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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, My Girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Australia (NSW) around October this year (we still need to book the tickets!) and were wondering where we should consider moving to. I have a PR visa (my Dad put me on his when he moved to Sydney 5 years ago and it expires in November so I have to be there before then!) My Girlfriend has a 90 day working Visa. My Dad has lived in Sydney for 5 years now, we would like to move somewhere that isn't too far from him maybe maximum 45 mins drive from Sydney. We would like to be somewhere that doesn't feel too far out from everything (beaches, shopping centers, gyms etc) and would like to find work fairly quickly. Where would be the best areas for us to consider moving to? I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 25. Thanks a lot! Matt
  2. Technical Director

    Looking for quality football players

    Opportunity for football players who are able to obtain visa and move to Canberra Australia from Feb 15 to Oct 15. Weekly football salary and construction/laborer job available. Players will be participating in National Premier League in the Australian Capital Territory. Please send football CV and expression of interest to 'Canberra FC Info' <info@canberrafc.com>
  3. Me and my partner have been talking about moving back to the UK on and off for a while now. We have been in Oz for nearly 4 years and as of December can apply for citizenship. We are planning on getting our citizenship and then moving back home possibly towards the end of next year. Neither of us have ever felt at home here and I have been quite homesick now for a while. We have tried investing in study but I am starting to see that it is pointless as particularly my study (solicitor) will gear me for qualification in Australia when all I really want to do is go back home so I feel it is a waste of time and I should probably just try and finish my qualification in the UK. Our original plan was to save up some good money here and go back home but the homesickness is starting to get too much and I have already left it quite a long time between my original degree and qualification as it is. The thing that is putting us off is jobs though. Has anybody moved back and had an experience of not being able to get a job? I have looked on jobs websites and there looks to be a lot of jobs out there but getting one may be a different story. We will be able to move in with my parents when we first arrive so will have that support but it is both of our worst nightmares going from earning fairly good money to being unemployed and broke. Are we making a mistake thinking about this and letting the homesickness take over? Should we persevere for another few years and save up some money first? My mentality at the moment is that we came here with nothing, we gave it a good go and it didn't really work out for us this time and by getting our citizenship we have at least achieved something and could always come back. I should also point out that my partner has already invested a little bit of money in his masters (5k) and I have invested about 3k in my legal studies here but we both have an additional 2 years of study and my partners will cost 30k all up and mine 20k at least so it is a significant investment.
  4. ozhopeful1

    Emigrating on your own

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have been reading threads with great interests. I'm hoping to come over to OZ late this year/early next year from the UK. Currently in the midst of saving, I have good qualifications (Masters degree and professional quals in the IT industry) plus a good few years experience since graduation. So I'm relatively hopeful of securing a job once I get over there. The average salary for the job I want to do vary depending on location and serior positions etc, but I'll probably be aiming for the jobs around the 65k-85k mark. The main question is moving over on my own (completely, don't know anyone over there) Would this wage be livable for someone in mid/late-twenties in the Brisbane area, however the locations of Sydney and Melbourne are also of interest basically following the work. As I would need rent, rates, food, car, social life to meet people etc. The move is pretty much to try and kick my career to the next level, whilst simultaneously seeing some of the world and you never know I might even meet "the one" over there and never return back. Also has anyone else made the move entirely on their own? The prospect is quite daunting, I'm hoping the risk is worth the reward. I'm not expecting it to be a utopia by any stretch of the imagination and solving all of lifes problems but better weather, seemingly better job prospects by all accounts (from the North of England) and an experience which I feel has to be tried so as to not regret anything later in life. If it doesn't work out I can always return to the UK without the "What if" forever burning away at me.
  5. I am seeking for any graduate recruitment consultant opportunities in Australia (Preferably in Canberra So I can apply for State Nomination Visa 190), but elsewhere will be good too if they are offering visa sponsorship. Please PM me and we can discuss further details
  6. Just about to apply for a working/Holiday Visa for a 12 month duration and looking for any advice or info. I'm in the communication industry back here based in Brighton. I've been in the commercial Aerial/Satellite industry for the past 13 years, from domestic installations to new fibre sites containing 300+ dwellings (small villages). AV distribution is also a massive part of my job. Generally speaking I cover pretty much anything that involves TV or sound whether it be domestic or commercial. I'm heading to Perth potentially between the months of Dec 2014-Jan 2015 and wondering if there's any info or opportunities within the region. I really want to stay in the industry I know, as I feel I can give something back. Any info would be greatly appreciated, plus the missis is a qualified Beautician so if that's a good trade to have the option on that also?? Kind Regards Craig
  7. Emily Small

    Massage Threapist jobs

    Hello, I'm coming to Oz under a working holiday visa, during that time I'm thinking of training to become a massage therapist with the aim of eventually securing a permanent position and a Visa. I have found a course that is nationally recognized and has good employer feedback. do you think this is actually achievable? do you have any advice or tips that you think will help me?
  8. Lenka Danielle Chadaj


    Anyone else in or looking to head into journalism or publishing? I know they're on the list of wanted skills for Australia but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get into the business or internships etc?
  9. Hi, I've applied for migration as an advertising specialist for Canberra Regional Sponsorship which states this position as Limited Availability but I have not been able to find a single job in this category online. Can someone please refer me to portals (other than Hays, Seek, Michael Page which I practically remember by heart) Are there any advertising positions in Canberra (or ACT) at all?? I'm so lost! Please please help. Thanks Sadaf
  10. Hi, I'm currently a second year university of birmingham business management drop-out as of 3 days ago, oh the joy. However for a few months now me and three close friends (age 19-20) have been seriously considering to move to Australia to live for a considerable amount of time with the intention of staying there for the rest of our days. 2 of my friends are qualified with diploma level two qualification in basic skills of plumbing, one has a qualification in bar management and has worked in one for 2 years. I am currently a bar supervisor in a nightclub that i've been working in for about 5 months. Our end aims (5-10years) ideally are to have joint businesses in both. But we need help in how to go about this i.e. The types of visa's we should apply for (as we are only looking to book a one way flight and not have to go back) Actual location in oz, its a toss up between Sydney and Melbourne but completely open to your suggestions And finally how we should go about securing jobs any comments are welcome good or bad, as we really want to know the reality of the situation thanks Conrad x
  11. Hi, I wonder if anyone knows where the best place to look for Job Sponsorship for Drug & Alcohol Professionals from the UK as I would be interested in working in AUS and applying my expertise. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Rebecca
  12. We are going to be starting our visa process this summer once my degree is complete. Chemist is on the skills list but Claire's graphic design job seems to only be on some regional skills list. It is unlikely we will be able to get sponsorship to move. Just want some advice on moving without a job to come to. Is it easy to get a job while still in the UK or are we just going to have to wait till we get to Australia. It's the prospect of not having a job that is worrying us the most. Any advice anyone has got would be a real help. Cheers Stu
  13. Guest

