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  1. Hi Southern Health in Victoria were advertising and I know they have sponsored people in the past. you could google Daswest, Pendap Seads Eastern Health these are all public health drug and alcohol services in Victoria. Hope this helps
  2. z&p

    How much to build house?

    Hi, we are thinking of building in Victoria, I wonder if you could tell us who you used and what you thought of them? Its difficult to get recommendations as most of the people we know are in rentals! Any info would be great! Thanks
  3. Hi I've just finished reading your blog, what a fantastic experience. I'm not sure whether or not you still come on this , but I wondered if you have a list of the equipment etc you took with you. Also if you were to do the trip again is there anything else you would take or leave behind?
  4. WE shipped my husbands bike over last year. He put the standard pipes on the bike to ship it over, but brought the other ones with him and after he'd got it through all the inspections/registrations he put them back on the bike again!
  5. z&p

    Anyone out there on the Mornington Peninsula?

    I've just found this thread and wondered if any of you meet up from time to time. I moved to mornington at the beginning of October and like some of you work full time and have yet too meet many people, and like some am finding it hard at times. It would be great to meet up for a drink /coffee one evening or weekend if anybody is free. I live near Beleura Hill too ! Zina
  6. z&p

    Mornington meet Cancelled

    Hi, I have recently moved to Mornington with my husband and would love to come along to meet with some friendly faces! :smile: x
  7. z&p

    Nearly in melbourne!

    I know how you feel Jeza. I have 5 days left at work and lots of goodbyes to get through:( We then have a week of manic sorting out, and we fly out on the 26th August. One half of me is looking forward to it, the other is worried as hell! You are right though it is a new life or at least a second and different chance at it.
  8. Thanks Petals, unfortunately you have to be a member to access pay rates, and I'm not yet:(
  9. Anybody please:biggrin:
  10. Hi can anybody tell me what the salary would be for a Division 1 nurse Grade 3B year 1. I'm applying for jobs but can't find up to date pay scales anywhere. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  11. z&p

    Who's in Melbourne?

    We are moving to Melbourne (and looking at Mornington) on the 26th of August. Everything is being packed as we speak:arghh:, I've only had to undo 2 boxes when they packed all my documents and passport lol. When we arrive we'll be looking for new friends!!:biggrin: Any way I've got to go to decide what to leave and what to take, aghhhhhhhhhhh
  12. THanks, I've decided to wait up and try and ring to see what I need to do!
  13. z&p

    Do you live in Melbourne

    Hi I just wondered what it involves?
  14. Iam currently registered in WA as a nurse, and wonderedif anybody has transfered to the national scheme with mutual recognition. Also,if so, how long did it take to come through? I had assumed that it would be transfering automatically on the 1st of july,and have not done anything, to find that it didn', and we are now moving to Melbourne at the end of august, aghhhhhhhhhh