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  1. Sarah and Paul

    bricklayer arriving

    Hi Arriving in Melbourne in August just wondering can I look for work and start laying straight away or do I need to register with any one first? Paul
  2. Hello It looks like we have finally sold our house after two years on the market. As long as the sale goes through we are thinking about moving to the Geelong area next September, Paul is a bricklayer so it also depends on how much work there is in the area. We are taking our two dogs Hector and Archie, who are both well behaved. Please can we have some advice on the best way to sort accommodation out, should we try to do it before we leave or will we have enough time to arrange somewhere while the dogs are in quarantine? thanks Sarah and Paul ps - any advice re work for bricklayers in Geelong and surrounding area.
  3. Sarah and Paul

    Problems Selling Up..!!

    hi Our house has been for sale since October 2010 - 4 bed detached £220 (reduced by £20K) starting to think we will never sell. The housing market is so slow in North Wales...... - viewings and glowing feed back - but no offers. :cry: Visa runs out April 2014 - hope to goodness we sell befor then!
  4. Hi Our UK passports expire in June 2013 and our Visas expire April 2014. We are trying to sell our house (for sale 1 1/2 years) and we are worried that we will not have sold the house before our passports expire. What do we do if the passport expires... do we have to request another visa for the new passport? Also do we need to have a certain time left on the passport to enter Australia if we are lucky enough to sell the house before the passports expire? Hope this makes sense, Sarah and Paul
  5. Sarah and Paul

    Jobs for bricklayers in victoria

    Hi Thanks for your advice, we have a second viewing of our house on Tuesday, fingers crossed they like it enough to put in an offer!! We need to sell the house before we move to Australia ... its been a long wait. Sarah and Paul :biggrin:
  6. Hello What is the job market like for Bricklayers in Victoria. We have been searching on internet for vacancies and having trouble finding any. Perm Visa in place and finally a bit of interest in our house (for sale over a year!) any advice would be great. :biggrin: Sarah and Paul
  7. Sarah and Paul

    Moving with pets

    hi We will be taking 2 dogs with us to Melbourne next year. When they are in quarantine - can they be together or do they have to be separated? (It would be nice for them to be together, less stressful for them and me!) and how long before you go should you contact the quarantine department to book them in? thanks Sarah
  8. Hi We are hoping to move to Australia next year and are taking our 2 dogs Hector and Archie with us. It is time for their booster injections and I want to make sure they get the correct injections. I tried ringing Defra and to be honest I did not trust the info given. I was told they can have the normal injections - it will not cause a problem with going to Australia, but I am sure I have read some where Australia does not allow the same injections we have in the uk. Also can anyone recommend a pet transporter - we live in North Wales. We have contacted Pet Air they seem good, but are based in the South so it will mean we have to take the dogs to Heathrow. Can pets go from Manchester? We will be flying to Melbourne. thanks in advance Sarah :unsure:
  9. Sarah and Paul

    Do you know this place??

    hi thanks for your replies - sorry for the delay we have been away for a couple of days. We have just looking at the places you mentioned and they do sound like really good places to live. I hope in our 3 week trip we manage to come to some sort of decision of where we will stay. Can I ask how how did you do it? What made you decide ' this is the place for me' When you read on the internet - all the places sound lovely - no where is jumping out at me saying - 'this is it' because they all sound so nice. We have never been to Australia before and do not have relatives or friends who live in Australia. aghhh - I thought the hard bit was getting the visa - now I am not sure!! Prehaps I should stop looking and just wait until we go on our visit. xx
  10. Sarah and Paul

    Do you know this place??

    hi We have just got our visas and are trying to choose an area to come and visit and hopefully decide to live this year. Initally a 3 week holiday to activate our visas. Paul is a Brickie so we need to be somewhere within easy travel to building works. We have no children - but 2 dogs, so schools and family friendly etc not an issue. But nice safe places to walk with the dogs would be great. We would both like to be living near the coast, (we live on the North Wales Coast now) - Paul does 'diving' and would like to join a scuba diving club - I like horse riding - so it would be nice to be able to do that. We dont want to be in the centre of a city but close enough to enjoy nights out without having to travel for ever to get there. We have thought of Geelong - Bellarine area - does this sound like any where you know? Many thanks for any advice/suggestions... Sarah & Paul
  11. Sarah and Paul

    Vetassess Practical Result

    Hi that is fantastic news - geels great doesn't it!! Good luck with the rest of your Visa application. xx
  12. Sarah and Paul


    Hi Congratulations on passing your practical and good luck with your visa application.
  13. Congratulations ........it is horrible waiting for results but its great when it is good news!!
  14. Sarah and Paul

    Visa granted

    Congratulations, it must feel great to get your visa !!
  15. Sarah and Paul

    vetassess - passed practical 14.07.08

    hi everyone thanks for your good wishes - we just sent an email to our agent for them to proceed in applying for our state sponsorship to Victoria - think it will take about 8 weeks and then we can apply for a 176 perm visa.. is it too soon to get excited??