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  1. boogaloo

    WA driving licence

    It is definately worth getting an Australian driving licence as soon as you can as it works as a form of ID for everything over here - saves carrying your passport everywhere! Also note that if you have any forms of illness you may need to go to your GP for a medical (which you will pay for) to prove you are fit to drive here - I had to have a medical for arthritis!
  2. boogaloo

    Landed in Perth!!

    Welcome to Perth Claire We arrived in October last year and are both in full time work, kids settled in school and living in a lovely rental in Tapping - life is good! Good luck & Enjoy!
  3. boogaloo

    Rentinu UK Home Confused!

    We rented out our house in the UK and came to Perth 7 months ago and so far all has been good for us! Good luck
  4. boogaloo

    1 week to go - no more limbo land for me!

    Good luck to you all We have been in Perth 6 months now and loving it - we remember those giddy days of packing, cleaning, leaving jobs, goodbye parties etc - very scary but it sooooo woth it!! All the best
  5. boogaloo

    Doubts ~ Whose had them?

    I had doubts at every step of the visa process and still do on off days - we had a lovely home, kids were happy - I had a good job but OH wanted to move and work in better weather (he is a brickie) We have now been in Perth for 6 months and whilst it is tough - as everyone has said before me - you are making so many changes to your life in a place where you know no one but it is so satisfying learning new things together as a family and when you start your new job and fit in and you meet new friends and see your kids coming out of school laughing with their new friends! We love it here - the weather is great, it is autumn here now but still the weather is good, we do work hard but the aussies know how to play hard! We spend a lot more time outdoors and the beaches are amazing! We just wish we had done it sooner! Just think of it as an amazing adventure that gives you all strength of character! Enjoy!!!!
  6. boogaloo

    6 months in Perth!

    Hi everyone I cannot believe we have now been living in Perth for 6 months - the time has flown but we feel like we have always lived here! We now have a lovely rental in Tapping and our twins, Holly & Sam, who are 13 are attending St Stephens school in Carramr and are loving it - they settled in so well and have really grown up in the last 6 months! My hubby, who is a bricklayer, has been working since we arrived more or less and enjoys the outdoors much more in the sunshine! I have been working now for 3 months and at first found it quite difficult but it would be difficult changing jobs anywhere! I was a solicitor in the UK and am now a Law Clerk wilst I am studying to qualify in WA - so it is hard work but I am sure it will be worth it! It is great to know that of a weekend we can spend time on the beach - the ocean is amazing - so when anyone gets a bit down when they come over - which you will one way or another - just go for a stroll by the ocean and that will lift your spirits no end! Just remember that you are changing your whole life and it will be strange at first but soooooo worth it! We love it here - this is home!! Good luck to all of you !!
  7. boogaloo

    Life insurance in Oz & UK?

    Hi guys We have been in Perth now for 9 weeks and are loving it - we are very lucky the kids have settled in a good school and hubby is in work full time as a brickie - but I am getting a bit stressed about finances! We have a financial advisor in UK telling us to keep all three life insurance policies (they advised us to take out more than we already had) and a financial advisor in Oz with whom we have taken out life insurance here - the UK are saying that we should not cancel the UK policies but are unable to advise on whether the Oz policies are suitable for our needs and the Oz advisors not prepared to comment on the UK policies and it is costing us a fortune - I am getting really stressed surely a policy in OZ and one in UK to protect mortgage there is enough! Has anyone else any experience of this please?
  8. boogaloo

    3 weeks in Perth!

