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  1. Hi Lisha, Sorry for the delay responding, yes we are due in Perth in mid Sept. My wife WAS registered but due to our fourth being born we had to let the registration activation deadline pass so we have to re-register!! My wife has a job in KEMH in Subiaco organised, her ears really pricked up when she heard of another Irish midwife with a small baby moving over around the same time!! Are you registered with AHPRA yet? Takes a bloody age!! Have you any work orgainsed? Looking forward to hearing from you. John
  2. Hi Sadie, Apologies for the delay in replying- Yes we are heading to Perth, mid September hopefully:biggrin: As regards quotes we have only one so far from Careline, €5300 for 650sq ft- which sounds expensive. From reading other posts on here I've give McGimpseys a call and so far they seem very professional- hope the price is to my liking too!
  3. Arrrrgghhhhh... Girls why did you go PM!!! I was reading you posts as we are in the same boat, from west of ireland planning on moving over in Sept, wife's a midwife. We have four kids also, youngest is a week old, I thought we were the only ones who were planning(mad enough) to make the move with a big family.
  4. Johnlucy

    How much is enough?

    Should be there by now but the surprise of baby number four arriving in March has put us back a bit! My question is this will we survive on a combined income of $140,000, we have will have 4 kids- couple of months old+2yo+5yo+8yo. I know its been asked a million times! We will be on a 457. Cheers J
  5. Johnlucy

    All the good things about living in Perth

    Fiona- Thanks so much for your energizing post, doubts dispelled- for today at least.
  6. Johnlucy

    Kids playing outside..

    Hi Guys, We live in Galway, West of Ireland, our kids can run out the door and play with friends- which is one of the great benefits of where we live. We are planning on moving to Perth in October and were wondering if anyone can advise us to whether its the same over there? Cheers J&L
  7. Johnlucy

    Weather question..

    We've looked a Melbourne but just decided that Perth was rightly or wrongly more family orientated. I've heard that the heat in Melbourne can be a little overwhelming as the weather is so changeable?
  8. Johnlucy

    Weather question..

    Hi Guys, I know there are probably loads of posts on this but.... As a pasty white Irish family used to the soaring temperatures of western Ireland, just how big of a shock will the weather/heat be? And how long does it take to get used to it? Cheers J
  9. Johnlucy

    Emigration Agents- Are they worth it?

    Thanks guys, But its SOOOO bloody confusing!! We will be travelling out by virtue that my wife is a Midwife/nurse- should be ok for the visa. However does she/we need to do an IELTS test? J
  10. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any advice/experience on using an agent. We are looking at getting a 176 but it just seems to be so complicated!!! Also any idea how much they charge??? Cheers J Edit- should read Imigration... Doh!!
  11. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any advice/experience on using an agent. We are looking at getting a 176 but it just seems to be so complicated!!! Also any idea how much they charge??? Cheers J
  12. Johnlucy

    Midwives in Perth

    Hi, My husband and I and our three kids are considering moving to Perth. I am a midwife and am wondering what the work is like? Not just in terms of availability of jobs but also what the day to day work and career prospects are like? Any feedback would be appreciated. L
  13. Johnlucy

    Permanent resident Visa...

    Hi M2M, Thanks for taking the time to reply, we have been offered a job with a PR visa attached, if we accept this do you know how long we would have to stay with that employer? Melbourne is where we would like to be, but the job offer is for Sydney!!- J
  14. Hi Everyone, First time poster - long time fan, you guys seem to be fantastic for helping people out so here goes... My wife has been offered a job in Sydney with PR visa, truth be told we are very keen on Melbourne. How long are you obliged to stay with a company once you are in employment? She would be working for one of the hospitals, so her employer would be the local government/state, Many thanks in advance J&L