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  1. elblanco

    Just curious has anyone flown with Virgin Australia

    I flew with them to LAX last year,going again with them next month....they are very good!!!!,brand new aircraft,great service,direct flight from Melbourne,what more could you want for $1200 return !!!!
  2. I got "caught" by a camera doing 3km over the limit last year ,i wrote a letter saying i had been driving in the UK with an unblemished record for the last 20 years and saying how upset i was blah blah blah!!!they let me off ,as long as you admit to the offence your ok as it's you 1st time being caught.i've also been done for Jaywalking in Melbourne CBD and the letter thing didn't work!!($61!!)Victoria really is a FINE place to be!!!!
  3. I left my job on 31/12/2008 and left the uk for Sunny Melbourne on 4/2/2009.I haven't yet filled in a p85 am i too late to claim tax for the 08/09 tax year.I have always been on paye and never filled in a tax return in the uk.....I've been very lazy can anyone help......thanks
  4. elblanco

    Anyone used Ian Harrop & Associates for their agents?

    I used them in 2008 for a last remaining relative visa,can't recommend them enough.They did a great job,made it very easy.
  5. elblanco

    Brother as a remaining relative

    Hi, I moved to Melbourne this year on a remaining relative visa,i applied for the visa on 27th feb 2008 and it was granted on 17th August 2008 ,you get six months from issue to validate it.I can't help with the other questions as i don't have any kid's(that i know about!!!).From what i've been told they are keen to bring families together so the process is much quicker than other migrants.they also want to know your history of living with people ,as the older you become the more "bagagge" you have.Hope this helps.good luck
  6. elblanco

    How long for a 115 visa?

    Thanks for the speedy reply.I've got an agent they say it could take anything from a few months to six months plus,depending how busy London are.As you say partners and children first ,so i'm at the bottom of the pile.From what i'm told not many people my age (36) apply for these visa's as they normally have "baggage"(maybe i'm not normal or very lucky!!!):biglaugh:Hopefully somebody out there is going through the same stream and can give me an idea of how long it takes.Thanks again
  7. elblanco

    How long for a 115 visa?

    Hello, I'm new to all this,but have been reading the site for the last couple of months.You all seem very friendly So thought i'd take the plunge.......I've applied for a last remaining relative visa (115 class to join my brother , mum and Dad in Melbourne) I applied through London at the end of feb 08 and front loaded the police checks ,medical and xrays .I've got a case officer.There doesn't seem to be many posts about this type of visa,does anybody know what sort of wait i'm looking at?Thanks in advance guys.....