    wannabe migrant

    G Day to everybody!!! :jiggy: Im new in this forum so i apologize If i break any rules of it. Let me introduce myself. My name is David. I'm 24YO, brazilian. I ve just got back from Australia. I went there to learn English, as Im graduated in Business Management and Foreign trade, to surf and to have some fun. I got sick of it and went back to Brazil thinking about settle down here (Brazil) and getting a good job. Well, about the good job, there are plenty of them. I speak fluently Italian and English now (and Portuguese of course) and this helps heaps. plus im good at excel, Finance etc. Got 1,5 years of experience working at the Santander Bank (mates from the UK would know how big this corporation is:) ) doing the job of a credit analyst (as an intern, but i know everything i should know to be an analyst). worked at a wine importer too. Summing up. i ve got a good resumè. the problem is: i dont wanna live in Brazil anymore. Dont get me Wrong. My country is awsome, nice beaches, good parties and everything else for entarteinment. i recommend for tourism. But its ****ed up too. The criminality is high. We have the highest indexes of murders in the world (40k per year, india, which is 5x bigger in pop has 20k). Its too much disorganized and all sorts of social problem. Plus, believe it or not, ITS EXPENSIVE. yes, We, individually, pay more taxes in % than Sweden!!! (if u wanna talk about it we can, eheheh) So i wanna get back to OZ. I miss it so much. I love that country. its organized, its beautiful. good life quality, awsome life style, beach, surf, skate....i love that. i have to admit that i suffered a bit of prejudice in the beginning, i was living on the Gold Coast, full of rednecks. so i was hating the people, but i think its not a general thing, if it is, i dont mind anymore, im different, im better than them. i have my mates and we have fun. any way. I would like some hints on the paths i could take to get back there FOR GOOD. i guess the only paths are trough P.R. or sponsored by a company, right? (and partner obviously) I could try to get my degree validated there, studying from 1,5 to 2 years at uni i guess. enough to apply for PR? if not, was thinking about doing an MBA too. what do u reckon? Thought about something related to finance, as finance jobs, such as finance manager, finance dealers, brokers, traders and investment advisers are in the SOL list schedule 2. (another doubt, couldnt understand the difference between the schedule 1.) I said finance but i would prefer foreing trade or something, so is any demanded skill related to foreign trade? im asking this so i could get a job here thinking about what would help me there. :biggrin: i also understand that if im lucky a company might sponsor me, but how does it work now? is it possible? any restriction list of jobs or something? there is regional something going on isnt? The gold coast area is not in that list, neither NSW places big enough to live (i would rather living there). What can i do in Brazil to help me out now? i mean. I havent started working yet, but i ll in weeks. i have to get out from my parents house and start my own life and save money for the OZ mission ( u guys know i guess, getting there, visas and fees related to any student visa course until i find a job that i can pay off the UNI - Im good on my budgets:biggrin: ) soon. I would like to do something related to foreign trade than finance, but than it would be harder to get the PR right? i mean, finance carrers or management ones are on the list i guess. I think the parents of my ex girlfriend (ozzies) would help me out somehow if i need. but, can they help? (no comments about partner visa please. its a sad situation, i made her suffer too much - i was too much of a kid then, still regret it:mask:) thanks heaps for ur help. i think this is a very interesting inniative. helping out eachother... just to help, its very virtuous. Nice from the poms, one of my best mates in OZ was pom. congratulations. ps: dont get too excited poms with the comment, we brazilians still rule the football. ehehhe :jiggy:. (its a just a joke ok...?)
  14. Hi Folks I've been offered a Child Protection job with DHS in Melbourne and am due over in October of this year, I have a Bsc Hons in Social Work, 4 years unqualified experience and 2 years PQ in CP. I'm really looking forward to the whole experience and am keen to hear what other people's experiences have been. I'd like to get a balanced and realistic view so would appreciate hearing the positives and negatives. Thanks Drew
  15. Hello all! I know this probably makes me sound like an arse (I'm not, I promise!), but does anyone have experience of searching for jobs in writing/editing/publishing in Perth? I'm moving out soon and have a relevant BA and MA but no experience; in my hometown there are very few, if any opportunities in this field and my work experience is made up of retail jobs (mainly bookselling). I've looked on all of the usual job sites but most vacancies appear to be on the East coast, and the few jobs available in Perth are either open to internal applicants only or asking for a few years' experience. Obviously I know I'll need to start at the bottom rung of the ladder (and I have a nice telephone manner and make an excellent cup of tea so this shouldn't be a problem) but I can't see any openings even for entry-level jobs. Is there a jobsite I'm missing? My mum (and emigration guru) seems to think that many large companies in Australia have in-house teams that produce their literature - can anyone confirm this? Thanks!
  16. Guest

    My Job

    Hello, I am currently working as a Personal Care Assistant in the UK, i want to emigrate to Australia, i was wondering if i could do this through my job? Many Thanks Lisa