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    Is it cruel making your pets do the journey?

    We have the most timid Maltese Lap Dog that we took back to the UK. She was on the same flight as us and we even saw her being loaded onto the plane. I was so worried how she would cope but we picked her up at the other end and she strutted out to see us as Happy as Larry I'm sure she didn't love the trip but she thrived just fine.
  2. I am wanting to return to the UK but have a 16 yr old currently in Year 10 in Oz. He will now have missed taking GCSE's in the UK so he's stuck in the middle of two education systems without any qualifications. Has anyone else been in this situation that could advise me of possible options for him ?
  3. saunders 5

    Good golf clubs around Brisbane!!

    Just had a chat with Alastair, he reckons membership is around $2000 a year at The Pacific and should be around $42 to play at the w/ends and $31 in the week for non members.
  4. saunders 5

    Good golf clubs around Brisbane!!

    Hi Lou, My husband is one of the Golf Operations team a The Pacific in Carindale. He used to be the manager at Links in Hope Island on the Gold Coast. He reckons The Pacific is a far more friendly place, quite a few expats and reasonably priced compared to some. He played off scratch / +1 so is reasonably fussy but I don't think it is a "real flash" place. Depends what he is looking for. Good Luck with everything
  5. saunders 5

    Benowa State High School

    Thanks for your replies - much appreciated
  6. saunders 5

    Benowa State High School

    Great - many thanks
  7. saunders 5

    Benowa State High School

    Sorry Tina, I live in Sorrento on the Gold Coast - should have been more specific but it's a long way to school from Victoria lol. Some times I wish though haha!
  8. saunders 5

    Benowa State High School

    Hi, We have just moved to Sorrento and wondered if anyone had any experience of Benowa State High and Primary schools ? Many thanks ?
  9. saunders 5

    Ping pong pom

    Hey Alan, Just having a mooch around PIO and thought I know who that is when I saw your post. I wondered if you had come back to the UK. We too are heading back to the Gold Coast at the end on October. Nothing to do with either country really as I have loved being back in Manchester with the hustle & bustle but my husband has been offered another job back in Brisbane, I can have my old job back and we now have PR so we will return. I'm actually going to find it much harder to leave this time as I feel for my family here having to say good bye again for the second time around. Let me know how you go ..... Alison
  10. At the end of the day I asked a question that I would have liked a straight forward answer. I didn't ask for everyone assumptions and opinions.
  11. I'm a very placid person but this was just insulting ! I asked a general question that relates to money everyone in the UK has been entitled to up until this year when the Govt brought in an income fresh hold.
  12. Where in my question did I say I was relying on this money ???
  13. Well all I can say is you Patronising Pig Ignorant Lot ! (except you Cal who has always been helpful with any advice) My husband and I have worked full time all our lives, have three children, studied at Uni for Bsc and Msc whilst also working full time and you have the cheek to say I want to live in Aus on benefits. How dare you ! We have lived in Qld for over 4yrs on a 457 working as a nurse we are now lucky enough to get our PR. In the UK every family has been entitled to Child Benefit or Family Allowance as it used to be called. We are not relying on "benefits" as you put it to return but as we are not millionaires either it all helps! Rant over & go get a life !
  14. Not quite sure where to post this but do you as a family receive any kind of Child Benefit like the UK if you have Permanent Residency in Australia ? Is anyone able to tell me how much it is ? We have three children and just trying to weigh it all up financially. Many thanks
  15. saunders 5

    Do Case Officers Reply To Your Email ?

    Thanks so much LS - I'm keeping my fingers crossed !