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  1. kelmart

    Anyone Late 20s in Perth?

    Hi Lisa (and James) Welcome to Perth and welcome to Poms in Oz. unfortunately Perth Glory were knocked out of the finals rounds last night so we will have to resort back to the good old English football. Alternatively there is the AFL which isn't so bad when you understand the rules !!! (It is a bit more complicated than the offside rule lol) There are some good pubs up this way to watch the footy. Any big events like the finals, it's always good to go to the casino. I have to ask.... Which team do you follow ??? Just let me know when you fancy going out and we can see if we are free. (Martin sometimes is on call for work) Take care Kelly
  2. You never regret the things you did do, only the things you didn't !!! go for it, good luck x x x
  3. kelmart

    Anyone Late 20s in Perth?

    Hi Laura and Rich, My husband and I are un the same boat as you guys although a little older !!! (36 & 31) We have been here a little over a year and also live in Joondalup. We enjoy going out and about too. We have been to a couple of AFL games and supported the local soccer team Perth Glory. Unfortunately our UK soccer team doesn't get much air time over here, but we do enjoy a good game. PM if you would like to meet up. Cheers Kelly and Martin
  4. kelmart

    visa evidence

    Hi, it's free if you go down to the Australian Embassy in London. It is only open between 9 - 11 am. Only takes 2 minutes and you can make a day out of it. We Got our visa put in our passport 2 weeks ago, no probs. Hope this helps Kelly
  5. Hi sam, I hope you weren't going to go to the other side of the world to get away from the brummies !!! lol We are coming across soon from brum and also to joondalup !!! We know quite a few people from the local area going to the same area !!! Goodluck with the move Kelly & martin
  6. Hi Jane, how do you fancy meeting up with another set of brummies ? We also hope to head to Joondalup hopefully some time next year. We are organising when is best to go over and active and return or just go or both of us go and one return !!! Just the two of us at the mo but possibility of little aussies in due course !!!
  7. kelmart

    Work In Perth

    Hi shazza, my OH and I are in the same boat. OH is a plumber by trade and will have to undertake further training on arrival on Oz. I will also have to go to uni to re-qualify. It's likely that we will be porpers for a while ! We are also thinking of going to the Joondallup area. We are holding back travelling to aus to activate visa til early next year and then perhaps go in mid 2012 in order to save money. It is a frightening posisition to be in but exciting at the same time. Hopefully on activation we will have a better view on prospects. Perhaps you can assist us as you are a few months ahead ? We have a few friends who have also had their visa's granted and will be going out in June and Oct. They may be able to assist on the job front ? Goodluck Kelly x x x
  8. kelmart

    Arrest warrant

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think the fixed penalty will only show up on an enhanced CRB check. I think there may be a fines warrant outstanding but if they can't find you it's unlikely there will be an international arrest warrant. In the meantime if you want to pay you would need to contact HMRC or your local magistrate court to where the fixed penalty was imposed. Any problems feel free to mesage me. Kelly
  9. kelmart

    Something Just Dawned On Me........?

    Hi charlie, Chill don't worry. Start laying down the foundations now as you have plenty of time before you plan on going to Oz. Problem 1 - I don't fit in Answer - Continue using poms in oz and start to build up a network of friends, so by the time you go over you will know many faces and established good friendships Problem 2 - I get home sick Answer - Spend this time now with friends and family enjoying life and teaching them the skills of modern technology i.e. msn & skype etc Problem 3 - Run out of money Answer - Save, save and save or win the lottery !!! Problem 4 - I have to come home for any other reason Answer - Relax just enjoy life, things always happen for a reason and always work out for the best !!! Hope this helps and goodluck with your journey.:wink: Kelly x x x
  10. kelmart

    Can I post chocolate from th UK to Oz?

    Hi Lynda, I don't think it would be a problem sending chocolate through the post as it is not raw materials, which generally appear to be the case on Nothing to declare. Hmmm... Cadbury... has to be the best British choc !!! My husband and I travelled to Australia in 2003-04 and we are pretty sure there is a little cadbury shop selling original Cadbury chocolate (Not the aussie version with the non melting chemical). Although a little pricey !!! Your friends will enjoy your thoughtful gift. Regards Kelly
  11. Hi all, My OH Mj76 is next in line to have WA SS approved this week, fingers crossed !!! But where does that then leave us ??? Does anyone know how long it will take before we get a CO and have to complete meds and CRB checks ??? Any info would be a great help so we can gestimate when we will arrive in Oz. So far it has been in 2years, but we have been saying that for the last 3 years !!! Thanks Kelly x x x
  12. kelmart

    So who HAS returned to the UK & been happy?

    I definately won't miss the traffic !!! I am trying to see most of the local sites before we leave, Aston Hall, cadburyworld, motorcycle museum etc before we leave. When are your plans to move back ??? I have seen the Mayor and his wife last year at an event but I'm not as "in" with them as you are !!! You can bring the Mayor and his wife along to our meets too !!!
  13. kelmart

    So who HAS returned to the UK & been happy?

    Hi ezzie, I recognise that floozy !!! Don't come back to Brum !!! It has changed an awful lot that you may not be able to recognise the place. The floozy is still there there but the jacuzzi has sprung a leak !!! Perhaps you could join us on the Midlands meets in due course and share your experiences with us ??? :notworthy: Kelly x x x
  14. Count me in Kath. Unfortunately mart has a lads weekend away down south and girls not allowed !!! Shame he gets to miss out !!! haha Hopefully this will be the best one yet !!! Maybe we should have a BBQ next, june/july if/when the weather picks up !!! What time do you want us there for ???
  15. kelmart

    plumbers in perth

    I went to an expo held by thinking australia in Bromsgrove and we didn't use them in the end. I had this gut feeling that they were not that great. The main chap Darrell is a very charasmatic person, but I felt that he was not quite up to speed, more reacting rather than preparing for any changes. We are using Trueblue migration, my husband did some research on them and things are going well. They are based in Perth. My husband is also a plumber and again he had only got certificates to NVQ Level 2. He has managed to prepare his portfolio and passed his vetassess practical, we are just waiting on the case officer now. If you need any assistance feel free to PM me or my husband, he goes by the name of MJ76. Regards Kelly x x x