates six times since last October, taking the official cash rate from the historic lows of 3 per cent to what the central bank considers a more normal rate of 4.5 per cent. The escalating debt problems in Europe had led many economists to believe that the RBA would keep rates on hold this month. Speaking about the decision, RBA governor Glenn Stevens said since the board last met, concerns about sovereign creditworthiness in several European countries have been a focus of financial markets. “Investors have generally displayed a good deal more caution. As a result, equity prices have fallen and long-term government bond rates have declined outside of the countries most affected by the sovereign concerns. The Australian dollar fell sharply as part of this adjustment,” Mr Stevens said. “Taking all the available information into account, the Board views this setting of monetary policy as appropriate for the near term.”
  14. The Flinns

    Advice on Mortgage

    Great reply abz123, but there are a couple of points that need correcting/clarifying. 7) A 0.25% increase is going to add around $45 per month to a $300,000 mortgage 8) As a rule of thumb, always factor in around 5% of the purchase price to cover stamp duty and associated costs 9) Always ensure that the contract has a 'subject to finance' clause in it. Just in case you cannot get finance, for whatever reason. It is always a good idea to get a pre-approval for finance in any case. 10) Any good Broker should assess whether you have the capacity to service the debt and advise accordingly. 11) You only qualify for the FHOG (First Home Owners Grant) if you hold a permanent visa. Although if you are on a temporary visa when you buy and become permanent within 12 months of buying, then you can claim it back retrospectively. Kind Regards,
  15. HI PIO'ers The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised interest rates for the sixth time in seven months amid rising inflation and surging house prices. The 25 basis point rise in rates takes the official cash rate to 4.5 percent and will add around $45 to the monthly repayment on a $300,000 mortgage. Since the RBA began its current cycle of rate hikes in October last year, monthly repayments have gone up by around $250. Kind Regards,