    Hi guys We have now been in Perth for 3 weeks and still loving it! Why did we wait so long! We are still in a holiday rental but thankfully we have finally found a long term unfurnished rental and signed the tenancy agreement for 12 months last night - hooray! We move in on 25th November. We thought we would never get one! We are a family of four and my mother is here with us so we wnated something a bit bigger - we hoped that we would register with an agent and they would show us loads of particulars and we would choose one !! oh no!! You go on www.reiwa.com and www.realestate.com and you look every day and when you see something that will suit you ring up to be told sorry that has gone or you go around an open house - lasting 15 minutes - with hundreds of others desperate for a rental then you submit an application and wait to see if you get chosen - we were constantly telling our kids to dress to impress and be polite but the agents are not fussed - they just herd you in and out!! Do not be fooled by the pictures of rentals they take pictures that make it look massive but when you get there you cannot swing a cat! We managed to get our rental with a private landlord and not an agency - so much better! Make sure that you get the The West on a saturday and scour the rentals and phone and go see asap - that is how we got ours! We also offered 6 months rent in advance which works wonders!! We have managed to buy two cars - a little Mazda 2 for mum and I to share and a Camry for Neil to get to work and as a family car! We had to get finance which was really simple! You will need a car here no question! Our biggest pain in the bum has been mobile phones - all we wanted to do was buy an Ozzie sim card for $2 but we had to provide ID, proof of address and sign an anti terrorism form !! Also make sure that when you come over you make sure that your phone has had the network unlocked! We had to pay $40 to have one phone network unlocked and one phone could not be unlocked so we had to buy a new one!! We pay $65 for every consultation with a GP and then claim back £34 from medicare - and it is quite simple once you have done it a couple of times! My Hubby is a bricklayer and got his white card online which was straightforward and he applied for ABN online! You will need a computer when you arrive as everything is done online! Hubby has a job and seems to be enjoying it so far! Our children are in year 7 at St Stepens school in Carramar and have made loads of friends already! Look into children's immunisations before you arrive - our twins are 12 and missed their boosters and cervical cancer jab as planned for after we left the UK and already done in school when we arrived - so you may need to pay! I will keep you all posted - it is a real learning curve but we are so glad we are here - what a lovely life!! Sue x
  9. boogaloo

    3 days in Perth!

    Hi guys We are finally in Perth --- after 3 years of hard graft and thinking it would never happen we are finally here! We had a really good flight with Singapore Airlines and apart from being really tired all went well! We arrived to 32 degree heat which was a bit of a shock coming from the UK! We have a lovely furnished rental with a pool in Carramar and have started the process of seeking a long term rental - we have seen a couple of houses but nothing has caught us just yet! We would like to find something soon as our container arrives in a week! We managed to get our 2 children into St Stephens in Carramar and they had a tour of the school today and we bought uniforms all ready for their first day at school on Monday! Only been here 3 days but already loving it - will keep you posted! Sue x
  10. boogaloo

    We are finally going!!

    Hi guys The day has come - Crown are here packing all our possessions into the container to send us on our way to our new life in OZ! We rented out our house in the end and our tenants move in on 27th September! It will be strange being in our house with no furniture for a week (we will probably need lots of take aways and Wine!!) We then move to a holiday rental for three weeks once the tenants move in (so a bit of stress free time we hope to meet with friends!) We fly to Perth on 17th October and are heading to Carramar in the northern suburbs - anyone else heading out there then? To all those still waiting hold on in there your plans will fall into place soon as well. Good luck all Sue :jiggy:
  11. Hi We are making the final move to Perth on 17th October - it was really weird booking one way tickets! Crown come for our furniture next week and tenants move into our house on 27th September - we are staying in a holiday rental for a few weeks - just seems like there is so much to do! We are all very excited now this moment has finally arrived!! Sue
  12. boogaloo

    employers, when to tell?

    I agree with Shreen give one month's notice at least that way you are not likely to jeopordise your references and if they already did references for you visa then they have an idea it is coming sometime anyway!We are in a similar situation and hape to go to Perth in October - OH has a job and paid kids school to secure places in October but still not sold house hoping to rent it out asap and once rented will hand in my notice - my only problem is I have to give 3 months notice - I am just hoping things happen soon and my employers will look kindly on me as I don't want to risk my reference!Good luck with whatever you decideSue
  13. boogaloo

    Sell or rent?

    We have had our 176 SS visa since April 2009 (validated last year) and struggling to sell house - we have now changed agents, reduced price again and are re-mortgaging and advertising to rent and sell - see what happens first! OH been offered a job in Perth and kids got a place in great school starting 12 October this year! We hear lots of horror stories about renting UK homes while in Oz but we really want to go now! Can't decide whether to rent and go asap or wait for a buyer! Any advice greatly appreciated for those in same boat!
  14. boogaloo

    St Stephens, Perth

    Does anyone have children in or any knowledge of St Stephens college in Carramar please?
  15. boogaloo

    Pros & Cons of renting UK home?

    Hi guys We have had our visa for 15 months now (validated last year) and are really keen to get to Perth before the end of this year but our house has been on the market now for over 6 months and not a single viewing! Everyone telling us not to waste time and to just rent out our house and go now! Obviously the pros to doing that are that we get to follow our dream and get to Perth sooner but what are the cons? We will need to clear debts and raise some funds to set up in Perth but are we likely to get a re-mortgage if giving up jobs and leaving the UK? Also how easy is it to get tenants? Would we be stung for capital gains tax when we eventually sell house We really don't know what to do - any advice greatly appreciated - we are not getting any younger!! Sue:arghh: